Tuesday, October 23, 2007

October 23,2007 Fall Day

As the sun comes up over the mountain what wonderful colors from the sun coming through the clouds. Sitting here watching the sky and on the ground watching the rabbits jumping and twisting around,when it comes to my rabbits I love to watch them, especially when the new babies first start coming out,
Today is going to be another busy one. The weather right now is great for working out side so trying to get more wood cut, worked yesterday for several hours cutting the road out for the tractor to get through with out getting slapped in the face with branches, those hurt.
Have to go do chores, milk the cows, feed all the pigs. Need to make another pen for a new moma who needs to come in thebarn.

Grand daughter is coming over today after school so we'll get to do some fun stuff, she is 9 and loves to help do anything and everything.
Headed to town this morning to talk to a store about their produce, that is out of date for the pigs.
Have to stack a cord of wood and clean rental house today.
Then get to work here, going back in woods and cut a couple cords of wood, need to make a bunch of phone calls concerning selling meat, want to get all paper work out of the way, before we get that part of the farm going.

Started working on a jar quilt yesterday , checking out the material needed, I love the looks of it, I see one on aweb site a lady had done, it was really great.
Ok have to get busy, the sun is out and the day is wasting away.