Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Spring has sprung

Good morning from the mountain. A beautiful sun rise was enjoyed. The weather is FINALLY warming up and the snow is finally melting.
What a long cold drawn out winter. I didn't think it was ever going to end.
The flower along side the house have peaked thru the ground. Yippee   spring..
Water still frozen to the barn,,,but as of yesterday it was at least dripping,,so maybe today will be the day.
Seeds will be started today as  spring has arrived, didn't dare to plant them to early, they would be full grown by the time the ground thawed.

Working on the barn today for the little goats, cant wait to bring them home. Anthony is excited to be able to bring his  little goats home.
Looking to get the farm back up and farming full time , after the tornado went thru here and tore up the place. Slowly building farm back up.

Excited ,, 75 baby chicks will arrive next Monday. 50 meat breeds and 25 new layers. Be nice to hear the peep peeps again.

Off to plant my rose bushes in just a bit. Have 4 raspberry bushes  to plant today also. 
Lots of raking  and yard pick up to do while the sun is shining.

Have a couple grand children here today for a while so there will be play time also..

Well off to play in the sun, Hope you all have an awesome day