Sunday, January 24, 2010

Sunday Morning--Rambling Thoughts

As i sit here and ponder what to write today, I look around at things that might interest other people who will read this but dont actually know me. I have met some of thebest friends ever on Face Book and HomesteadingToday.These are people who have allowed me to com into their lives and share their day to day experiences. So I guess that where I'll start each day and whats happening here on our little piece of the mountain we live on.
Today is Sunday January 24,2010. I am enjoying my first cup of coffee with my youngest grandson, who is also one of the lights in my life.
A few minutes ago when I started this the sky was just a gorgeous blue and pink with blends of purple. Since then the sky has lighted and daylight is now fully upon us. I have my computer set so I look out the front window of my house to the yard and driveway. This also where the animals are and i can see most of them in one glance. Mike and Bob the horses have thier heads out of the barn over the gate most likely waiting for their morning grain. Across the driveway is the cow barn and the chickens. I can see 2 of the 3 cows. We have Dot ,Jacob,Lucy. Jacob must be in the barn still.Dot an Lucy are grazing on left over hay from last night. The chickens I cant see but can hear the Roosters making the morning wake up calls. Some people get upset with roosters, not me I love to hear crow, actually had the roosters given to me before I even had the chickens. Just around the corner out of sight of the window is my very lonely goat Daisy. Daisy is upset becuz we had to put her friend Cosmo down last week, he was very old and failing and I didnt want him to suffer. Thats about it from my front window this morning for animals. Maybe thats a good title to start each day,, From My Front Window. We'll see, still trying to figure all this blog stuff out .
As my house becomes alive chores will get done and breakfast will be cooked, but for now I can hear the different tones from each bedroom as the males in this house are enjoying their Sunday morning sleep in. Which is ok. Rob gets up early all week he deserves some extra sleep if he can get it. And the boys still sleeping means I dont have to cook breakfast yet.

Although I am waiting to taste how our bacon turned out we just got it back from the butcher. So this mornings feast will be home grown, well except for the english muffins, bacon, eggs are from our farm.
Do any of you have Sunday Dinner? I know growing up we always had a big meal for Sunday Dinner, usually was a roast of some sort or Baked chicken. I know as the world keeps everyone going in different directions, its nice to have at least one meal all together. In our house supper every night is at the table, no in front of the tv, no radio. Just catch up time.

Anthony is craving my attention this morning, as I try to type this he is in my lap chewing on a shoe string. Just chattering away to me. Precious sounds of babies. I feel exteremly lucky and blessed.

As I figure the blog out I will figure out where to put different things, like recipes.crafts an sewing animals and ideas or helpfull hints that others share with me. I have alot of homesteading friends who have blogs and they have great stuff on them so i will be getting some pointers from them on set.
But for now it time for me to start cooking the bacon and get this house up and going.
You all have a super wonderful Sunday and thanks for sharing your day with me.
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