Monday, October 11, 2010

Happy Columbus Day

Happy Fall. The trees have adorned their fall foliage, the colors of reds,yellows, and bright orange are changing to amber, burnt red and oranges and rust. They are all still beautiful just in a rustic country fashion now. Changes on the farm as we get ready for the winter ahead. Gardens are done, berries are picked and froze until time allows me to make jams and jellies. The log pile still sits out there although it is getting smaller weekly.LOL We have started to run our wood furnace and it is just enough o take the chill off for the kids in the morning.
The horses come home next week after the vacation to another home for the summer. Miss Daisy hasnt kidded yet but she sure is getting close.
Making laundry soap today as I am finally out. Nothing better than clothes hung out to dry. Picked the last of the green tomatoes yesterday now will dig out the canning supplies to make relishes and pickles. Going to go t the Orchard and get a bushel of apples to can and dry for pies and to make jelly for the pantry. I think I have talked Rob into a root cellar finally, been a few yrs coming. And my kitchen cook stove will be moved over to the new kitchen, although I think I am going to have to get a smaller one as the kitchen is going to be smaller, new chimney has to be put up also.
I really just wanted to check in and see how everyone is doing and see how your fall is going, what exciting things your getting to do. How are you preparing for winter?
So for now from the farm have a Blessed day and enjoy and few minutes and silence and take in the good around you.

Friday, October 1, 2010

Happy October

Well i guess its Happy October. Sad to see the summer go with so much more to do before snow. But the color of the leaves are breath taking. Of course this rain we have gotten in 24 hrs and the wind to go with it, havent help them stay on the trees. It was beautiful tropical and humid at 7am and by 8am it was pouring rain and hasnt stop yet. The wind picks up once in awhile. Everyone is complaining their wells are dry so I guess we need the rain,, unless your a farmers who still has fields to cut and dry. Pros and Cons to both sides.
I have lots to do but no energy today the rain makes me just want to crochet or knit. Theres laundry to do and a house to clean the rain doesnt dry clothes well and the dampness makes the house smell like cats and dogs.
I have alot of sewing to do, but need to set up my sewing area again. Right now Derek has it as his room but thats ok he needs his space.
We have a wedding tomorrow with the horses and wagon.
It will be nice to have the boys home for a few minutes any ways, not sure if Rob will take them back to Sanbornton afterwards or not. i really ought to get busy before the baby wakes up. Just wanted to check in and say hello and say Happy October