Sunday, February 28, 2010

OUR HOUSE Feb-2010 snow storm

This is what our house an yard looks like right after 5 days of snow. I am about tired of winter an praying for spring.Hey at this point mud season looks good. Of course the loggers dont want mud season they still want frozen ground sorry guys. They ought to be posted the weight limit signs shortly on the roads, then Rob wont be able to bring the big truck home unless he is empty.
Really starting to get cabin fever, wanting to play in dirt, pull weeds, be scared of snakes right now evens sounds good. Cant wait to go haying and feel the hot sun on my skin. Praying this hay season goes better than last yrs. I cant afford 100.00 a week just for hay next yr. Theres alot to do around here, still working on inside of the house, had to tear out walls and insulate, there wasnt a whole lot any where. i guess we did it in time for the roof because it was starting to rot pretty well. It cost alot of money to insulate but still cheaper than an new roof plus insulation. We put in new doors and window in the front. Dont get to use my front door yet, no steps, first one is a doozie. Praying everything goes right this summer and i will finally get my farmers porch off the front and my inside done at least the main floor, I get some counters and cup boards back.
Theres alot to do in the pasture and for the animals. The cow barn after a spell will be turned in a shop for me. the cows will have a new pole barn up on top lot. Hoping the water get fixed for that not hauling garden hoses 200 -300 feet at a time. Horse wont be in the big building any more either they will have their own run and pasture for winter, their tearing my big building apart being so bored. Chickens are getting the big closed in porch off the back of the house its being moved up on top lot also, so no animals will be down here this coming yr, they will all be in one area. oops dont for get my goats, they'll have a little barn also. Pigs are only going to be raised in the spring and summer slaughtered in fall right now, until feed prices come down cant afford to feed a bunch all winter also. Hoping the cows get to go out to the same pasture we used last yr, they did wonderful, need to talk to the gentleman about it. It work great for us. And it was a few months of not worrying about feed for them.
Today is Sunday and things are still pretty quiet int he house right now, of course that wasnt the case all night I had 2 people sick and throwing up. Rob and Derek both were sick, not sure why, Nick was the night before. Baby and I got sick Friday night but I thought it was from bad ice cream if that possible. So today is going to be a heavy clean and scrub down day around here. Everything is getting washed and scrubbed.
They all will have a light breakfast, I am thinking maybe toast and eggs, nothing heavy.
Derek is my grandson who just turned 13 , 10 days ago. I dotn get to see him very often, my grandson are at the age, its boring to come to grammas, not alot of electronics and gagdets to play with. pretty much farmy stuff. Lots of crafts and stuff also. So the girls have a good time.
Yesterdays recipe was for a New England Boil Dinner one of my all time favorite meals, doesnt even have to be corn beef alot of time I use ham. So today will be for Red Flannel Hash.
Mix the leftover meat and vegetables from you New England Boil Dinner, chop coarsely, and moisten with a little cream. Bake in a iron skillet in melted butter for 40 minutes in a 350 oven or until nicely browned.
Turn out on to a hot platter and serve.
myself I usually chop coarsely and mix well, heat and iron skillet and fry in butter until golden brown and keeping turning over so it doesnt stick but has a little bit of crisp to it.
Hope you enjoy,,, now I am hungry
Have a great day, its time for me to put more wood on the fire and get the stove hot to cook poached eggs on toast.
God Bless and have a Blessed Sunday

Saturday, February 27, 2010

Snow,Snow and more snow.

I dont know about all you guys out there but I am about sick of snow every day. Living here on the mountain is great and I love it, but I cant shovel any more. The weather man says another 2-5 inches by morning, Hmm which morning is talking about, I had 4 this morning when we got up at 4am. and its still coming hard. Another couple feet and my poor cows are going to walk out over the top of their fencing.The dog in the kennel is getting mad cuz the dog house door needs to be shoveled out, again more shoveling, He can still get in, I threw a piece of meat in the house and he went in after it, now if he would only sleep in there, he is just to active to have in the house with all the cats an the other 3 dogs.

I ran out of split wood this morning. Need to muster the strength to go try to split the piece in basement. I ache in places I forgot I had. I think we have gotten over 2 feet of snow this week, or at least it feels like it. Nick doesnt have any aides coming today so I dont have to shovel the end of the driveway out so they can get in.

So hows the weather at you place? How much snow have you gotten. I honestly dont mind the snow as long as I dont need to get out. In the old days the horses would be used and shoveling wouldnt be a issue. The wagon could make it in and out with no problem. High clearance. Really wish things were that easy. LOL

I have power so I guess I am better off than alot of people in NH. I may not have wood split in the house but there is enough stuff to burn to stay warm, and i do have wood in basement, just need to find my wedges. Plenty of snow to melt if we had to. As soon as Rob gets back home we will cut up more wood and hopefully he will get here in daylight to be able to open up the driveway. Just talk to him and he said most likely I have to come get him,, hello I am stuck in driveway. So when I get done here I guess thats my hint to go try to move the truck and face it out, so I can get a running start.

The snow is beautiful but enough is enough. Spring is less than 3 weeks away so melting is going to be a good thing and can start NOW!

I need to go out an do chores cows are looking at me like I forgot them, wow that was nice of the plow driver going by he just plowed the end of my driveway in,,, I know they can help it.

Well my recipe of the day has been slacking lately, hopefully next week will be a easier week and I can get back on track. Today is suppose to be a mystery, sure is even to me, shut my eyes and open the recipe book. LOL


A great Yankee favorite

5 lb brisket corn beef 6 carrots

4 peppercorns 1 small cabbage

6 small beets unpeeled 8 peeled potatoes

4 med turnips peeled

Place meat in kettle with peppercorns. Cover with cold water.

Simmer for 3 to 4 hrs.until meat is tender. During the last hr of cooking remove pepper corns and add beets turnips and carrots. In last half hr add cabbage and the potatoes. When all ready to serve remove skin of the beets. Serve with mustard, horseradish sauce or pickles.

enjoy,,any left overs well make great Red Flannel Hash for morning That recipe is tomorrows.

Have agreat day

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Snowy Wednesday

This is the picture out my front window this afternoon.Snow,snow and more snow,although they say its suppose to start raining later and rain all day tomorrow.

We went to court today for my grand daughter and daughter, never frown on small Blessing. The judge gave her a continued case until April 7th. Blessing,, no matter how big or small its a Blessing from above. Now Miss Hailey can relax and breath and be a little girl again .

Today Rob couldnt work so he was here to drive which is also a Blessing to me because snow,truck,bad roads lead to me and panic. But all is well, now its time to concentrate back on here and my farming,sewing and baking,crafts. They all have taken second plate to everything else.

In a past post I mention recipes of the day and I have slacked on getting that started so today I believe is a good day to start. Now let me see what did I say Wednesday would feature?????

Wednesday was a MEAT DAY! Whether is how to can,dry,cook,salt, or a recipe based mainly on the meat in the menu.

Today what will it be? Beef,Pork,Chicken,Squirrel,Racoon,Turkey???????

Winner is::::::Pineapple BBQ Lamb Spare Ribs ( in this case country style spare ribs from my pigs)

3lbs spareribs 1 teaspoon Worcestershire sauce

1 8 oz can crushed pineapple 1 teaspoon salt

1/4 c vinegar 1/8 teaspoon pepper

1/4 c honey 1/4 teaspoon ginger

1 clove garlic, finely chopped

Place spareribs on a rack in a shallow roasting pan> bake at 325' for approximately 1 hour. Drain of drippings Combine remaining ingredients and mix well. Pour over the ribs and bake 45 mins or until tender baste ribs frequently during baking.

This is what we are having for supper tonight. I am going to boil potatoes and serve broccoli as vegetable. My husband is very much a meat and potatoes guy, Old school.

In my case since I dont have a regular oven right now I have made do with making a oven box on top of my wood stove.

This is when I miss the cook stove being hooked up but theres no room for both and the Fischer heats 100% more than the Glenwood,and since we only use wood to heat with need to do whats best for the house also.I do all my cooking on top of wood stove.

Just made a hot cup of tea as I sit here and ponder what else to write with out boring any one.

Everyone is napping here, I guess its a good day for it. I did hear Rob down stairs splitting my 24" wood. Now thats one heck of a work out. I split wood yesterday by hand and believe I love to split wood Honestly I do. But need to convince him just because the stove can take over 24 inch wood doesnt mean the wood has to be 24 inches long. But I can feel the "burn" in my ribs today I really thought my back would be hurting more. But its fine. We have some Ash out there to cut up now and split.Told Rob if he could split some of what is down stairs the rest could wait til weekend because we are in the mist of a snow storm they say 6-10 inches,yuck, I could see my lawn in spots. Asked him not to plow it because behind this storm is also rain and then if it all melts again and freezes I wont be able to walk out there. I am sure it didnt hurt his feeling not have to cut wood and plow snow, now he is sleeping. Anthony is also sleeping which gives me 2 hands to type with. Nick is watching his tv and eating his lunch.

The weather guys are talking heavy rain and wind coming tonight with possible power outages,can you see the smile? I love power outages, my style of living. Its the only way I can get to live Little House days with out a fight from everyone else. Oh I am sure if Rob could figure a way to have his refrigerator for his cold milk and water didnt run from a well 300+ feet int he ground we would be off the grid. Someday will get it figured out to be.

A few more squares and I will have the lap afghan done, its in browns and tans. Think I am going to make some shawls I love them think they are just so lady like. Will post pictures of them.

Well time to check out some more pioneer sites. A friend of mine Cristy has some great stuff on her Blog,,She finds some excellent stuff so I have to go tag them and join so I can learn some more. I am going to be 50 next month and by the time I am 55 I want to be totally self suffienct and off the grid, thats my goal.

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Lazy Sunday

This is Anthony with a Girl Scout Cookie smile Thin Mint to be exact.

I laughed so hard had to take his picture

Lazy Sunday
Thats a term used very loosely around here.
Lazy doesnt happen often for me. After spending a week being very sick today is a good day. I have accomplished alot. Several loads of laundry til I ran out of spaces to hang it up. Pork roast on the stove cooking with onions and garlic, shortly will have carrots and potatoes added to finish all cooking in one pan.

Going to be painting one of my floors tonight hunter green, got the paint for free with one of the ads from Homesteadingtoday other wise known to most of us on face book as HT. If you have never checked out a wonderful site with knowledge from so many different people you are missing something that is special. so when you get a chance go browse thru I bet you'll find something that interest you. If you dont you will be the first person I have ever mentioned it to that didnt like something about the site.

The sun has been out great today, wish we didnt have snow and it was like April would of been a perfect day for a walk. But with Anthony just getting over being sick also not taking any chances.

Rob has been working all day or should I say been gone all day. From the phone call I just received more like a bunch of guys standing around chatting about logging and horses and a combination of both and how who is related to who,HMMM that sound like what they accuse women of doing.

Been reading alot about raised bed gardens. I do believe that is what I am going to do this yr here. Will be able to plant a little earlier, it mention placing plastic jugs over plants ,,I have started saving milk jugs an any plastic jug we get recycle them instead of putting them at the dump.Going to do more research and post in seperate posting.

Really not much going on today as the title say lazy Sunday. The week will make up for it I am sure. Still have to reset up my sewing room, I want to out a bed in there. Believe me this summer it will be so hot up stairs some one else will be glad theres a bed down there also. With being sick and or having the baby here I sleep alot of night in recliner if I had a spare bed we could sleep down there.

Took a gander in the refrigerator awhile ago to see what was left for left overs..LOL right, with 2 men and a growing teenager- leftovers . I did see enough roast beef to make a nice meat pie tomorrow. I have been craving a nice juicey meatloaf lately so that will happen for one meal, then meat loaf sandwiches,, yumyum.

Thinking about starting recipe day posting, each day of the week feature an ole fashion olden day recipe. Monday- breads, Tuesday-casserole-Wednesday-meat dish-Thursday vegetables-Friday-desserts- Saturday and Sunday will be suprise days. What do ya think? feed back any one?

Gardening,craft,canning, posting to start appearing when I find intersting stuff.

If you want to know something, let me know I'll look it up and share it.

Well my baby is dancing to HillBilly Bones and is requiring my attention.

So on that note you have a wonderful day

Friday, February 19, 2010

pictures from FARM JOURNAL OCTOBER 1947

Meet the rest of the family

Daisy my goat, side ways she would look just like the calves black with white belt

Our cows, the calves are black and white belted galloways x hereford . Jacob is the one in the front. Beside him is his Mother Dot she is a jersey/ hereford cross. Behind her is Lucy who looks just like Jacob except her white belt doesnt connect, hers looks like a horse shoe. Lucy's mom was the one we just had to put down because she all of a sudden couldnt walk. Her mom was Casey, my milking jersey, I miss her,especially everytime I have to buy milk. Casey was my very first heifer when we bought the farm. But she put alot of hamburger in the freezer. Circle of life on the farm.

Girls getting equal time

Since I show cased the boys the other day with the farrier,thought I better give my girls some attention. cant have them going on strike on me. Mr.Rooster in background.

Also did you know if you steam fresh eggs for 20 mins and cool them completely, you'll be able to peel them. Fresh eggs dont boil and peel as well as the store bought eggs. The store bought eggs could be a month or so old by the time you buy them. Yuck so much for fresh.
Try a comparsion buy fresh eggs from your local farmer and get a store bought egg, crack them open in a bowl. notice the difference in color. fresh farm eggs yolks are so much brighter, better taste also

Friday snowy out there

I am sorry for not posting for a couple days. I have been very much under the weather so to speak. My darling Anthony gave me his cold which for me turned in to full blown flu. I don't get sick often but boy when I do watch out.
I don't know about your house but in this one,certain people get sick and the world stops while others are dragging hinny and still keep plugging along. My husband gets sick the world comes to a screaming halt, he stays in bed he wants to be waited on hand an foot (ok that's no different than other day), me I get sick so i cant drive type sick I still cook,clean do chores and take care of a baby, I didn't see me in bed whining how bad I felt. Shows the different levels of pain, and strengths people have. But anyways, I got a decent night sleep baby slept between grampa and me most of the night, right where he was wanted to be. He wanted nothing to do with his crib, he was so cute, me he claws the crap out of my face and grampa he was gentling and softly rubbing his back with his fingers while he was falling a sleep, like a little kitten kneading on something.

I took extra pictures the other day of my animals i will post them also, cant get the picture thing on here figured out on how to post them and arrange them so i can write next to them, who knows maybe ya cant. I will have to ask a Blogger friend how she does hers.

I have alot to do today, store to restock paper products and dog food, wish I had more time I would make their dog food instead of buying all the store stuff. I also have to clean the rental today we have people leaving and coming in so praying it isnt a bad mess.

Been considering different topics to write about, give me some feed back, was thinking about doing recipes of the day, one week do desserts, another breads,casseroles, what do ya think, but find Ole fashion back in time recipes. I am trying to go back and use what they would cook with back in 1800's when they didnt have all the modern store conviences. When everything wasnt instant and microwavable. They didnt have the weight problems we have now, people had to get up and do stuff, how many farmers do you see over weight in the 1800's. Takes engery to walk behind a plow or to cut hay by hand. Myself i would love to have the chance to live like that just to prove to myself I can do it. To be on one of those wilderness shows where they have to build their own houses and store stuff for winter cut wood, I think it would be great.

I was reading idfferent parts of magazines we get, this article was on growing your own chicken feed. I pay alot out in grains for all my animals I need to find things I can grow and store for the winter months for my animals. As they stated chickens didnt have store bought feed in the wild.
Sometimes i think they have produced a chicken that wont lay eggs unless its getting layer pellets, mine seem to go on strike with out grains store bought. but this yr will be different their pens will be made where they get to get out side in a bigger area and scratch for feed also. We have a hay field we do and the people said we can do anything with it..Myself i would like to harrow it up and plant corn, the cows,horses,chickens goats everything eats corn. I believe we only get 100 bales of hay off from it so maybe we could get more benfit out of planting a crop instead. I would mean more work it the beginning but worth if it works this coming winter.

If you plant a crop for your animals feed let me know how it goes and what you plant. Always looking for ways to be more self sufficient.
Going to try my hand at growing and drying my own herbs this yr haven't given it a shot before but it about time.Making raised bed gardens to make it easier on my back.

I was thinking also the other day, I placed a ad on Craigslist to sell my glenwood kitchen cook stove, because of the way the house is being remodeled it is to big for the space and with Nick he could fall and get burnt, Sitting here this morning I had a brain cramp,, I don't want to really sell it, i do enjoy sitting next to it with my rocking chair and knitting,crocheting or just having a cup of coffee and reading. I think my stove ought to go in my shop, I will need heat, I want to give the shop a rustic, country feel, almost ole timey where you'd see the old men playing checkers on the front porch, feel, did ya know what I mean. If I put the stove in there and some chairs, ya all could stop for coffee and donuts and sit a spell, could have soups or stews simmering for supper while I worked out there, would cut down on any clutter because of the clearance needed for the stove, maybe a braided rug on the floor, kind of like coming into someones kitchen. Make it look like a country kitchen for the old days, have the butter churn and ice cream maker, canning jars plant, eggs baskets and milk cans for decorations but use them to hold things. Give me some feed back on it. Let me know what ya think.
Sitting here looking out the window and be able to see the total yard, and its only 6:30. Loving it. more daylight mean spring is coming and warmer weather will soon follow. dreaming of the first morning warm enough to take coffee outside and sit on front step.
Well time to get the boys in gear or they're both going to be late.
have a very Blessed day

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Horses & The Farrier

Mike getting a fitting for new shoes

Little trim

Rob & Mike


Little trim Bob

Good- Boy Bob

BOB standing in Stocks waiting

Bob is getting better about having his feet done, but still needs stocks, Mike get his done right in driveway, stands super good. New shoes for my boys -all set for another 6 weeks

Bread of the day--Baking Powder Biscuits

2 cups flour
4 table spoons Shortening
1 teaspoon salt
3/4 cup milk
4 teaspoons baking powder

Sift together the flour,salt and baking powder and cut in shortening. Gradually add milk to make firm, soft dough. Turn onto a lightly flour surface and knead just enough to shape into smooth ball. pat to 1/2 inch thick and cut with biscuit cutter. ( I use a floured Glass)
Place on an ungreased baking sheet or pan- 1/2 inch apart for crusty biscuits-- closer together for tall and softer biscuits.
bake in hot oven (450) for 12-15 minutes.
Baking powder biscuits are quick and are usefull in so many menus
they taste great, serve with fresh butter, your favorite jam or honey

Morning after-- the NOT snow storm

Well the morning after the Supposely big snow storm we didnt get. I bet we didnt get 3 inches. They cancelled school andRob lost a whole day of work. Boy did they mess up predicting this one. It never started til after school would of been out.
Today we have the farrier coming to shoe the 2 boys, I am hoping to get a couple pictures of the process if he doesnt mind.
Rob will go to work this afternoon after the boys are done. I have to go to get more hay and grain. Deliver eggs and pick up cartons. What a great switch, neighbors and friends save cartons for me and in exchange they get eggs. The bartor system is great.
Robbie will be here this afternoon for the next 5 days anyways. Our school is on Feb. vacation next week.
My second grandson turns 13 on Thursday. Happy Birthday to DEREK. Next month 3 grand daughters have birthdays around mine. March 18th-21st-23rd. Going to give Derek money, what do you buy a 13 yr old who is a computer gaming kid. Loves that stuff. So money will let him buy a new game or what ever he wants.
My grandson still doesnt feel good. he gave me one doozie of a cold. And now he wants to cuddle and I am trying to stay out of his face. Not what he wants.
Working on my brown toned afghan, hoping to get that done today. I dont plan on doing alot, maybe resting will help my throat. But then again sweating it out works also. LOL Play it by ear i guess.
Well closing for now will add pictures from the horses feet being done later.
Looking up old fashion recipes also. Going back to basic on my cooking. Simple down to earth dishes that can be for the most part grown at home or found in the wild. Trying so hard not to buy any more than I have to.

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Snow Day

Well today the weather men are not with it in our neck of the woods. Messed up a whole bunch of peoples day. School is cancelled, Rob didnt get to go to work in the big truck becuz we were suppose to have snow and bad weather by now. We dont. I did let Nick go to day program becuz it isnt snowing now or yet. by the time the day was done they had cancelled school for nothing, boy I bet that made alot of parents happy. Rob missed a day of work becuz the snow didnt start int he morning when they said it was suppose to it waited til late afternoon.
Met with PK for a few minutes in Plymouth. I feel bad for her and am praying Hailey doesnt have to golive with her dad. It will really mess that little girl up. She only knows living with mom and goes into a panic at the thoughts of Fridayand having to go visit Dad and his wife. Didnt do much else dont feel good, sat and worked on my new afghan the rest of the evening. made America Chop Suey for supper. MY precious grandson shouldnt have much of a cold left, he gave me a doozie of one. Havent felt this bad in a yr or so. Didnt know one nose could run and be stuffed up at some time, I feel like I have been run over and backed up on and then had a u-ie pulled on me just to make sure i was hit good.. But good days are ahead. this is just another step to spring. power of positive thinking,, I am postive i feel like crap. have a great day.

Monday, February 15, 2010

Gooood Monday Morning

Ever felt like the whole pond of frogs have taken up residence in your throat? Thats how I feel today. I actually feel fine its just my voice isnt mine. I do believe theres a bull frog lumming some where in there.

My husband is off to work, very lucky he got to get a later start, doesnt have to be in Marlow until 7:30. Boy is that a whole lot better than 6. I had a hard time getting up this morning,I was finally sleeping.

As I mention in yesterdays post we bought a new washer. I am so excited I have never had a NEW one, they have always been new to me but never brand new. Dont get me wrong old faithful isnt going any where. Mr.Wringer is still going to get used. I am not totally crawling in the 2010 yr yet. But I must say it was a Blessing to 2 loads last night and not have to haul or empty bucket. My back will enjoy it so much better. Hopefully this machine wont have a lint problem, everything I wash seems to get linting and I dont have a dryer. Maybe this will be better, well I didnt get the lint in the wringer just in my old washer, that had been used 100 yrs before I got it and ya can never find a lint screen, believe me I have tried.

So this morning I will be doing Cleaning and washing, I really cant wait to finally get totally caught up. Now if I had a clothes line that would hold all the sheets and blankets. Rob has promise me a brand new clothes line as soon as ground thaws, one with 4 post and lots of lines. My tree died that the last clothes line was strung between. Anyways.

If baby doesnt feel better this morning I will make appointment for him, I think like me he feels fine but when he starts coughing he throws up and he has a nasty cough so maybe they can give me something for the cough. He is teething some terrible he drooled more yesterday than I have seen ever.

Nick is home today from day program, so we will clean his room also. And he can pratice some of his writting and letters.

My mom heads to Fla today for a 2 week vacation, safe flight mom love ya.

I do believe today I will put a nice roast on top of wood stove and cook that for supper and add the potatoes and vegies as supper draws closer. Thinking of cream puffs for dessert or maybe no bake cookies.

Its a holiday so no banks are open I dont know if our dump is or not, but I will hit the dump Wednesday.

Rob talked about moving the stairs last night again, finally talk anyways about getting the house finished inside, my house has never been in such shambles. We took out a complete room when last daughter moved out which meant at the same time my kitchen cabinets came out because the floor or ceiling which ever way you look at it was taken out also. So when friends were here we were trying to figure out how I could get the best use out of the space I have. I have a picture of what I want it to look like. theres a wonderful lady on the HT site I go on and she has a beautiful house and I fell in love with her kitchen,, the picture above is how I want my kitchen to look when its done. Right we are living with no cabinets at all everything is on shelves or a flat surface and I am getting my pilots license and I dont like it, because if its got a flat spot I have been (piling it).
Well I suppose since day light has not rounded the mountain yet I should go haul up some wood and get the stove going better to dry all the clothes I shall shortly be hanging over it. Get the floor cleaned up and put a blanket down so baby can play in his new yard my son gave me, gated in but at least he can stand and walk around so I dont have to have in play pen all day and he might learn to walk. Blessing in small ways
You all have a super day and remeber to find Blessing in small things. God hides them every where not always in the big things

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Happy Valentines Day

Happy Valentines Day to all of you who celebrate it. Happy Birthday to a few of my friends Ella,Tammy,Anje. Happy Anniversary to all of those who chose today as thier special day. Yup that means you Mark, 17 yrs ago in a blizzard, Glad were still friends. Missing you grammie MaClean you joined Heavens family one yr ago today. And to all you others out there that think today is just another day,and dont think you have anything to celebrate,, hello,, of course you do,,its a new day, its a gift. Dont waste it, Smile at some one you dont know, it might be the one thing that is postive in their whole day. Look in the mirror and smile back it might be the only thing positive in that persons day also. Your worth it. Feb 14th, means to me 6 more weeks til Spring. couple more weeks i can start my plants inside. Sitting here looking out my favorite window I am praying we get no more snow, the amount thats out there will melt nicely and wont take long and make getting the garden area done sooner. I know I am wishing for something that probably wont happen, cuz we usually get dumped on pretty hard in Feb-March. Can tell warmer weather is coming, I can hear the hair clippers going in the bathroom. Rob has had enough of longer hair,ok his longer hair isnt even 1 inch. Things arent moving very fast here on the farm this morning, baby is watching Winne the Pooh and i am only on my first coffee. Nick will be home later today , he spent a weekend away with friends.

It will be a day full of work since yesterday neither Rob or I really wanted to do nothing. What ever the baby has for a cold he is being so nice and sharing with his gramma.

I do know laundry and breakfast will be first 2 on the list. Breakfast would be nice as biscuits and gravy with bites of homegrown sausage and couple eggs on the side.

Well I started this blog this morning but have been side tracked. Rob and I and baby went to Home Depot and he bought me a new washing machine. I know updated new washer. What will I ever do with out all the hauling of water and draining into buckets to drain rinse water. LOL it will make life alot easier especially since i do have the baby and a 12 yr old that still wets the bed when he is mad at me or some one else i just usually am the one paying for his anger. Oh I wont get rid of my wringer ever, there are alot of thing my wringer will wash that a newer washer wont. I feel very Blessed today.

Nick came home and had a really good time with John and Belinda, he got away for the weekend. He had a great time went to ice races and his friend placed 3rd and gave Nick the Trophy. That was really nice of Mike.
He is tired went to bed at 7p.m. he has no day program tomorrow, so we will work and do cleaning in his room.

I have alot of cleaning to do in kitchen tomorrow also, baby is going to drs also, have to go buy more hay, horses are done with theirs, I was hoping it would last tileTuesday but no it didnt.

I guess today is almost over need to remake baby's bed, he has a new mattress today also.

Did stop and see my MOM today before she goes to Fla tomorrow, shes on vacation for 2 weeks. Enjoy MOM..

I hope you all have had a Blessed day whether you celebrated it as Valentines Day or just another day, c you all tomorrow

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Quilts & Things

Here are a few of the Lap Quilts I still have. I have been Blessed to have many of them go to alot of different state. Alot of what i make are crib size. Some have pattern alot dont. I love to make ole fashion scrap quilts. Just grab an sew with no idea of design.
Just thought I would share someof the stuff i do in my spare time.I have many more. I am still learning the Blog ideas and how to load pictures.

Way to Early

Good Morning. Its way to early to be awake. First pot of coffee is made, first cup is mostly gone. Mr.Anthony had me up at 3:30a.m. coughing so hard. I do believe a trip to doctors will be in order this week for him. He has such a bad cough and running nose now. Came on with in 2 days. But the whole family at his moms is sick with the same thing. Little guy its sad he coughs so hard he vomits. Need to see if I can find a natural remidy to give him before dr.s visit.
So excited today Rob doesnt have to work. We might be able to get a few things done here. The basement still needs hoeing out to put in the wood furance we're suppose to be getting from his boss. Never mind the log load of wood that needs to be delivered next week.
Exerise time, I love to split wood I really do.

Valentines Day tomorrow, was a really special day in 1993 I married a really special man. Even had to wait for him to return home from work because of Blizzard to get married. Sadly things didnt stay the way they should of and we got divorced but still are good friends, So Happy Valentines day Mark.
It will be a year also tomorrow Rob's gram died so I dont think celebrating will be in order. besides my husband isnt a hopeless romantic over the past 5 years I have learnt thats its just another day and am Blessed every day to have him so I dont need one day for him to prove it. If I waited for that I would be sadly disappointed.
But of course this is coming from the man who (doesnt need a cell phone) but calls every hr to check on me, just to talk. So I guess I get shown in ways that arent material. he did tell me one day along time ago he would buy me 11 roses, and I asked why the 11 ,he said cuz I was the first rose and that would make a dozen.AWH!!!!! Sweet. I have all my letters he wrote me when we first were together, so He's a god guy guess I will keep him. LOL Happy Valentines Rob. I love you.

Are you as excited about spring and warm weather as I am? I ist here and look out into the dark yard and dream how in a month or so it will be almost light at this time, it will be warmer. by May I can sit on the step and drink my coffee. Maybe by May I wont be sitting here with flannels and wooly socks and a lap quilt also.

Hold on Coffee refill. Be right back. Do you have your coffee? Would you like me to get you a cup? How do you take it? Thanks for stopping by and sharing your morning with me and sitin a spell.
So how do you celebrate Valentines Day? Its it special in your house or is it just another day?

Think I will spend a little time going to thru my seed catalogs today. Have so much I want to do, now to find the time and the energy.

The houses needs to be finished in side and out this yr the pole barn needs to be put up,chicken house needs moving. and the horses need their winter pen built. Just a few things on the Honey do list. Thats doesnt count the gardens the shop I want to put in and petting farm.

I was reading my Backyard Homesteading book yesterday in the log truck I am up to berries. I want to be able to grow our own blueberries and strawberries, I love raspberries also. I want it all, LOL now to do it. I want to be more self suffient this yr than last. The less I can spend at the grocery store is more that can be put back into the farm.
Now to work on the public services we pay so much for lights, phone etc.

What kinds of things would you like to see on this Blog? What information can I help you with that might make your lifestyle a little more self suffient and less depending on the out side world, recipes,gardening tips animals? Let me know?

Well I think I will refill my cup and go see what my Husband is doing now he is awake. You all have a great and Blessed day, talk to you later

Thursday, February 11, 2010


1 cup BORAX laundry booster
1/2 c ARM & HAMMER washing soda
see picture
1 5 gallon bucket
container to put finished soap in
this is my recipes that works for me.
1 grated bar of Fels Napths, i use my chees grater and use the smallest side to grate it small,
in a pan add 6 cups hot water and heat with grated soap until dissolved.
in the 5 gallon bucket fill 1/2 way with hot water and dissolve the Borax and Arm & Hammer in
it. Once that is totally dissolved added the water and grated soap mixture. Fill the rest of the bucket with hot water and stir until totally mixed. Let cool, this may take a while, water stays hot for a while, (speaking from experiences here)
Once your mixture cools it will be a thick gel. Put in what ever containter you plan on storing it in. Only 1/2 -3/4 fill with soap and add more water. I usually only 1/2 fill because the longer it set the thicker it gets. Before using you will have to shake the bottle and mix soap up. If you decide to leave in the 5 gallon bucket after it cools cover it. If storing and using this way add your soap before clothes to the water.
I use 1/2 cup or if using a old laundry container that has oneof those caps I use that.
It makes between 5-7 gallons of laundry soap depending on if you add more water to seperate containers at the time of storage. i have done it both ways depending onthe amount of time I have when making it.
If you have any questions just ask.
I know my husband likes this soap so much better and brags to his friends on how much cleaner his clothes are and he is a logger and get real dirty.
it is a fresh smell. I dont add any fragrances to my laundry soap

Out my front window..

Blustery and windy this morning,partly sunny and lots of wind. Watching one of my buckets rolling around the driveway. I have to go clean the rental house today.
Anthony is having his first birthday today. My precious grandson gets to have his own cake this afternoon.,, lets see if he smooshes it all up. LOL
I do have to go pick up 2 more round bales of hay today, picked up 2 yesterday, if I get these 2 I will be all set for the rest of the month.

Anthony will go home today, hoping tomorrow and this weekend will be nice to work outside, Ihave to clean the front of the cow barn out so I can make a pen for Daisy the goat. Not sure when she is due so watching her closely. Excited about her having a baby. it will be the only new baby born on my farm this yr. I do miss not having any piglets born here this yr. But I am enjoying the freedom of chores.

I would love to have a couple sheep, as many of you know my dream is to learn to spin and use my own yarn. I have a cousin who amazes me she is a farmer. I guess growing up I never thought of her as farmer type. But she grows, dyes and does all her own yarn. i wish she lived closer. She is in Maine. i do have a lady on HT site who does live only 30 minutes away that has said she would teach me how to make soap, not sure if she knows how to spin i guess have to ask her.

Rob is way down in the western part of the state today hauling logs. He will have a long day.
Well if I dont get busy I wont get done.
Pray you all have a very Blessed day and stay safe and warm.


I love you sweet heart.

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

No Blinking Light

Sitting here drinking my um-teen cup of coffee this morning I am noticing my red blinking light isnt there.Alot of people wouldnt understand the true value of this single blinking little red light. BUT if your a farmer you understand all to well what a non blinking light can lead to. LOOSE animals. Sitting where I sit every morning I have the view of my front yard,which is also my driveway,pasture, and barn yard in the winter. My fence charger light that all to valuable red light isnt blinking this morning. Now I bet cha a dozen homemade plain ole fashion donuts before I get outside to do chores Jacob will be on the other side of the fence. Thankfully he is very easy to put in and scoop of grain and he will follow you any where, typical male lead them around by their stomaches. LOL.

My precious grandson is sleeping so soundly this morning in his play pen, ok my problem with this is, not that he is sleeping but at 11pm I tried to put him in same play pen to sleep and he wanted nothing to do with it. So my darling Anthony and gramma slept in the recliner again and believe me, I use the term sleep, loosely. He laid on my chest all night and slept fine, wanted nothing to do with play pen, now gramma is up play pen isnt so bad. Which really I dont mind it give us cuddly time. Rob has been working long hrs and hasnt been home much at all for the past month so when he gets home he is exhausted and when he sleeps he snores so loudly that the baby just cant sleep, so Anthony and I sleep in the recliner, so baby can sleep.

Woo-Hoo its daylight at 6:30 now. I could see all the way to the end of the driveway at 6:30. signs warmer weather is coming the more day light we get the closer spring is to getting here.

We have so many new plans for the farm. I am so excited.

Finally will have my petting farm for children,a shop to buy homemade & bake goods, different country crafts. I have been working hard on getting inventory made to be able to have well stocked shelves. Cant open the shop til the cows go to pasture. I am renovating my cow barn, the building already has power so it a start. And I have a son who is good with lumber so I plan on putting him to work also. Trying to get Rob to do some rustic country wood items, towels racks different things, still working ideas for that. But I think Alexandria needs a little store to buy things. We have the Apple orchard you can get great apples, jams,pickles,cider(to die for) and Nancys great apple pies. We have a wonderful soap shop down the road a piece where Lilly makes the best soaps and lotions. Her stuff is wonderful.

I live on past both on them and on the way to the AMC Lodge where hikers go yr round and many stop and buy eggs from me on their way up the mtn. and have asked where to buy muffins,breads with out going back down the mtn. We dont have any place in town. So I was figuring I love to bake and not so bad at it, I could make stuff and put it in the shop, when stuff is in season have specials. Hey if things dont sell my family eats it, they see this as a winning idea.

So many things to do today, take Sami to Tilton,buy hay, hoping the guy in Franklin is back from Brazil. Need to get the ingredents to make a cake and homemade ice cream for his birthday tomorrow. The big number 1....Oh yes have to clean the rental also today.

Well I suppose I need to get busy all the animals are looking around for breakfast, and yes time to fix the blinking light. have a Blessed day

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

No energy,but things need to be done

Even when your down and out,the animals and critters around the farm still need feed and water.

Ever had one of those days were you cant get out of your own way?

That seems to be what kind of day I am having. Baby and I spent the night in the recliner so Rob could sleep. He is teething,baby not Rob. So between the recliner,not reclining fully,baby fussing, and Rob snoring so loud and the dogs who cant seem to sleep unless they are touching me.I think I see every hours there was to the middle of the night. Oh well the joys of being a wife,gramma and farmer.

The sun is shining bright today as I gander out my front window, the old dog is actually laying out on the ground where my truck use to be parked,theres no snow there and he is enjoying the sun.
Baby is now eatting crackers and cherrios. Praying he feels better so sad his little whimpers.

Since his 1st birthday is Thursday I have been introducing him to a big boy cup. I think he will be easy to break from the bottle. They make sippy cups now with the soft nozzles unlike when my kids were little they were hard as a rock.

Rob has firemens meeting tonight and their having their pizza night, so its just me and Nick for supper. Nick says we should have pizza also,so i am going to get one just for us also. No need to cook a big meal Nick's pretty easy to please. I am very lucky Nicks such a good kid.

Need to buy more hay today. I will be so glad when warmer weather gets here. Then everything can go out to pasture then chores will be so much easier.

Not much going on here til I get going.

Just wanted to check in and say good morning

Monday, February 8, 2010

out my front window..

Good Morning, this is the view from my front window. The sun was bright and pretty colors of pink, today we were Blessed to have orange into purple and greys. My window screen dims the colors you are able to see, I am sorry. But wanted to share the beautiful view of God's grace this morning.
We are so Blessed to live on the mountain we live on. Most days we have peace and quiet. The sounds of nature and the farm animals surrounds us on a daily bases. The sights out my front window this morning are as follows, my cows are rambling around their pasture waiting for their new feeding of grain and hay. The 2 horses have their heads over their gate watching the cows and listening to the chickens and that mouthy rooster. I personally love my mouthy roosters, we have 2 and they are just great. We actually had the roosters before the chickens, I know kind of like the cart before the horse, which techanically we had that also.
The sun is out and shows me just how icy my driveway is.
I can also hear the rabbit"Blue" who resides in the house, thumping his foot on his cage, Charlie the ferret is sleeping, earlier he greeted me at the top of his cage waiting for food. Daisy the goat is sleeping soundly next to her house and Stray the dog in in the kennel. Thats about it for out side, inside the kittens are being kittens, the dogs are all being lazy and sleeping and the baby is eatting crackers.
I do believe we will go to the store today and buy Anthony a new crib mattress I think the one I had given to me has mold in it, I can smell mold now in my room and he has woken up stuffy for 3 mornings. So I wont take any chances with his health.
Speaking of Anthony my sweet little grandson he will be 1 yr old this week Feb 11.
I am not sure yet if he will be here or back home with his mom, but we will have cake at some point. I know everyone throws big birthday parties for their first one,but he wont remember it and I would rather throw him a big one in a couple yrs where he will be up running around and more active, I say that now. LOL
Rob left this morning at 2:30 a.m. to go on a long trip with a load of logs, I usually ride this trip but with baby there isnt enough seat belts. He was going with another truck so at least he would have company.
Had a busy day yesterday did loads and loads of laundry and made over 7 gallons of laundry soap. So we're set for a month or so.Gracious I hope til at least summer depends on the boys and how much laundry they give me.
Just fed baby breakfast and I have had several cups of coffee and a bananna. Really should be crocheting or something to get things stocked up for the new shop going in.
Need to pick Rob up metal cutting blades today for the sawsall he is making a new barrell stove for making maple syrup. Its almost that season. Well time to get busy. have a wonderful day.

Sunday, February 7, 2010

Blustery,Blessed Sunday Morning

The wind is whistling around the house and in some places whistling thru the house. the joys of remodeling.
Coffee was nice this morning Anthony and I spent several hours alone while the others slept. Peaceful and calm as we sat and watched the beautiful sun rise. i posted pictures on my face book from out my front window, didnt do justice to the beautiful colors that were there. The vivid pinks and purples blended to gray with the tree top of white highlights, as the sun made its way over the mountain .
breakfast has been made and eatten and dishes done, Home grown breakfast, bacon,home fires, and pancakes with nice maples syrup,( oh cant wait to tap this yr).
Rob & Robbie have gone for the day to work on the log loader. And after yesterday with Robbie and his actions i needed a break.
I have gotten to talk to my brother Paul in Fla this morning, he is a logger also. Him and his wife Rene are headed to Daytona next week for the big race. have fun guys.
My mom is headed to Fla also next week for a vacation, i pray the weather is warm for her and she gets the rest she needs.

Looking out the front window the wind hasnt died down at all and now its spitting snow. Rob did throw the horses a bale of hay, but seem to forget the cows and goats might of like a bale, guess i need to go out and do that soon.
need to post some different recipes one for laundry soap and looking for a good one for dish soap, the store brands seem to be stronger and not rinsing off like usual. Dont need all the chemiacl any ways.

Looks like a good day to finish what ever laundry needs to be done and wash some floors, play with Anthony and crochet next to the wood stove.

Guess i better not forget Sunday dinner, better go find a nice roast and put that on the wood stove to simmer although a nice split pea soup and ham with corn bread sounds pretty good, since Rob will be out in the cold all day.

Time to get busy, you all have a Blessed day

Saturday, February 6, 2010

Saturday Morning 2/6/2010

This morning started out on a rocky foot. Made the guys lunches to take in the log truck, and before Robbie could put his in his lunch box, 2 of the cats had eatten his sandwich,, the kicker was he stood there and watched them. HELLO, cats on table(bad) 2. their eatting your lunch. The my darlng child decided to tell me his pants werent totally dry, really ya took the ones from the furthest away from the stove so no they didnt dry first. needless to say by the time everything was done Robbie has stayed home and Rob is in log truck, Obvisouly he really didnt want to go with his father today for some reason, other than he heard me say we were going to a b-day flash its for an 8 yrs old he still isnt going. So now he s pissy with me,, suck it up and get over it, your going to be 13, and not your hanging out with 3-8yrs , he can act young enough and immature already. We have Anthony this weekend, should of known as soon as i take his play pen down i get him back,, which is Ok with me,
I have to go out and do chores, and then get this fire going, seems cold in here today temp on my desk says 56.4,little chilly for baby My (L) doesnt want to work today I have to keep going back and inserting them again.So if I miss some sorry. First to have another coffee and orange for breakfast.Cows are standing at the fence waiting for their grain and hay, horses are at their gate waiting for their breakfast also, guess i better hurry up.
The sun is trying to peak over the mtn. But its not very warm out there.
Well Rob called an said a spring broke on the big truck, so he is headed to drop his trailer and then to the spring place to get it fixed.
I guess I better get busy the animals arent getting their own feed, boy I cant wait til summer is here and they all can be on the pasture.
Didnt get to make my laundry soap yesterday going to try to do that in a little while also, will post recipe for it,, so easy and fresh smelling, A little time yeilds alot of soap and saves so much money.
Have a wonderful Saturday and all things give God the Glory

Friday, February 5, 2010

The Sun lies

Ok maybe the sun isnt lying, but it sure is making you think it is nice and warm out. Its not. The sun is shining so nice out it looks like it could be a nice day about 50 out..LOL right, more like Burrr-30 and thats if you step outside with out the wind blowing.
Need to find my energy today. I still have to finiish moving that wringer wash machine in the house, its sitting about 50' from the door, let me tell ya thats a long 50' espeically thru the snow and up hill to the front door. Then i have to bring it up 7 steps to get it on the porch to get it in the door.
Really would like to cuddle up in front of the wood stove and crochet. Just put a nice home grown smoked ham on the wood stove, couple hrs from now i will add the cabbage,potatoes,carrots, and turnips. It should be smelling so good in here pretty soon. Really ought to make some bread to go with it, and maybe if I find my energy, I will make a pumkin pie.

That head ach I had yesterday wiped me out still dont have any energy. Need a swift kick in the butt I guess, coffee isnt doing any thing for me today. Maybe some sugar, awh ice cream,,maybe, wonder if it would work, energy-ice cream.. Doesnt do much for the weight I am trying to loose, but neither is sitting on my butt. LOL
Awh well Ineed to get busy. Not much happening here at Ledge Hill Farm today chores,laudry, normal cleaning, same stuff different day.
I did stop at 6a.m. thismorning and have coffee with my son Bobby. that was nice.

Ok finding my gloves and coata nd headingoutside to throw another bale of hay to the animals and move that washer, wish me luck, yesterday it gave me a headach.LOL
Have a splendid day stay warm and safe,

God Bless and put Him first in all you do.

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Good Thursday Morning

What a nice day out. day light is making its presence earlier every day. I love it. cant wait for it to be day light at 5am. As we left this morning we were Blessed to see 2 moose out side out driveway. the bull still had his rack which is a little odd this time of yr. Sitting here with my 3rd cup of coffee i am watching the calves kick and jump and twist around, the simple joys of living on a farm.
The wind is blowing this morning which adds a nip tot he air,but still refreshing.
Headed out shrtly to do chores. So thankful not hunting for hay today. Have to go get the food down to the store today and do some laundry, didnt get the washer moved up stairs yesterday maybe today.

Went an spent some time at my moms yesterday she gave me a nice big bag of yarn, going to make some old fashion granny square afghans. trying to get things made to put in the shop. Still trying to decide on a name for it. Rob says, whats wrong with ledge Hill farm, well thats fine but i want something directly related to the shop at Ledge Hill Farm. if that make sense to any one . waiting on my homesteading license to be able to sell bake goods from home. Already sell my eggs. We now have white eggs not just brown ones.
Hoping for it to get a little warmer soon, i need to clean out the front of the cow barn so i will have a lace ready for the goat to have her baby. i would love to see her have twins, but will be blessed to have a healthy one.

Went to Historical Meeting last night and they have changed the name for Community Day, which is a good thing. We now will have Old Home Day. This yrs idea is what would Alexandria have for a old home day in 1800? Hey my normal clothes will fit in when every one else is looking for clothes to dress the part, i will just be dressed normal. i knew my stuff would come in handy and back in style. LOL

Bought fabric the other day to make grand daughters prairie dresses, hoping to have them done for Easter.
Well my friends its time for me to get busy, supper is in the crock pot -pot roast, and animals are requesting breakfast.
You all have a super day and stay warm safe and Blessed

Monday, February 1, 2010

Sunny Monday- Feb 1st

Wow feb 1st already. Oh believe me thats a big yippee. although i do know that Feb-March around here can be pretty tough. I have done alot of running around today and now i am home to CLEAN. Spent way to much money at Walmart this morning. But there are some things ya just need to get. We needed new shower curtain, I am in a contest with my oldest daughter to loose weight. So of course i needed scales. needed new liter box, do you believe it was cheaper to buy a dish pan than a liter box and the pan is bigger. So we have bright candy apple red dish pan for a liter box now. LOL Got Rob 2 more pair of work pants since they were on sale. Picked up the grand daughter new summer clothes for .50-1.00 a piece. Cant seem to spell today so if I miss a word just fill it in,LOL
Got laundry going, left water in wringer the other day and my load was froze,, hopefully with hot water going thru it I can thaw it all out. Really need to move it up stairs.. I just might before the end of the week.
Got all the animals watered and chores done,, need to leave in a while to go buy some hay again.

Going to ride in log truck in morning with Rob to Shelburne to deliver logs, long trip and early so he likes company.
Needed to take a break for a minutes so figured I would write on here, cracked several eggs a little while ago, thought it was one,, but it werent. So I have egg white in a coat pocket. Oh well gotta love farming,, which i do
Got the Roast in crock pot, thinking about garlic bread and mashed potatoes, vegie. Have to go to bed early also cuz 2am comes way to soon.
I suppose I need to run and see if the hay guy is home and get that out of the way.
Have a great day