Sunday, January 31, 2010

Blessed Sunday Morning

Good Morning to all. its early Sunday morning, figured I might as well get up and join you all.
Didnt sleep well last night alot on my mind. Alot of things to do today.
First wanted to say Congratulations to my ex-& and his wife on the birth of their baby girl last night. You'll make a good dad. best wishes to you both.
Another friend of mine got to bring home little ones from Haiti this week, so their family has increased by 3 more, Congratulations to louise and her family. You all are truley Blessed to have little ones in your home.
In my heart i miss the commotion, the noise, the laughter, the little giggles and the Mom he said or pulled my hair, Mom,she colored on the wall.
Maybe thats why i cling to Anthony so closely. He makes me feel needed not taken for granted. For all my friends and family that have their house full of kids enjoy every fight, every cry, every giggle, becuz when their gone, it leaves a empty spot.
ok back to reality and things at hand.
Sitting here with my coffee and listening to the sounds in my home. The ceiling fan behind me is unbalanced(fits in well here) cant tell who is snoring louder the dog on the floor at my feet or my husband upstairs. i can hear the hum of the frig , the clock needs a new battery and the fan on the computer and noticing my water pump down stairs keeps clicking on(hmm not a good sign no water running any where i know of).
Bought a new book yesterday wanted to start reading it last night but by the time i got comfotable to read, everyone wanted lights out and quiet, didnt know me reading made noise. So will start with that book today after getting back from Prudences this morning.
Lookin gout into the darkness of my yard, all i see is the glows from several lights. the horses didnt unplug their light last night,i can see the blinky of the fence charger, that little dot of red, the chicken house and their glowing red hat light(hey its working I am getting a dz eggs a day again) and the cow barn light and the door is open to the outside pasture, burr guess they need to learn to shut the barn door.
Anthony slept well last night only stirred a few times, Just made him his fresh bottle so when he wakes he can have it. He cut another tooth yesterday this makes #4. Cleaned up his high chair last night that Bobby gave him and he loves it more space to throw food. But at least now he can sit in his own chair and not in my lap and eat.
Should of brought the book down stairs with me and i could tell you some of the stuff in it..If they say you can raise all your own food on 1/4 acre I ought to be all set, i have 8.5. It does talk about berries, bees,making soaps and growing wheat, not sur eif in my neck of the woods thats possible, i'll have to check on that one, one thing i do want to try is Herbs, I always wanted to but never got serious about them. but when i got o friends homes and see the herbs tied up hanging up side down i just think thats the nicest thing. Another way to save money.
And if Rob gets the land all leveled like he is suppose to i will have a great place for my bigger garden here where the cows and the pigs have been for several yrs. Already fertilized. The garden will also help out the shop with a farm stand. i am so looking forward to getting this going, but of course there is alot of work ahead of me. Plus have to wait til the cows arent using the barn also. It will be alot of your just basic country rustic things. Going to have crafts, but want to concentrate on thing people need, pot holder, quilts,blankets, little kids clothing and aprons, towels, things you'd find in Little House Days. More thing thats are usefull not decoration.
At some point will add sheep to my herd so i will be able to have my own yarn and learn to spin.
Theres a list of things i want to learn, spinning, soap making, bees, not to be afraid of snakes, ok maybe that one will never happen but its a nice thought.

Animals that will be added this yr will be another milking cow, pigs, another goat and more chickens and rabbits. Each yr will add more as money permits and barns are done.
really would love a root cellar.
If i could grow salt and baking powder,chocolate,vanilla, coffee and yeast i could just about not buy alot at the store.

each yr i will become less attached to the store and more attached to my store.

When the kitchen is remodeld i will have another pantry up here to put more basic stuff we use daily and save the pantry in basement for bulk stuff and long term storage.
Well right now my coffee cup is empty so maybe i should get off this thing and shower and get breakfast started. Eggs, bacon and toast sounds like a great choices. Talk to ya all alter
If that makes sense

Saturday, January 30, 2010

New Reading

Today has been a blah ho hum day. Got up to frozen pipes but didnt have time to tend to them as Rob had to work and for me to have the truck i had to take him. Anthony and I spent several hrs with 4 of my other grandchildren that I hardly ever get to see. That needs to change. Had a really nice time. Bobby and Krissy gave me a bunch of baby stuff for Anthony to save me money on buying it.
Came home and finally got the pipe thawed and tried to do chores got everythign done, by the time I got the hose all the way to the barn about 60 ' out fromthe house, it had a 3' section that was froze. So I had to drag it all back in the lay it next tot he stove while it thawed. Finally after another 30 minutes and the cows yelling at me I got everyone watered.
Made the boys grilled cheese sandwiches for supper
Talked to PK we have a bet going who can loose weight and get down to 150 first, but have it be toned not just bluky.
We are headed to Twin Mtns first thing in the morning to help them with their car , its ver heating.
Praying Faithy feels better soon she has MRSA also.
Anthony cut his 4th tooth today, we bought him a pr of high top sneakers today so he cant kick them off.
Went to Tractor Supply and bought me a book i really hinted about at Christmas,, today I bought it, The Backyard Homestead,,,how to produce all the food you need on a 1/4 acre. I need to read this closely.
Not much else going on today around here. Will close til a Blessed Sunday Morning.

Friday, January 29, 2010

Ledge Hill Farm: Blustery in the neighborhood

Ledge Hill Farm: Blustery in the neighborhood

Blustery in the neighborhood

OH MY LORD. Winter has returned. Blustery is saying it mildly.Last night we received 3 inches of snow and dont even have to plow it, the wind has blown it clear off the driveway.
Very Very Cold this morning.
Chores will be done quickly and not a lot of talking to the animals and hanging around outside. Just NOT that kind of day.
Anthony went home yesterday. Hoping he comes back Monday. I need to spend today CLEANING my house. I bought enough hay yesterday so I dont really have to go to town for anything. Really need to buckle down and do some deep cleaning while baby isnt here.
Today is my nephews birthday. He would of been 19. Heaven is having a glorious birthday party thats for sure. Tyler we love and miss you so much.Show heaven how us rednecks throw a bash.

Trying to think of something warm for supper. Rob will be out in this weather all day on the log truck. Maybe a nice corn chowder and corn bread. Want to make a cake today. Robbie is at his moms this weekend, not sure if Nick is going any where.

So what are you up to today? Whats cooking at your house?
Well I suppose cant think of anything right now to share so I am off to do some cleaning. You have a wonderful and blessed day

Monday, January 25, 2010

Good Monday Morning

Well let see if you live any where on the Eastern sea board, your wet this morning. The temps are rising but the rain is coming down. We are suppose to get inches of rain today. Now see this rain would be welcome if it were May and we were planting. But here in NH we have feets of snow on the ground and rain on top make it so Donna falls down alot.
If I had a pair of ice skates and was 30 yrs younger I could have a blast out there, I would own my skating rink. Known also as my driveway. Rob just left I didnt take the truck today i dont feel like having a accident. School has a 2 hr delay and Nicks day program was also delayed.

From the front window this morning all we see is ran and ice, although Bob does have his head over the gate and Lucy is standing in the rain. Chores wont take long today, there wont be any fooling around outside playing and just taking my time.

from the Sewing Bin today I have to fix a couple pair of pants and from the Craft Bin I will be working on the purple afghan. Not sure what else I will get done today.

Thats about it from here at least for now. If something comes up you'll be the second to know.
Have a Blessed day

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Sunday Morning--Rambling Thoughts

As i sit here and ponder what to write today, I look around at things that might interest other people who will read this but dont actually know me. I have met some of thebest friends ever on Face Book and HomesteadingToday.These are people who have allowed me to com into their lives and share their day to day experiences. So I guess that where I'll start each day and whats happening here on our little piece of the mountain we live on.
Today is Sunday January 24,2010. I am enjoying my first cup of coffee with my youngest grandson, who is also one of the lights in my life.
A few minutes ago when I started this the sky was just a gorgeous blue and pink with blends of purple. Since then the sky has lighted and daylight is now fully upon us. I have my computer set so I look out the front window of my house to the yard and driveway. This also where the animals are and i can see most of them in one glance. Mike and Bob the horses have thier heads out of the barn over the gate most likely waiting for their morning grain. Across the driveway is the cow barn and the chickens. I can see 2 of the 3 cows. We have Dot ,Jacob,Lucy. Jacob must be in the barn still.Dot an Lucy are grazing on left over hay from last night. The chickens I cant see but can hear the Roosters making the morning wake up calls. Some people get upset with roosters, not me I love to hear crow, actually had the roosters given to me before I even had the chickens. Just around the corner out of sight of the window is my very lonely goat Daisy. Daisy is upset becuz we had to put her friend Cosmo down last week, he was very old and failing and I didnt want him to suffer. Thats about it from my front window this morning for animals. Maybe thats a good title to start each day,, From My Front Window. We'll see, still trying to figure all this blog stuff out .
As my house becomes alive chores will get done and breakfast will be cooked, but for now I can hear the different tones from each bedroom as the males in this house are enjoying their Sunday morning sleep in. Which is ok. Rob gets up early all week he deserves some extra sleep if he can get it. And the boys still sleeping means I dont have to cook breakfast yet.

Although I am waiting to taste how our bacon turned out we just got it back from the butcher. So this mornings feast will be home grown, well except for the english muffins, bacon, eggs are from our farm.
Do any of you have Sunday Dinner? I know growing up we always had a big meal for Sunday Dinner, usually was a roast of some sort or Baked chicken. I know as the world keeps everyone going in different directions, its nice to have at least one meal all together. In our house supper every night is at the table, no in front of the tv, no radio. Just catch up time.

Anthony is craving my attention this morning, as I try to type this he is in my lap chewing on a shoe string. Just chattering away to me. Precious sounds of babies. I feel exteremly lucky and blessed.

As I figure the blog out I will figure out where to put different things, like recipes.crafts an sewing animals and ideas or helpfull hints that others share with me. I have alot of homesteading friends who have blogs and they have great stuff on them so i will be getting some pointers from them on set.
But for now it time for me to start cooking the bacon and get this house up and going.
You all have a super wonderful Sunday and thanks for sharing your day with me.

Saturday, January 23, 2010


OK, This has been 2 yrs in the making and still not sure if I have it right.
Things that have changed here on the farm in 2 yrs, my gracious where to start.
Sami has moved out and is now on her own.
We have a few more grandchildren since the last update.
We've changed so many animals its hard to say what we had compared to what we have.

Ok update on curent animals, Rob's pride and joys are BOB & MIKE the 2 Belgian draft Horses, they are beautiful animals, weigh about a ton a piece.
We have a big wagon we give rides with. They have had their pictures in the local newspaper during apple harvest time.
Then theres Daisy my pygmey goat, praying she is due this yr with her first kid. Cosmo was her buddy, but think he was in the manger with Jesus, thats how old he was. We had to lay him to rest a couple weeks ago. Seems to be alot of that going around here. My very first cow, i got as a day old calf we had to put down,(of down means freezer camp), she had doen something to her leg and couldnt walk or stand any more. that was rough on me. Casey was going to be 8yrs old and she was my Jersey, my milking cow. But now she provides the family with couple 100#'s of hamburger. After that the last of the pigs went to Freezer Camp also, along with the 2 orginal beef that were suppose to go. Now we do have 3 freezer full, which is a Blessing and a great feeling. We have added a dozen NH red chickens and a few commerical layers, So now people can say White Eggs are local eggs,,not just Brown eggs.

18mos ago I became the local animal control officer for my town and love it. cant understand how people can treat their aniamls the way they do.Thats ok they dont get why I care.

Since last update we have added 2 more grandchildren . We stand at 10..I would love to see this number stand at 10 for a long time.
Faith was born on easter morning 2yrs ago in March and my side kick that most of you that follow me on Face book or the Homesteading site is Mr.Anthony. You have watch him change from a helpless little peanut to a wonderful handsome little guy who will be one next month.

Rob has had several jobs driving truck for different people but really enjoys driving for the man he does now. makes life so much better when he likes his job. LOL can you relate at all?

Let see what else we are remodleing the house, this is the first time in 8yrs i dont have pigs thru the winter. Oh yes back to animals I for about Dot who was Caseys' first calf, we also have Jacob who is dots second calf, and Lucy who was Caseys 3rd so we still have 3 if your keeping track.

And are looking for piglets for spring , they are so hard to find around here, i know i use to be the supplier.
Well its getting dark and i have to dress Mr. Anthony and go pick Rob up. he has put in 12 hrs today and is tired.
So if I have done this right and it works like it is suppose I wont be so long in updating.
Have a Blessed night and stay safe where ever you are