Thursday, January 16, 2014

January 16,2014

Good morning from the mountain. A joyous day is about. I have gotten to visit with my daughter, and grand daughter, and my daughter in law.   Was so very nice to see them. My Miss Lilianna is so special, such a gorgeous little chatter box.

Chores have been done, it is snowing out again. I think winter has returned to the mountain. The ground is covered again and the driveway is a little slippery.

Just received a phone call about another rabbit, all excited. I just love rabbits.  Thinking about time to start breeding the goats. Didn't want babies in cold weather like  last year. Thinking about what else we can grow for meat to help with less store purchasing.

I got to sit yesterday for a spell and go through Johnny Seeds from Maine and pick out vegetable seeds for the gardens this year, Quiet time for the simple farm girl. Coffee, seed catalogs, snowy day, does it get any better. Toasty warm and all comfy in the house.

My momma and I have been doing a lot of crocheting and knitting. I came up with my own fingerless mittens. No pattern ,, just stuff all in my head. I enjoyed making them and they take no time. Makes hauling water and chores so much easier, hands stay warm, but can still use fingers. Thinking maybe to do up a bunch to sell , I am sure there are other out there who need warm hands but need the use of their fingers.

I have received an order for donuts today so I ought to do a batch or two this afternoon. Made raised glazed donuts the other day, let me tell ya they weren't pretty but boy did they taste  good. Maybe I will try again. A recipe I have never used before.

Having a wonderful time visiting with my Uncle Dave, he has come over for a month or so and staying with us. Some one should write a book with the stories he can tell, my favorite cowboy.
He loves to tell stories and he gathers a crowd where ever he goes. Just awesome.

I suppose I should get busy and get dishes finished up and do some baking. Need to figure out tonight supper. What cha all having?? Do you ever get tired of trying to figure out new stuff? I do..

Well you all have an awesome day. Stay safe stay warm..

God Bless

The Simple farm girl