Monday, April 12, 2010

Marvelous Monday

Today is starting out a bit chilly, but wonderful working weather. Anthony was plum tuckered out last night. He went to bed at 7pm and only woke to be changed,pj's on and a new bottle and he slept til almost 6:30 this morning.

The town guys are coming up today to get some of the manure to put on the town gardens.I plan on making some raised beds today. Laundry is always on the chore list here,be glad when that is caught up to where its one load a day.

After working outside I plan on doing some baking today. Rob wants a meat pie for supper so I cooked 3 chuck steaks yesterday while I cooked the roast beef last night for supper. It turned out wonderful so the meat is nice and tender for a pie. Donuts are in order also. He still has one pumpkin pie left but thinking about whoopie pies, things he can take easily in his lunch.

I plan on planting my potatoes today ,well some of them I have a big animals metal water tub at the beginning of my driveway under the Ledge Hill Farm sign, so instead of wasting space just on flowers I plant vegetables down there also, Last yr we had pumpkins growing over the bank toward the road. Passer-bys thought it was great.

Have company coming for coffee at 8:30 so I better get busy and get chores done. You have a wonderful day and enjoy the sun shine if you have it.