Friday, May 27, 2016

Memorial Day long weekend 2016

Good morning from the  mountain! Its gorgeous out there. Looking around and seeing all my trees have beautiful greenery on them now. Leaves are unfolding and making a lush canopy.
Was tickled to pieces the other day when a friend stop by and rototilled my garden,,, one happy Simple farm Girl. This weekend will be spent putting in the garden and cleaning up the yard.

Our newest additions come Saturday 4 more piglets to go with the 3 piglets we already have. Another batch of meat birds will be  here in two weeks. Smaller batches several times instead of all at once.
Glad to get the farm back up and running and feeling like I am accomplishing something instead of running in circles.. Still want a milk cow.. But will settle for my milk goats right now. Once the real barn is built I will be able to have it filled to the brim with kritters..  One more step in providing my family with home grown meats and vegies from right here on the farm. Praying for an awesome growing year.  For kritters and vegies.
Today is busy here on the farm, getting everything done this morning, as I have to work tonight at the race track in Rumney/Wentworth in the kitchen,,,love that job,, so glad my Aunt thought to ask me about it,,
I have Avon to deliver and brochures to get out today also.
Hoping to open the farm stand tomorrow with crafts and baked goodies.

Have an awesome long weekend. Enjoy family and friends,,,BUT PLEASE take a few moments to remember those who gave all..... For that is the true meaning of your long weekend.

God Bless ------stay safe------

The Simple Farm Girl

Friday, May 20, 2016

May 2016

Good morning from the mountain. It has been a long time since I have taken time to write. Alot has happened over the past year, well 6 months even. My oldest grandson was diagnosed with Hodgkins Lymphoma. The tumors in his neck are to big for radiation. He starts treatment as soon as he gets all his teeth removed June1st. They are afraid the combo of chemo and infection will kill him. Which of course we are trying  to avoid. Prayers are always welcome his name is Damion he is only 20 years old. My son Nick had to have a shunt revision in April, not sure it  if its better or worse in some aspects.  But on to greater news.. grandchild #12 will be here in 6 weeks, another little girl. so that's exciting.
The farm is alive and kicking. 21 goats, 36 chickens, 8 guinea hens,6 turkeys, 9 pullet chick, 6 meat birds(this batch) 6 bantam hen(now to get a broody one) 5 pigs and 1 horse, rabbits depends on the day right now5 adults,5 babies, (outside) inside, 1 baby rabbit, and 3 guinea pigs, 7 dogs and a house cat,, feel like I am missing some one... Waiting for the temperature to finally stay above freezing so we can plant the gardens,,we had snow last week....
Not sure how the rest of the world is doing but ticks this year are so terrible, we are picking 30 at a time off us never mind the animals. Never have seen them so bad.
But on a good note the sun is shining today, the weather is suppose to be nice. I have to work at the race track tonight cooking. Excited about that. Avon is doing great,,, making more friends one campaign at a time.  I do have a E-Store where you can go and check out all the things Avon has, open 24/7
Avon has changed so much, the product line is awesome, its not just about skin care and make up any more..
Well Off to refill the coffee cup, and get chores done, deliver eggs....
Have a great day..
God Bless...
aka---The Simple Farm Girl

Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Spring has sprung

Good morning from the mountain. A beautiful sun rise was enjoyed. The weather is FINALLY warming up and the snow is finally melting.
What a long cold drawn out winter. I didn't think it was ever going to end.
The flower along side the house have peaked thru the ground. Yippee   spring..
Water still frozen to the barn,,,but as of yesterday it was at least dripping,,so maybe today will be the day.
Seeds will be started today as  spring has arrived, didn't dare to plant them to early, they would be full grown by the time the ground thawed.

Working on the barn today for the little goats, cant wait to bring them home. Anthony is excited to be able to bring his  little goats home.
Looking to get the farm back up and farming full time , after the tornado went thru here and tore up the place. Slowly building farm back up.

Excited ,, 75 baby chicks will arrive next Monday. 50 meat breeds and 25 new layers. Be nice to hear the peep peeps again.

Off to plant my rose bushes in just a bit. Have 4 raspberry bushes  to plant today also. 
Lots of raking  and yard pick up to do while the sun is shining.

Have a couple grand children here today for a while so there will be play time also..

Well off to play in the sun, Hope you all have an awesome day

Thursday, January 16, 2014

January 16,2014

Good morning from the mountain. A joyous day is about. I have gotten to visit with my daughter, and grand daughter, and my daughter in law.   Was so very nice to see them. My Miss Lilianna is so special, such a gorgeous little chatter box.

Chores have been done, it is snowing out again. I think winter has returned to the mountain. The ground is covered again and the driveway is a little slippery.

Just received a phone call about another rabbit, all excited. I just love rabbits.  Thinking about time to start breeding the goats. Didn't want babies in cold weather like  last year. Thinking about what else we can grow for meat to help with less store purchasing.

I got to sit yesterday for a spell and go through Johnny Seeds from Maine and pick out vegetable seeds for the gardens this year, Quiet time for the simple farm girl. Coffee, seed catalogs, snowy day, does it get any better. Toasty warm and all comfy in the house.

My momma and I have been doing a lot of crocheting and knitting. I came up with my own fingerless mittens. No pattern ,, just stuff all in my head. I enjoyed making them and they take no time. Makes hauling water and chores so much easier, hands stay warm, but can still use fingers. Thinking maybe to do up a bunch to sell , I am sure there are other out there who need warm hands but need the use of their fingers.

I have received an order for donuts today so I ought to do a batch or two this afternoon. Made raised glazed donuts the other day, let me tell ya they weren't pretty but boy did they taste  good. Maybe I will try again. A recipe I have never used before.

Having a wonderful time visiting with my Uncle Dave, he has come over for a month or so and staying with us. Some one should write a book with the stories he can tell, my favorite cowboy.
He loves to tell stories and he gathers a crowd where ever he goes. Just awesome.

I suppose I should get busy and get dishes finished up and do some baking. Need to figure out tonight supper. What cha all having?? Do you ever get tired of trying to figure out new stuff? I do..

Well you all have an awesome day. Stay safe stay warm..

God Bless

The Simple farm girl

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Sunshine in November

The sun is out, its shinning wonderfully. Its lying, its cold out there.
The sky is bright blue with very few clouds, (that's because the wind blows them away).
All the animals are cuddled up to what ever they can find that holds heat. Yes its cold out there. 22  with wind is cold, I don't care how beautiful the sun looks.

We have been hard at work today, 7 qts of sausage canned, 5 qts of hamburger and so fat 7 qts of nice white lard. There will be more lard coming, I did 12 qts the other day. Stuff makes awesome donuts and nice pie crust.
 So thankful the snow hasn't arrived yet and the water line to the barn is still thawed. My day is coming when I awake to inches of snow and a froze line. Which really stinks because we bought a backhoe to do a lot of work and it really hasn't earned its keep yet.

Sold all my rabbits and ducks the other day, at least cutting back for the winter months. With hauling water it makes it quite a chore to keeping bottles thawed and  ponds open.

I do still have my wonderful goats and now 22 piglets under 5mos old, I did cut back to a few dozen chickens and will start fresh in the spring with more layer and put these older one in the pot..
Looking out the window at everyone I can see the horses standing tall watching over all the animals.

Hoping to get back to sewing this week. Also dug out the yarn and knitting needles, its that time of the year. I cant work with yarn while its hot out,, makes my hands sweat.

I suppose the canners have been turned off and now the jars are cooling down, I should go make meat balls for supper and get some bread rising.

I hope you have an awesome day.

God Bless

The Simple Farm Girl

Sunday, November 17, 2013

Middle of November-- ever have one of those days------

The middle of November finds us with no snow. Can you hear my heart jumping for joy. Two years ago in October we were blessed with a blizzard that dumped 2 feet in one storm and melted in a week or so and we had very little the rest of the winter season. Today is  raining drizzly day, not much work will be done out side.
Still trying to batten down the hatches so to speak for winter. It has been a beautiful week a few days were up in the 50's.
Yesterday I sold all my rabbits and ducks. Not that I want to but I guess I am getting tired of doing all the chores myself while others just sit and watch or complain about having to pick up a little of the slack. I have an offer on my goats, but am so torn about selling all of them a few of them or none of them.  Confused and heart broken to think I always give in and give up on my dreams and animals I want. Sometimes I wonder why I try so hard to  make a working farm work.  People that live here are mainly concerned with just the horses who do nothing,, very expensive pasture pets.. Don't get me wrong I think the world of the horses but ya know,, they eat hay and grain year round and they don't earn one penny ,, at least not in the past 4 years. My goats have at least have made money this year. Selling the babies then selling  2/3 of my herd brought in more money than the horses have  since we have had them in 7 years.  I know I sound like I am venting but I cant be the only farmer  around that goes thru this. Some one else must be able to relate. Now we have 22 piglets 3 months old and 5 mos old,, . They cost way more money than they will ever bring in. Big idea,, raise them thru the winter and sell then in the spring.. Great Idea,, but I don't see it happening the way  some think it is going to,, cause aint no one  going to step out and help with chores and help feed, clean and water them all winter but me. Attitude abound today terribly,, so no outside work will be finished at all. I guess I should not be surprised, I don't think one project has really ever been totally finished that  others have started around here. Guess I am getting fed up with the work load, stress load and the anger that other bring with them. Not sure how people can go to bed mad, and wake up angry all the time.
So in my mind I have been mulling over some big changes and I am sure some will have their 2 cents to add, but no manual ambition to go with it.
 I am going to cut back  to just the animals I need to feed my family with, raise just the chickens I need to provide eggs for my family, chickens 4 pigs, I can buy a side of beef every year. Everything else from now on will be gardens for food.  I need to change  how things work around here,cost fo grain is going thru the roof, money is becoming very tight, property taxes have gone up again, my income hasn't. So I am going to start living as they did on little house on the prairie raising what they needed to eat, sold what  was extra,,garden and  put up what I can.
Does any one else have any of these issues,, cant be just me.
I suppose its time for me to go set up the sewing machine and start working on one of the quilts I need to finish for another family who ordered it.

I hope you have a blessed Sunday and sorry for the venting,, sometimes just getting it out of my head makes things a bit easier.

God Bless

The Simple Farm Girl

Friday, October 25, 2013

Winter is knocking

Yesterday  the first sight of snow flakes were seen..NOT ready.... Ok usually never ready and every year we say the same thing knowing every year at this time it gets colder..
Animals are all getting their winter coats. Leaves are falling off the trees and making the patch work colors that were seen on trees now make the ground a  beautiful rust and orange colors. I don't rake leaves,, I think they are beautiful.. Gardens have gone by, all plants are pulled up and vegetables stored, canned, dried and preserved. meat birds have been processed and tomatoes, carrots, eggs have all been canned.
So some things are ready,, wood pile isn't up to quota yet. But husband will bring  the next 8 cords shortly. We have plenty of wood for the kitchen cook stove. So no worries.

Looking out my front door the sun is shinning thru the glass  casting a warm glow across the floor. All the dogs are struggling  to lay in the warmest spot in the sun.

Heading out shortly do chores and check on the new kittens who are residing in the barn.
 Hoping to sell a few ducks today and more laying hens.. Cutting back on a few animals for winter, making  my chores a bit easier for winter.
My mom has moved in with us and resides in the basement. We have made a small apartment area for her so she has her own space.
We have been doing a lot of baking for the  farm stand and it has gone over wonderfully. We are making bread today and I am doing fudge and cup cakes.

I suppose I need to get busy and go wash eggs, do chores, get laundry started for Nicholas and get baking under way.
I hope you al have an awesome weekend

God Bless
The simple farm girl