Saturday, October 20, 2007

Days at Ledge Hill Farm

Well I guess I should say hello and thank you for coming to this site. I was going to write about a typical day on Ledge Hill Farm but came to realize, there really isnt a typical day.Let me introduce us to you.
We are Rob and Donna, we live on a mountain in NH. We have 8.5 acres of land and raise pigs mainly. We do have 4 cows, about 100 rabbits,5 dogs,1 house cat,one house bird,5 children mostly grown and 8.4 grandchildren.We live a very basic simple life, we try to grow everything we use. We hunt,fish, and barter alot. We can,freeze, and dry alot of everything.
Yes there are thing we do day in and day out, but every day has its own twist. Take today for example, got up same time, did same chores, of curse on a farm chores themselves can be an adventure. We got invited to go to an auction of people we know who now retired and are selling and moving to Florida. At farm auction you never know who you will meet, I use to work for a gentleman a few towns over and havent seen him since we have been doing farming full time,, what a wonderful surprise. Got to introduce him to my new husband and they talked for hours like they have known each other years and years. Now we have to go and pick up pumpkins for all the kids and grandchildren. We came home from auction had a hot lunch and Rob is headed out to run the bull dozer, trying very hard to re-arrange dirt, nice way of saying he cleaning up a mess of rocks and dirt that really is in the way.
Laundry day here, it has rained for 4 days straight so laundry needs to be caught up, chilly here, slight breeze, but better clean on line than dirty on my floor.
Noticed today how beautiful the leaves are the bright colors have fially come out, wont be long before we dont have any more with the wind blowing.
It rained really hard last night but warm my gracious it was warm out. At 11pm it was warmer than it has been all week.
Well I suppose I should go supervise the bull dozing.LOL Every job needs a supervizor.
Have a wonderful day and share a smile with some one new, you might be the one to get Blessed.