Wednesday, March 31, 2010

things are looking up

Anthony posing on the new stairs, of course spike and the cat had to get into the picture. When finished the railing will be white birch logs and not sure what the top hand rail will be, I just know i love them and cant wait for the next project which is the kitchen to get started

Safe Trip Sami

Sami and her gram Sami and Anthony the night before she left for Texas

Today is a sad but happy day. hard to explain, my youngest daughter left this after noon for Texas. The first of my grown children to move away. this momma hasnt cut the apron strings, just added another piece of elastic, so the string stretches just a little bit further. A good friend drove us to the airport, as where standing there her flight is delayed for another, ok delay on this end isnt bad she is still in NH. we finally watch her round the corner to a place a mothers heart sinks,(out of sight) and we leave. She calls me not more than 15 minutes later her flight on the other end is delayed an hr. Ok thats a hr she will be alone in a city she doesnt know. ok calm down,, she wont leave the airport, she is 21, she is responsible, to bad i am her mom its my job to worry. I come home watching the clock, thinking ok if she left at this time and it takes this long,,how come she hasnt called yet????/ the phone rings, its my Sami, mom is was great,, i got to sit next to the window,, I was the water and dolphins,, Mom your right its like looking at a map. Ok child is excited mom is missing her already,,, cheer up sound excited for her.....

I am really proud of her,, dont get me wrong,, i am happy she has chosen to do something with her life she wouldnt get to here. She is getting to see stuff I wont ever see. As I am sitting writing this I am watching the clock,, time change in Texas, what time will she actually land??I wont sleep til i get the call she is safe and sound and in Fawns care....Her dad just called waiting to hear that she has landed safely
reach for the gold Sami, you can achieve anything you set your mind to
Forever loving you
PS,, she has landed safely, now i can breath