Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Fall has arrived on the Mountain

Fall has arrived with wonderful colors. The bright reds,yellows and oranges are breath taking.
Although falls brings new excitement an different chores to the farm. Harvest time is a great time, The gardens have giving all they can and its time to give the left overs to the animals. Wonderful to watch the chickens peck at a ear of corn and pigs go nuts for left over vines.
Pumpkins have been gathered, green tomatoes stocked up to make relish. The berries set in the freezer waiting for a slower day to make jams. Fall sweatshirts and flannel shirts have been taken out of storage. Brisk fall night have taken the place of hot and humid ones. Sleeping with the windows open an no fans is pure joy.

The smell of the wood stove burning on rainy days take the chill off and add such a warm feeling and country smell to our home. Cant wait for the first Turkey to be cooked and the smells of country food simmering. Bring you back to the old days when families gather and people visited, neighbors helped neighbors. Apple pies, and crisp, pumpkin pie fill the air with scent of fall.
I think fall is my favorite time of yr. The time of year there is more to do than any other, still warm enough for some to go swimming, hay rides and leaf peeping are enjoyed, cook outs and gardens seem better in the fall to me.
For today errands and grain runs, splitting wood are on my list of things to do.. So I best get busy.. Enjoy your day,, take a minute and look at the beauty around you. Have a wonderful day

Thursday, September 23, 2010

What a Wonderful Fall Morning

What a glorious way to start fall. The windows were left open all night, to think one day last week I ran the wood stove to take the chill off. After all this is NH and if you dont like the weather wait a minute it will change. Have 6 children here this morning. and believe it my house is still quiet except for these kittens who seem to think the Kitty 500 qualifying matches start at 4am every day.
Rain circled all around me yesterday like a wagon train and Thank you very much I didnt get wet. As Anthony and I rode the tractor making more rows of hay. Today I will go turn it over again. So glad I unhooked everything,,LOL.
The smells of cooking apples will soon fill the kitchen as I have time to bake today. I have missed my kitchen home long enough to make the mess but never to clean it up.
Laundry is almost caught up but with 6 children here it doesnt only take one day of not doing it to get behind.
My Miss Hailey decided to give her gramma a scare last night and play with the guinea pig, needless to say she is allergic to them. Many thanks to her other Grammy Karen for coming to this grammas rescue with all she needed.
The 2 week old bunnies are out of the nest exploring their world with great amazement as the cover comes off the cage to feed them they run in every direction .
Miss Deanna and Miss Hailey did a wonderful job cleaning the cages last night as i finished alot of the other chores. I need to spend time in the chicken coop and do some remodeling as Mr. Brownie has decided to break my door and with winter coming its easier to do it while it is nice out.
The pigs are grown and hopefully in 6 weeks head to the butcher, we will see, they have had a slow start in growing for some reason.
Been looking for a couple bantam hens to do some setting for me so we can have our own babies instead of buying more,would like to get them started and hatched before winter so by spring they will be close to be able to lay eggs as my chickens will be 2 yrs old this yr and as productions goes down the new will take over and these will go into the stew pot.
Praying the weather holds all week as I would also like to hit the cow barn and get that totally cleaned out as the goats and sheep will make that their home this winter,, not sure what I am doing with Wilbur my pot bellie pig. The new barn hasnt gotten built as there is never that extra day or hrs needed to finish all the to do list.

Picked a bunch of green tomatoes yesterday and more cherry tomatoes for the farm stand , will start making relish this weekend.All my berries from the summer are in the freezer and soon will turn in to jams for winter use.

Moving the sewing room again, seems like I always end up on the loosing end of that sewing room. Nick is having the basement redone to have more of his own space and what is my sewing room now will be his bed room. Now to decide whether to set up my little house again as sewing or try to put it in my bed room, pros and cons. My little house has no heat or power so some would have to be run and the dogs couldnt get to it, In the house now warm and power but the animals can get to my stuff.. Learning toward getting the little house wired and heated I have a little wood stove i could use It would give me privacy and i could leave the house and go to work of course about 50 steps to the Little house isnt very far but it would be nice.
And its big enough to have Anthony have is play pen and toys to play while I work. So I do believe thats what I am going to aim for.
So how is your week going? i hope all your setting out to do is working in the way that best suits you.For now I need a refill on coffee and get 5 kids up for school. So have a great day in whatever you do and enjoy the beauty around you. As each day is a Blessing.

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Hay season still going

Well good morning strangers. i am so sorry for not posting more often as I really had hope to. The farm has been quite busy and more children have been added to our home, both of the human kind and animal kind. We have been haying as much as the weather will allow. And we have had some beautiful weather for it.
The farm has grown in numbers, I am not sure what we had the last time i had a chance to write, the chickens number has not change, the goats and sheep have, considering i didnt have sheep before,. i do know the bunnys seem to rotate in and out of here.
So let me start by introducing Amelia and Uma, they are my new Icelandic sheep, Amelia is the momma to Uma and may also be bred. The 2 newest goats are Deanna and Abby(named for my grand daughter by a grand daughter) I was informed when Daisy has hers they will be named after the other 4 grand daughters.Tried to explain I really doubt Daisy will have 4 babies, they'll take their chances.
We have had 2 success full liters of bunnies born and one has already been sold as well as a liter of guinea pigs. Wilbur the pig is still as big as ever and the meat pigs have finally put on some noticeable weight. Which is great cuz they need to be slaughter in 2 months. Daisy,Andy and Brownie the other goats are doing great. Daisy is big as a house. The cows finally went up to the top pasture and the horses are in Sanbornton soon to come home. October will be a busy month for them.
The wood for the winter has been delivered, now to cut to length and split it up. 15 cords were delivered in log length. Hoping the new wood furnace we have in the basement will cut down on the amount of wood we have to burn, one year it took 12 cords to heat our house which is only 28 x 32. But since the remodeling and new insulation things should be better.
In the past month 2 more grandchildren have come to live with us. Which is a blessing, I love having them here, trying at time where i my lifestyle is so different from their everyday life before but they grew up here for 5 years before. I wish I had enough land to give all my children a piece and keep them close.
My animal control job has picked up alot and just this week alone has kept me quite busy. 2 weeks ago I had a big dog who decided being alone wasnt for him and neither were cats,rabbits and Guinea pigs, beautiful dog but dont let a little kritter move is was dead meat, i was walking him and he went after one of my rabbit and pulled some muscles in my arm,, so lifting has been a challenge for a couple weeks, today feels better than it has in along time.
The sun has finally came up here on the mountain, Anthony has been up for 2 hours, the new kittens have all qualified for the kitty 500 several times this morning.
We will be haying again today as we start second crop finally. some of our fields dont have first done, but it will be done and used for bedding if nothing else.
Hoping this post will start a new chapter in being more organized(LOL) but with winter coming things will slow down after a bit and inside work can continue.
Cant wait to burn the wood and smell the wonderful smells of the country, apple pies, turkeys cooking always bring back the smells of home on the other side of the mountain. But from this side and today, you all have a Blessed Sunday take a minute to stop and enjoy all thats around you.