Tuesday, February 28, 2012

February 28,2012---- Winter has returned

Good Morning from the mountain. I do believe winter either has finally decided to come to NH or its making its return from last Oct when we had a Nor Easter. Looking out my window this morning we are being Blessed with more white stuff. I do believe mother nature is confused in her winter/spring time calendar. Last week we received 8 plus inches and now we are looking at more today and Thursday.. Hello Momma Nature its almost spring time,, the roads are already thawing and mud is already formed on alot of dirt roads, so plowing isnt going to happen unless we received  a hard freeze again.
Most of us are already having babies born and chicks hatching. Thoughts of garden plots dance in our heads. Last week I had bare ground and split wood in a t-shirt..
 I personally cant wait  to have bare feet and garden dirt under my nails. The smells of fresh cut hay will be welcome. I cant wait to turn everyone out to the pasture and watch them kick up their heels and prance around. The smells of lilac trees,,, awh a deep breath,,, can ya smell them.
Lots to do today, its February vacation here and I have 5 grandchildren. They all want to go out side today, but the wind needs to die down just a little bit. Yesterday they worked on a sledding hill and want to finish it today.
I the some baking will also be in order as snack went fast yesterday. So maybe some brownies or even a cake  will have to be made today. Anthony has already put his request in for raviolis this morning,, thinking more for lunch instead,, cereal, and toast will keep them busy for a minute.
Noticing the sun is trying so hard to shine and warm things up,, but the wind sure does take the heat away from the sun.

I have been working on alot of crocheting this past months, while the weather is cooler. I have a hard time working with yarn when my hands sweat. Trying to make afghans and earn enough money to pay off a years worth of property taxes by May. Winter time is a slower time of year so it gives me a chance to do some hand work and quilting. Making new clothes for the spring and summer. Would love to create my petticoats and little britches collections.. I have it all in my head,, now to put in on paper and fabric. Someday in my free time. Its a dream i have had, to make children wearable clothes that will last and hold up  to children playing outside. Little girls in prairie dress and boy in  pants and shirt, vest,, kind of ole fashion I know  but do able. Well I suppose I need to get back to reality and get these child fed and happy.
You all have an awesome day and be Blessed in what ever you do