Monday, August 8, 2011

August 8th 2011

Good Morning from the farm. August is racing by already. Today is my oldest grandchilds birthday. Happy Birthday Damion, I hope you have an awesome 16th birthday.
By the looks of my last post  which was in May, I have a new grand daughter. Lilianna Marie was born June 28,2011. She arrived at 8 minutes to 1pm. She is beautiful, dark eyes and hair, she makes my 7th granddaughter and 11th grandchild. Anthony thinks she is just the best. He cant say his (L's) yet and calls her Widdie. He loves to what he calls pet her,, he stand up next to her bassinet and say I need to pet Widdie. He is very gentle with her for the most part.

A content and relief feeling this morning as I look out the front window. Rob unloaded the winters fire wood yesterday. It is still in log length but it is here. I will start working it up soon. Waiting for the rain to gives us a little break, not that we dont need it, but I need to be able to get my haying done. If we can get a good week in we can finish the big field we are at and move back local. Getting the hay done also give a feeling of security, knowing i wont be hay hunting in March and April will be great.
The garden is growing and so are the weeds. I havent been there in over a week and need to go hopefully today. Between haying and the rain, its been a little tough, last time I had went I had Lily. Need to remember the stroller.
The farm stand is doing great, lots of veggies and craft and baked goods. Of course with the high heat the past month, baked goods have been limited. Did add a new flannel baby quilt yesterday. There are a couple new prairie bonnets now also. Surprised how great the plastic bag holders are selling, I just call them bag sleeves, to me they look like a sleeve. We have rag wreaths and soups in a jar, laundry soap. what ever  veggies are ready, eggs, blueberries are froze at the house.
Hopefully today I will get the small frig set up in the barn, there will be a notice stating that where the eggs will be.
Speaking about frigs, what a month, my frig that isnt even 10 yrs old has finally just stopped, had the repair man here and he said it isnt circulation right,so the air isnt getting from the freezer to the frig. Had a friend have a extra one and was able to get it yesterday. Friends are blessings. Today I have to take the old one to the junk yard and clean up the house. Had to move furniture around to get the new one in and the old one out.
Was nice to get the deck and  front  and side of the deck cleaned off. Also cleared out the bushes and junk  and set up the new dog kennel. Of course the dogs dont like the kennel, but it is needed so they stop running off.

Had visitors to the farm Saturday and Sunday. Yesterday a young couple stopped at farm stand and notice we had goats and got so excited. They played with the goats and even tried to milk one of them.

The weather here has been terrible humid. I can do heat, but humidity makes breathing rough.
Well I suppose I need to get busy. Need to clean the house today, do to the dump and junk yard, make more laundry soap and get the rest of the laundry done.
I hope you all have a wonderful day and get a minute to stop and enjoy your day

God Bless


Monday, May 2, 2011

May 02,2011

Good Morning from the farm. its May 2nd already. It has been a very emotional few weeks here. 2 friends have died. a week apart. One sadly took his own life, which is heart breaking in its self and the 2nd died while working and happen to be the uncle to the first man. Family has had enough tragedy. The funeral and service were yesterday for Milton, he left behind 5 kids and a g/f of 21 yrs, and several grandchildren who when it all settles down will miss him terribly. My prayers go out to my friend Alice and her family. May Gods comfort find you and help you thru this terrible time.

Our snow is finally gone. babies have been born. With all the hectic in the past few weeks I forgot when I posted last. Anyways if this is a repeat, I am sorry. We have a new calf name Knickers born on the 14th.
Several of my pygmy does are  due right off soon. I know Molly is due around the 22nd and the other 2 will follow shortly after. I am going to be totally amazed if she only has one, twins anyways I bet. I totally enjoy my goats, They give me a peace and calming feeling watching. Now the weather is getting warmer in the morning and the snow has finally gone, I enjoy sitting early in the morning while the first wake up and watch the prancing and twisting. My rooster have been hard at work already this morning, trying to wake everyone since before 4am. Dont think they are having good luck since they seem to be the only ones up.

Few more weeks and I will be able to put them in the pasture, the grass is finally starting to grow. Its way to wet up there right now. So today I need to find some hay. Our last round bale will be finished today. I will enjoy the warmer weather thats for sure when everyone can run around and be up in the pasture.

Guess its time for me to start my plants  so they will be ready to put in the ground in 4-5 weeks. I always started to  in February  before and always had such  funky looking plants and up here we are lucky to plant before Memorial day anyways. With the prices of everything going  sky high we have to plant more and be aware of what we plant. More direct choices for the family not just things to put on the farm stand. I need to go up back and dig out alot of my 5 gallons buckets , some thing will be plants in them.

Today a lady is suppose to come and buy Andy my toggenburg wether, she is looking for a companion for her pony. Andy should fit the bill. He is getting very pushy with the pregnant does lately and needs to go some where that he will be able to  be top goat. I will miss him but in a way it will be a good miss. She is also trading me Deanna for a Nigerian dwarf doe, she is  in need of a milking goat and Deanna is Alpine. Makes me feel better they are going to the same farm. I need to concentrate just on my milking herd now and  my little ones to sell. Main streaming the farm. No more just pets. Cant afford the grain and hay. Another way i need to just get back to basics.
The gas prices here have hit 4.00 a gallon. I dont leave the farm if I dont have to, and there better be more than one reason to leave.
The cost of things I need to buy to make living simpler is getting so expensive. I cant grow flour here and even the store brands are climbing in price I have seen a big jump in sugar and flour in less than a year.There are something we just cant grow and need to be able to buy. so every time there is a sale on baking supplies I stock up. Some days we will have our own bees and be able to do maple syrup again  and that will cut our sugar cost down. Rob and I both stopped using sugar in our coffee yrs ago. Two of my kids drink coffee but its more like sugar with coffee side dressing.

I suppose I need to get busy and go out and haul some more wood in the dawn has finally arrived here on the mountain and animals will be wondering where their breakfast is also.
With rain cmong for the next 4 days i want to make sure all laundry is in, and we have some extra wood in side to take the damp chill off.
terrible, May and still burning wood for heat not just cooking. As soom as the pasture dries out i can take the goats up in the morning and start picking up alot of down trees from the winter and haul them down to burn instead of hitting the wood pile. Plus it will clean up the pasture. We went thru alot of wood this year. Hoping  we will get the rest of the insulation in the  walls that we are replacing and  put the pine boards up that should cut down on alot of heat loss.

I pray you all have a wonderful week. trying to get back in the routine of writting in the mornings before everyone else gets up, but sometimes my body is up  but my mind is still snuggling  in the warm bed. LOL
Have a wonderful day

God Bless

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Another Glorious Sunday Morning

Good Morning from Mt. Cardigan. What a glorious day this is. The sun is already showing its splendor and warmth. Chances of showers later but for now its great. I just enjoyed my first coffee of the day sitting on the porch. Hair a mess, flannel jammies and barefoot. What better way to enjoy a country morning  with a hot coffee and kritters abound. The day its its natural beauty.
The kritters are out and about. I just enjoy watching them first thing in the morning as they wake up to a new day. The energy the kids have and how they twist and prance around. As if that chunk of wood or bucket was put right there for them to play on. Natures play ground.
The new roosters are announcing to the whole yard its time to get up sleepy heads. Stop wasting such a wonderful day. I have missed having no roosters. Am blessed to have 5 now. Its funny to hear the difference in the crowing, from the little tiny bantams just learning to crow to the big boy who struts around like this is his barn yard.
Sitting on the porch I was greeted by several different cats who had to wish a good morning to Amelia and Uma and Ralphy (who doesn't come to close but still comes with the girls), and Abby and Blackie. My heart goes out to Bobby and Onyx as their momma went to visit another farm yesterday to help with milk for a need kid. They are prancing around crying for her til something else catches their eye to go and  be involved in.
Looking at Miss Abby, she needs to be milked today and what better day to start. Its nice out and  it will give us time together.
Watching all the chickens just out and about this morning , love the scratching and pecking they do, looking for that special treat. Right now Bobby the little goat is trying to  drink from the water tub, guess i better fill a shorter one today also the little guys are having a hard time reaching the water once it goes down a little bit, and they need all the water they can get now momma isn't here.
Can see Dot and Lucy this morning now, Dot still hasn't had her calf, my luck she will wait til it starts raining. She is showing all signs of being due any day. I am sure Lucy wont be far behind her.

More yard work to do today. More laundry to hang on the line. Opening up the house again once its a little bit warmer outside. Letting the fresh air in and kicking this cold,flu nasty bug out of this house. It was nice to  have the new air  yesterday. Have to get the rest of the baby gate from down by the rabbit pens to block off the doors so the goats don't come in, but the doors can be opened.
Looking  out towards the goat barn I see all the goats who are in the barn are waiting for the door to be opened, surprised Andy hasn't  banged it enough times to open it.
Moving rabbits outside today also. Getting as many animals outside as possible so I can clean the basement out. Good place for the bowflex to go and I can have my  living room back.

Sitting here waiting for the bacon to finish defrosting making bacon and eggs for breakfast, toast and coffee. Rob is waiting for me to get done typing so he can  go thru craiglist and see what wonderful special might be out there today.

I hope you get a chance to go out and enjoy the day.

God Bless

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

April 6,2011---I think Spring might be coming

Its April 6th and I think Spring might actually make an appearance this week. Of course to look at our yard you would think we were still having winter.
So much has happened since my last post. And I am sorry for not posting more often, which I am trying to fix.
Several more animals have been born and lots more have made Ledge Hill Farm their homes. Just last weekend we went to pick up 5 more goats, 3 Nubian does and 1 sannan buck and 1 wether.Cant remember if I posted about Ralphy or not, Ralphy is our ram.Not the most friendliest, not mean, just not sociable. Added to the herd are Lilly,Annie,Naomi the does,JJ and Nibble the sannans. If things work right I am borrowing a Nubian buck this week to breed the new does with. At the same time Brownie will going to a new farm  to breed another doe there.

We do have bright sun today which in its self is a Blessing. Everyone here has been so sick with this nasty flu that just wont seem to leave us alone.Hoping this weekend to open up the house and kick the flu bug to the curb.Nicholas is home today sick, and he even asked to stay home so ya know he is sick.

Next month will be exciting around here and very busy as 3 more goats should deliver all the little Pygmy are due in May and both cows are starting to fill up. Dot will be milked once she has her calf. Wont try milking Lucy, she isn't the friendlies sort, not being hand raised but raised in the pasture she will be 2 in July and only now will let me at least scratch her head. Would like to see other round of one each heifer and bull. Since Jacob will go in freezer this fall,a new bull will go in  in 2 yrs..

Have new roosters now so fertile eggs can be had. Hoping some of my bantams might set on some would love to have babies instead of buying them.
Head out today to get the rest of the things I need to start my plants for the garden. I usually start them in March but our ground is still covered in snow and it will be a good month before all the frost is out of the ground if not longer.
Unless I do alot of raised beds, tilling wont happen til very late May early June.
Bought a couple blueberry bush a couple weeks ago if they dont find a bucket soon the dog and cats will have them dead.

Well I suppose the sun is out and everythign is warming up nicely, I should get busy and get off  the computer. Theres always laundry and 1000's of other things that require my attention, and now that I have been sick for 3 days theres even more to do.
I hope you all have a wonderful and blessed day.

God Bless

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

A New Month- March 2011

A new month has come. We are a step closer to spring. Can you hear the spring in my step and the giggle in my voice? Today the sun shone wonderfully. An amazing little boy blessed me with the wonder and amazement on how children see things. Anthony and I cleaned the big bathroom and the sun shine was brightly glaring across the bathroom floor. That little boy was glued looking the reflection of the window and sun coming thru the window., Every couple minutes he came and took me by the hand and said the sun the sun. It nice gramma, its nice . Tonight he kept taking my hand and standing just where the window reflection was saying be nice come back sun be nice. Precious. He is such a precious little boy. I totally enjoy my days with him.

The sun was beautiful today, I got alot done inside, didnt spend any time outside. Hoping to finish making napkins tomorrow, need to wash them and iron them.
Had a gentleman come today to give me a second bid on a remodel job on Nicks bathroom, lots of work to make it handicapp accessible.

Was blessed today with the gift of a ram, and a pack goat, they will arrive Thursday.
Hoping to start milking Daisy and Abby this week. Need to get a milking stand made. Since neither have been milked before it should be easier with a stand. Cant wait to learn the soap recipes,,my poor fingers are so cracked.

Tomorrow if nice I need to shovel out the wood splitter, I really was hoping Rob would of plowed it witht he bull dozer today but I guess he forgot. Pray for warm weather tomorrow, so Anthony can play outside with me while I split.

Not alot going on now waiting for Pk to pick up the girls so I can go to bed. early morning. 4am gets here way to soon sometimes.
But anyways i pray you all have a great night

God Bless

Ledge Hill Farm: Feb-- coming to a close

Ledge Hill Farm: Feb-- coming to a close

Monday, February 28, 2011

Feb-- coming to a close

Thank Goodness! I dont think I could stand another February like this one. Life hasnt been dull. We have way more snow than I would of like,by the feets. Snow storm where predicted in inches and we would get a foot. Been hard on the animals, my poor pot belly pig Wilbur died on Valentines Day. I really think he knew something was wrong,he has been staying in his igloo but came and laid right next to the kennel door. I would of never gotten him out of the igloo til spring if he hadnt of.

The whole month hasnt been bad, honestly, the snow has taken its toll on me. Last week i was so sick i actually went back to bed and that never happens. Exhausted from haul and pulling and tugging on round bales all day Sunday and over did it cutting and trying to split wood on Monday. By Wednesday i was dead and could barely move. Took me 4 days to even get enough engery to get dressed. When they say 900 pound round bales will kick your butt they arent kidding and I had 35 to move. But all is taken care o. and all the animals have plenty of hay for the rest of this very long long winter.

I know its been a very long since I have written I actually have set up another web page that has the farm on it and a virtual store from things I make here and can sell. If you would like to check it out it is

Shows pictures of some of the animals, products I make and sell on the farm stand.

happy news this month we found we will be adding a new baby to the family. Stop and breath I am 51 in March its not mine directly, Miss Lilly will be welcomed in the family late June early July, our 11th grandchild. My youngest daughter is expecting her first child. So I am excited to have another grand daughter this will be #7. Anthony is still keeping me busy and my pride and joy. He just turned 2 Feb11th.

We had our last baby goat born the day after on the 12th we named him Jeffrey. Hoping the next births will be calves. should be no more goats born until May. Doesnt look like the sheep are bred, kind of sad was hoping to see little curly haired babies prancing around.

Dec 23rd I did have 3 Pygmies does given to me to that was exciting.

After this past week getting over 18inches of snow, I am ready for March,mud season and spring. Looking forward to gardens,haying and just the warm gentle breezes of summer.

We have decided on adding more animals to the farm this year in hopes to not have to buy and store bought meat at all next year. between laying hens, turkeys,guinea hens and a few ducks will round out the new feathered friends. we now have 13 goats,hoping when we are done to have 6 milkers. All babies right now have been bucks, not much good for increasing the milk herd, but we will take them anyways. Still have a few rabbits not as many as before, just keeping them as pets to use in the petting farm i plan on having this year.

Today has been an easy day. Anthony and I have been sewing new napkins, i think we have 24 done right now. I have to iron them and they will be ready to go. I have made a choice not to buy any paper products other than toilet paper for a whole year. I received alot of sheets from a friend and cut and hemmed and made some pretty napkins. Going to make a table cloth out of the left over piece. I have been making lots of small laps quilts and lots of baby things lately.

I hope you all have a great weekend