Saturday, January 30, 2010

New Reading

Today has been a blah ho hum day. Got up to frozen pipes but didnt have time to tend to them as Rob had to work and for me to have the truck i had to take him. Anthony and I spent several hrs with 4 of my other grandchildren that I hardly ever get to see. That needs to change. Had a really nice time. Bobby and Krissy gave me a bunch of baby stuff for Anthony to save me money on buying it.
Came home and finally got the pipe thawed and tried to do chores got everythign done, by the time I got the hose all the way to the barn about 60 ' out fromthe house, it had a 3' section that was froze. So I had to drag it all back in the lay it next tot he stove while it thawed. Finally after another 30 minutes and the cows yelling at me I got everyone watered.
Made the boys grilled cheese sandwiches for supper
Talked to PK we have a bet going who can loose weight and get down to 150 first, but have it be toned not just bluky.
We are headed to Twin Mtns first thing in the morning to help them with their car , its ver heating.
Praying Faithy feels better soon she has MRSA also.
Anthony cut his 4th tooth today, we bought him a pr of high top sneakers today so he cant kick them off.
Went to Tractor Supply and bought me a book i really hinted about at Christmas,, today I bought it, The Backyard Homestead,,,how to produce all the food you need on a 1/4 acre. I need to read this closely.
Not much else going on today around here. Will close til a Blessed Sunday Morning.