Monday, August 8, 2011

August 8th 2011

Good Morning from the farm. August is racing by already. Today is my oldest grandchilds birthday. Happy Birthday Damion, I hope you have an awesome 16th birthday.
By the looks of my last post  which was in May, I have a new grand daughter. Lilianna Marie was born June 28,2011. She arrived at 8 minutes to 1pm. She is beautiful, dark eyes and hair, she makes my 7th granddaughter and 11th grandchild. Anthony thinks she is just the best. He cant say his (L's) yet and calls her Widdie. He loves to what he calls pet her,, he stand up next to her bassinet and say I need to pet Widdie. He is very gentle with her for the most part.

A content and relief feeling this morning as I look out the front window. Rob unloaded the winters fire wood yesterday. It is still in log length but it is here. I will start working it up soon. Waiting for the rain to gives us a little break, not that we dont need it, but I need to be able to get my haying done. If we can get a good week in we can finish the big field we are at and move back local. Getting the hay done also give a feeling of security, knowing i wont be hay hunting in March and April will be great.
The garden is growing and so are the weeds. I havent been there in over a week and need to go hopefully today. Between haying and the rain, its been a little tough, last time I had went I had Lily. Need to remember the stroller.
The farm stand is doing great, lots of veggies and craft and baked goods. Of course with the high heat the past month, baked goods have been limited. Did add a new flannel baby quilt yesterday. There are a couple new prairie bonnets now also. Surprised how great the plastic bag holders are selling, I just call them bag sleeves, to me they look like a sleeve. We have rag wreaths and soups in a jar, laundry soap. what ever  veggies are ready, eggs, blueberries are froze at the house.
Hopefully today I will get the small frig set up in the barn, there will be a notice stating that where the eggs will be.
Speaking about frigs, what a month, my frig that isnt even 10 yrs old has finally just stopped, had the repair man here and he said it isnt circulation right,so the air isnt getting from the freezer to the frig. Had a friend have a extra one and was able to get it yesterday. Friends are blessings. Today I have to take the old one to the junk yard and clean up the house. Had to move furniture around to get the new one in and the old one out.
Was nice to get the deck and  front  and side of the deck cleaned off. Also cleared out the bushes and junk  and set up the new dog kennel. Of course the dogs dont like the kennel, but it is needed so they stop running off.

Had visitors to the farm Saturday and Sunday. Yesterday a young couple stopped at farm stand and notice we had goats and got so excited. They played with the goats and even tried to milk one of them.

The weather here has been terrible humid. I can do heat, but humidity makes breathing rough.
Well I suppose I need to get busy. Need to clean the house today, do to the dump and junk yard, make more laundry soap and get the rest of the laundry done.
I hope you all have a wonderful day and get a minute to stop and enjoy your day

God Bless

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