Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Sunshine in November

The sun is out, its shinning wonderfully. Its lying, its cold out there.
The sky is bright blue with very few clouds, (that's because the wind blows them away).
All the animals are cuddled up to what ever they can find that holds heat. Yes its cold out there. 22  with wind is cold, I don't care how beautiful the sun looks.

We have been hard at work today, 7 qts of sausage canned, 5 qts of hamburger and so fat 7 qts of nice white lard. There will be more lard coming, I did 12 qts the other day. Stuff makes awesome donuts and nice pie crust.
 So thankful the snow hasn't arrived yet and the water line to the barn is still thawed. My day is coming when I awake to inches of snow and a froze line. Which really stinks because we bought a backhoe to do a lot of work and it really hasn't earned its keep yet.

Sold all my rabbits and ducks the other day, at least cutting back for the winter months. With hauling water it makes it quite a chore to keeping bottles thawed and  ponds open.

I do still have my wonderful goats and now 22 piglets under 5mos old, I did cut back to a few dozen chickens and will start fresh in the spring with more layer and put these older one in the pot..
Looking out the window at everyone I can see the horses standing tall watching over all the animals.

Hoping to get back to sewing this week. Also dug out the yarn and knitting needles, its that time of the year. I cant work with yarn while its hot out,, makes my hands sweat.

I suppose the canners have been turned off and now the jars are cooling down, I should go make meat balls for supper and get some bread rising.

I hope you have an awesome day.

God Bless

The Simple Farm Girl