Thursday, April 29, 2010

Sun shiny Thursday

Well after yesterday any day is going to seem nice. Yesterday we went from rain to snow to hail,sleet freezing rain, which by the way what is the difference between sleet and freezing rain, arent they about the same.Charity and I travel to Lebanon yesterday so i could get my impressions done for my new teeth. Next week we go back for the wax impression,, kind of thought they would of done this all in the same appointment ,, hey what do i know,, I just dont want wood chuck teeth when I am done so a few extra trips work as long as my new teeth look good.
Today the sun is shining hopefully it will warm up a bunch more. Last night my 4 little bunnies decide to burrow their way out of their outside pen and get loose, which in itself isnt bad, until you figure in i have 3 little dogs who think chasing rabbits it the best thing in the world and like to show off their catch,, not a good thing for the rabbit or the dog. i have manage to catch one all ready 3 more to go. i set up a little area for them with lots of treats and the only thing eating the treats are the cats and the goats. Go figure.
So it is building rabbit cages day one day this weekend.

Still havent found any piglets ready to go, everyone will have plenty in a few weeks. But most are still asking 100.00 or more for a piglets, which is way to much.
Not doing any baking today, I guess its going to be errand day and cleaning and laundry, first need to go buy some my clothes line and hooks and add more lines to my sad clothesline i have remodeled several times and added braces and stuff just to keep it up for the amount of weight I put on it.
Still havent done anything with the garden, going to plant my summer garden here i think this coming week if weather permits. I love having things here that i can pick and use during the summer that doesnt interfere with the winter storage.To have a summer garden I better catch them bunnies or they will eat everything in sight. LOL

Going thru the meat bird catalog and going to try my hand at meat birds again this yr, but I will do the chores and care for them,, having a boy who really doesnt care one way or the other to being here ,, doesnt get your animals properly taken care of and if you dont baby sit the chores, you cant loose alot of money and animals real quick by depending on someone else.. So now i do my own chores unless a grand child is here that is really interested in learning, my stepson isnt,, he would rather play video games and do nothing at this point. He will be bored here we have no video games and no tv,, dont understand him some times,, he has tractors and animals, and land to build forts on and bikes to ride and he just isnt interested. Guess he will do alot of riding in the big truck with his father this summer.
I am looking to increase my chicken flock for layers also,, eggs sales are up and my girls cant keep up so time to add more workers to the job.
I do believe turkeys are on the list also, a few people have asked about buying a turkey in the fall so , going for 10 this yr and see how it works, maybe more next yr, if nothing else we will eat well.

Well I need to get busy while Anthony is down for his first nap. I pray you all have a safe and wonderful day

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Been baking up a storm

The last couple days I have been in the mood for baking,deep frying anything. yesterday I worked all day on raised doughnuts, been years and Rob requested a banana creamed filled doughnut. He got what he asked for and 3 dozen as of last night are gone after snacking and ,breakfast and lunches made today. Also i made home made cinnamon rolls, those also are all gone but a few. Creme puffs went just as fast as I could fill them. Today I have made a chocolate mayonnaise cake, still probably not what Rob wants, I have tried over 20 recipes. Some day i will find the ones that matches the Grange ladies chocolate cakes from New Hampton, that his family use to buy as a kid. More doughnuts are rising. Making biscuits today also and more cream puffs. I love to bake and it shows.

We are having rain today which is better than what they are calling for a little further north of us,, their say a foot of heavy wet snow could fall, and imagine Sunday its suppose to be in the 80's. Crazy.
I do have the furnace going, dont want Anthony to catch a chill.
I have been doing alot of crocheting trying to get a head on things for the shop, if and when it ever gets going. I am hoping for this year but its starting to look like I might have to wait for awhile. I can build a farm stand easy enough but need a building to for the fabric and bake goods.
I just read my cousins Blog,, she has 12 new baby piglets, and they are so cute,, makes me sad i didnt get to have babies this year. But I have decided to have at least 2 sows this fall and breed them so I dont go thru the terrible time having to find piglets again. this year is rough.

Well I suppose i should get bust, Anthony is down for a nap and i can do a bunch of stuff while he sleeps ,,so i can play when he wakes up. You all have a wonderful day

Thursday, April 22, 2010


PIGGIES oh piggies, where might you be hiding this yr. I cant find you anywhere. I cant afford to mortgage the farm to get you either if I can find you.
Why is it when I was raising pigs, no one was looking for them. I take a yr off and no one has pigs. If you can find them people are asking such a high price for them its stupid.

I just want to feed my family not send some one on vacation by buying his piglets. I am on a quest to find 6 piglets. And after that on another to find 2 sows. I am headed back to the pigs business i guess, People cant afford the food,rent,mortgage and medicine now. How can people in their right minds charge so much when normal people are only trying to struggle and get by to put good food on the table for their families.

If any of my friends out there has piglets for sale and you dont want un-Godly prices for them let me know. Remember I am a farmer not a doctor,lawyer or any other high paying job. My farm doesnt offer insurance or health care, we are simple people doing a hard days work to provide quality food for our families.

On a brighter note, I go pick Anthony back up today, he spent the night at his mothers. I have Derek and Deanna here also. I guess Derek is headed back home this morning but Deanna is staying til tomorrow.
The sun is shining this morning I am praying it doesnt rain,, I have way to much laundry to hang out, need to add more lines to the clothes line to start with today.
I need to go pick up a load of bread also when I pick up Anthony. Tonight we have Old Home Day meeting I am in charge of the tractor show and petting farm,, need more animals to pet.

Well my day is wasting away sitting here so I need to get the lead out and get busy. You all have a super wonderful day

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Busy Few Days

been busy the past couple days here. The rain finally stopped. yesterday after chores and doing what i could here was spent taking Anthony to the doctors for his check ups. Our kids are on vacation this week also so tomorrow will be spent getting Deanna and have time with her. Today is my day i head to Lebanon to see about some new teeth. i have had enough pain. Just found out thru Spell check theres no D in Lebanon.The sun is out great to bad the day is going to be spent in the car but it needs to be done. tonight is the Rabies clinic at the Fire dept. and Tomorrow night is planning board meeting and Thursday night is Ole home day meeting. Its that time of yr.
My baby bunnies should be born next week. My new goat has a name its Andy. Now we need a Annie, and Daisy needs a Donald. Went and got another load of bread yesterday ,, boy if could ever find pigs I have the food supply stocking up. Have arranged to have a huge garden with Rob's bosses family, this will save me having a bunch of smaller ones. What the families dont use will go to the farmers markets. Well wanted to just check in I will write more when I am back today,, time to get busy need to be ready to go by 9:30..appointment is at 11:45. have a super great day

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Wonderful Wednesday

Its going to be a great day! Its better to start your day off with a positive thought and than a negative one. Rob has left already for work as he needs to be home again by 10 for the farrier.I have to pick a the new goat (finally) at 10 in Holderness. Hoping to work on rabbit cages this weekend if the weather permits as i have 2 females bred. we seem to be having a tough time finding piglets this yr. Of course I didnt breed any so they are hard to find. I have a over abundance of food now and its going to be a steady supply and need at least 2 to 4 pigs. Working on increasing my chicken flock also my egg demands have increased so the flock needs to. Isnt it wonderful to hear how people love the fresh eggs, the yolks are so yellow and they taste just so good. The joys of farm life, i wouldnt live any other way again, the old saying been there done that is true and this is the life I choose.

Anthony didnt sleep well last night , little guy is teething so much sucking on his bottle hurts his mouth so we rocked and rocked til he finally went to sleep. Ora-gel really isnt helping much so he much be cutting a bunch this time all at once. He was very much grammas boy yesterday just wanted to be held all day. Which really is ok,, they are only babies once.

Wonderful phone call yesterday from Hailey, Anthony's sister, she was home at her dads and she just wanted to say hi. She will be 8 in July and such a good girl. More grown up than her years.
The children up here have school vacation next week and she would like to come over for a day. Need to talk to her mom and see if that possible.

Anthony named one of the newest bunnies, there are 4 from the same liter i bought and one is a darker grey markings on white,, he stuck his finger in the cage and bunny came right up to him and he says ought oh,, and that same bunny comes to him everytime, so we have 1 named "Ought-OH" I have to sex them to see which one is the male they are only 8 weeks. It would be cool if it was that one, then Ought-Oh would be a good name.

I made donuts yesterday 2 batches and delivered some to town office, and ladies group, plus some for here. I need to find a container to keep them soft in. All my cookies jars arent air tight so they get hard quick, even when I put a piece of bread in them. Robbie broke my air tight one by getting caught with his hand in the cookie jar. I am trying to cut plastics usage out of my house, didnt know if a glass jar would do the same like the big gallon pickle jars for example.

I need to look into insurance also this afternoon on the horses. We are giving wagon rides this summer and need insurance and cant seem to find any one in NH who will take on more clients.
So if any one has insurance for their horses and do rides,Please let me know,I am having a terrible time finding coverage.

Ok I am off to get this day going since Anthony is still sleeping right now. You all have a wonderful day.

Tuesday, April 13, 2010


MIGHTY CHILLY here this morning.Trying to type this one handed this morning, since I have a child in my arms who just wants gramma to snuggle him. Trying to keep him covered up its chilly in here this morning also we are at 55.4 in the house. Going to be making donuts to take down to the Ladys group for 10. Need to warm it up in here, I am out of wood that i can split. I will go around today outside and pick up a bunch of down branches and such to burn in the wood furnace. Have to remember it is still only April. We still could get snow. I need to go clean the rental today and have it ready for the next renters, have to make sure to bring Anthony's walker so he can move around and I wont have to hold him as I try to make beds.
Worked on combing out Daisy again last night, poor goat has a tu-tu this morning and a shawl. I will get more down this after noon. Not sure what i am suppose to do with it other than save it, one goat doesnt make alot. It is pretty, her new hair is black and white, the stuff I am taking off is soft tan and brown.

Really not much to write about til I get warmer weather and can do stuff outside. But for now you all have a wonderful day I hear its TIME TO MAKE THE DONUTS

Monday, April 12, 2010

Marvelous Monday

Today is starting out a bit chilly, but wonderful working weather. Anthony was plum tuckered out last night. He went to bed at 7pm and only woke to be changed,pj's on and a new bottle and he slept til almost 6:30 this morning.

The town guys are coming up today to get some of the manure to put on the town gardens.I plan on making some raised beds today. Laundry is always on the chore list here,be glad when that is caught up to where its one load a day.

After working outside I plan on doing some baking today. Rob wants a meat pie for supper so I cooked 3 chuck steaks yesterday while I cooked the roast beef last night for supper. It turned out wonderful so the meat is nice and tender for a pie. Donuts are in order also. He still has one pumpkin pie left but thinking about whoopie pies, things he can take easily in his lunch.

I plan on planting my potatoes today ,well some of them I have a big animals metal water tub at the beginning of my driveway under the Ledge Hill Farm sign, so instead of wasting space just on flowers I plant vegetables down there also, Last yr we had pumpkins growing over the bank toward the road. Passer-bys thought it was great.

Have company coming for coffee at 8:30 so I better get busy and get chores done. You have a wonderful day and enjoy the sun shine if you have it.

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Sunday Morning Blessing

Another early Sunday morning as Anthony & I wake together. My first cup of hot coffee is ready,he is changed and clean. I have moved his play pen right up close to me as he wants to be within touching distances. He has 2 bowls and several wooden spoons in his play pen he is making breakfast. Happy and content. Oh now he has my tin coffee cup and playing me music with the wooden spoon and the bottom of the cup. He is such a good baby. A very precious gift.

The little dogs are playing running and chasing each other all over. The cats are sitting back looking at them thinking thats way to much work this early in the morning,I'll my exercise by watching you guys.

Nick & Rob are still sleeping.

We have a whole load of bread and snacks that need to be unloaded this morning as it sprinkled last night the truck should of been backed in the barn. Oh well lesson learnt.

I never did get to get my new goat yesterday, other things came up that were important that needed to be done. Hoping today. Have left them an email about picking him up this morning.

Hoping the sun comes out today, as I have lots of laundry to do,it doesnt take long for it to build back up once you dont do it every day and having no dryer ,my drying days depend now on the weather.

I am very proud of Anthony he is 14 mos old and we have been potty training him for a few mos now and he is doing great. I am hoping maybe by late summer he will potty trained. Just one of our many summer goals.

Last night was another early night,Anthony and I went up and watched more Little House movies. They never get old. Crocheted another 8 rows on my afghan I am making.

The sun is shining nicely right now, lets Pray it stays out. i would like to get the goat, and prepare the some of the spots for my raised bed gardens. mark has given me some 6 x6's and I need to pick them up and could do that this morning on the way back from the goat. Want to get these gardens going.
Winter food depends on a great crop,not just a good one. i have found so many articles I have shared one Face Book on different things to plant in baskets and pots, any one and every one can plant something. Make a salad basket. Plant lettuces and edible flowers in one, hanging tomatoes, and cucumbers do wonderful.You dont need acres top plant something. I am hoping to have our new farmers porch on this yr also and you can bet those hanging flowers baskets are all going to be edible. The word is already out about produce for sale here so I am on the spot to work hard this summer. Prayers for a bumper crop in haying also. We had to buy every stem of hay this past yr. We are now looking for pigelts also. We have a ample supply of bread coming in and pigs would love it.
Well Rob is now up so its my time ot move away from the computer. You all have a Blessed Sunday

Saturday, April 10, 2010

Spitting Snow

Yes I know its still April. Yes its very chilly out. But I want spring to summer. We had such a beautiful 2 weeks it s spoiled me,,, I want warm weather back. My bones didnt hurt so much either. Today I feel like I have been put thru the wringer. The wind is still blowing and its chilly in the house 58. Coffee is strong.
I am listening to Anthony wake up and coo and talk , the rooster is crowing letting me know he is up. Rob & Nick are still sleeping. I think its a great morning for some home made muffins or something runt he oven to warm it up in here. Rob will go down and start the furnace when he wakes up. I am tired this morning stay'd up to late watching movies of Little House last night and crocheting all by my self while every one else slept. Those movies are only movies I know but I would of loved to live in that era. I know the work was harder but at the end of the day you felt usually like you accomplished something. There wasnt the electronic stuff to get int he way of the kids learning. Kids actually went outside and played, they drank from the creek and pee'd outside some simple things that kids now a days look at ya and say yar right. Children were taught responsibilities,chores and manners. Kids think they have it hard now if they dont have every new game system the boys are still playing with a Nintendo 64 from how many eons ago.We dont have cable, yes I have my computer it is my only luxury. I can live without it, but i do enjoy it as a way to learn more about homesteading and preparing my families food for winter and different ways to make my farm better and more efficient. As summer comes I will spend less time on here and more time in the dirt and hay fields,practicing what I preach.
But for right now I do believe Blueberry muffins are calling to be made to go with some nice hot coffee. You all have a wonderful day And I will post pictures of my new goat later

Friday, April 9, 2010

knitting lessons today

Today Anthony and I went to Tilton and taught 3 wonderful children how to knit and crochet. I think I learnt more than they did. We got to spend a wonderful day away from the farm all day.
Tomorrow we go pick up a new wether goat. Cant wait, he is suppose to be really friendly, the people just dont have time for him any more.

The other weather today has been rainy all day. I hope it clears off tomorrow we have to go get another load of bread from the thrift store in Tilton.

Not alot to write about since I wasnt here all day, but wanted to check in and say Hello.

We'll have pictures tomorrow of the newest bunnies and the goat.

Have a wonderful night

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Horses,Goat & Rabbits & Chickens are enjoying the warm weather also.
Daisy the goat is starting to look pretty shabby. I need to find out from goat experts do I comb her out, does she get sheared. She has beautiful kinky curly hair.She use to be just black and white now her black on her back has turn light brown tanish. So if any one knows what i am suppose to do with her let me know.
Chickens are enjoying being out in the pen even if it is small it got them out side. They will have a bigger pen when they get moved to the new house.
Not sure what I am doing today. It is overcast here hate to get busy out side and have it rain,since I have Anthony. I should go clean the rental so it is done for the next renters when ever they might be in.
Need to do more laundry here and get it hung out so it can air dry. Laundry on the clothesline always smell so much better than dryers.
Have to go out and do chores shortly also, tired this morning,I was wide awake at midnight. Now I am tired and woke up with a headache.
Tomorrow morning is all set I get to go teach 3 little kids how to knit. I am excited and nervous. They are home schooled and they do some really neat stuff and they want to knit.
Thinking about a pork roast today and with the oven going i could do more baking i have a bunch of bananas screaming to be made in to bread. Maybe that will be todays recipe.
I guess i have put off working long enough. You all have a splendid day and enjoy what ever you are doing.

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Warm Wednesday

Its suppose to be 83 here today. Lets hope it is.
We had a very loud and house shaking thunder storm last night, I thought it was going to take my house right off its foundation. Needless to say I didnt sleep well after that. The day has begun with my hip and right knee aching so I know the weather is changing.

I have a busy day ahead, a meeting for Nicholas and his day program for another yrs service agreement, then off to pick up my side kick Mr. Anthony. He has been with his mom since Friday and its time for gramma to have him again. I need my baby fix.

I did alot of work outside yesterday. I made a small but nevertheless chicken pen for them to get outside, 1 so I can clean out their pen and they wont run to the door and 2, some of them were babies last fall and have never been outside.
The new chicken house is going up on my second lot along with the cow barn and pig pen(which is already there) so the chickens will have a bigger pen and more area to get out side and play and peck around. Did more raking up and cleaning up yesterday knowing baby was going to be here and I love to just spend time playing with him so I work really hard when he isnt here to allow that to happen.

Need to see the man who allowed us to put our cows in his pastured area last year. To make sure it is still ok for this year.

Rob & his boss are going to be doing some logging up the street and when their done their coming down here to finish logging here and making my pasture for the horses and cows. It will be nice when its all done (finally).
Need to pick up seeds this weekend, so I can get some things started and figure just what and how big of a garden we are going to need. Going to have one with a friend and they have a big family so this will help them also.

Well time is a wasting and I have to finish chores and get ready for Nicks meeting at 8 . So you all have a great day and I pray you have sun shine.

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Recipe Pennslyvania Dutch Meatloaf

1 1/2 cup ground beef
1 cup bread crumbs
1 medium onion,chopped
1 medium green pepper,chopped
1 8oz can or tomato sauce,divided
1 egg
1 1/2 teaspoon salt
1/4 teaspoon pepper
3/4 cup water
2 tablespoon brown sugar.packed
2 tablespoon prepared mustard
1 teaspoon vinegar

Combine the first 7 ingredients, using only half of the tomato sauce in a bowl and mix well.
Shape into a loaf and place in shallow baking dish
mix the remaining ingredients with tomato sauce and pour over the top

Baste several times during cooking

Bake at 350 for 1hr 15 minutes

Tuesday April 6th

Today is chilly here on the mountain compared to yesterday at this time.
The dishes are about done and Nick is ready for his day program,Rob is already at work.

I have a few errands to run this morning and go to the bank, need to keep the lights on. Well I dont care if they stay on but I dont have a generator to run my freezer and 3 are full so i will stay friends with the grid this month.

Have more rabbits coming this afternoon. Need to find cages for them also. I have a alot of baking to do and will start a new batch of Amish friendship bread starter,see if I can keep the cats off the counter this time.

Bread,pineapple upside down cake and I was going to make chocolate chip cookies but maybe I will make donuts instead.

Lamb chops for supper with cole slaw and salad. We now are officially trying to loose weight, my husband has decided he needs to loose 50#'s. I will do my part and try to cook healthier meals for him with less sugars and snacks for him. I still need to loose 20 so its a good incentive for us both.

I am hoping you all have a great day and I will post more later, just running short on time this morning and need to get time cards turned in to get paid for it.

Have a Blessed day

Monday, April 5, 2010

What a wonderful day

Today started out early like usual. I had lots of energy, for I got 8 hrs sleep. Which by the way never happens. I got alot done, I cleaned the rental house, did all their laundry. Came home,did some ACO work. Went to Jenness Farm an wound up at least a 1000feet of electric fencing wire times 3 strands . Its free as long as I did the work. I did. I have the scratches and cuts to prove it. That took along time. But I found the coolest thing to wind wire up on,, I got it at the hardware store, its for electric cords, ya know the big thick extension cord. It worked slick.

Came home did more of my own laundry and cleaning here. made sure everyone had enough feed and water for the day. left and did shopping and dropped off a secert gift( thats should be surprise gift) receiver knew something was coming just not what.

Came home and did more cleaning around here and then left again on another ACO call. These ACO calls keep coming in I might actually earn a pay check. LOL

Now its supper time, I have had craving for shaken bake chicken and stuffing, rice, spinach casserole..yum yum making pumpkin pie also. Been a long time since I had this oven going,,going to make up for it tonight.
Headed to make me a big glass of ice water with lemon and do some cooking.

you all have a great night. See ya in the morning

Wonderful Monday

Weekend has ended and this week will be full of work and clean up as our beautiful weather continues. Alot got done. Rob fixed the water line to the horses and gave them a new watering tub with a valve float so now their water stays fresh. I restrung the old clothes line and have done loads and loads of laundry all weekend. There has to be a floor under all this some where. We got 2 loads of bread from the bread store and the boys unwrapped it all and put it in barrels for me.
Rob & I clean the outside cow pen. Its amazing how much it built up over the winter. Lots of good fertilizer. Now I have to clean their barn out this week. Poor chickens are only partially done. They are top of the list this week also.
Today i have to clean the rental,tried last night but the last renters were still there. Do some ACO work and make rabbit cages. Go to Marks and wind up electric fence wire he gave me.

Happy we finally got the gas a stove moved over to the new kitchen, no more cooking on a hot plate. We havent had to burn the wood stove in almost a week so I cant cook on it if its not going. Funny how that works.
But for right now I am drinking my first cup of coffee and figuring what i am going to give my husband for lunch, its almost time for him to get up

I pray you have a wonderful day

Sunday, April 4, 2010


John 11:25 Jesus said to her: "I am the Resurrection and the life. He who believes in Me, though he may die, he shall live.
11:26 "And whoever lives and believes in Me shall never die.

John3:16 "For God so loved the World He gave His only begotten Son, that whoever believes in Him should not perish but have everlasting life.

As you celebrate Easter in what manner you do, may your day be Blessed with family and love and Blessings of all kinds
For me and my family we celebrate the life of Jesus and what he gave for us.





Saturday, April 3, 2010

Chores & children

I have been wondering about chores and children today. My boys today seem to have a problems with chores. I know its beautiful out side,(hint--chores are done outside). No matter what i ask of them today they seem to wander off and hide. Now first let me explain for those of you who dont actually know me, my boys are almost 13 and 30(mentally 10-15). Ok Last night as I left to go do what I needed to do, I explain to them how and showed them what I expected with emptying the bread from the barrels and putting plastic in trash and where and how to put bread. Now i showed them so i was figuring pretty much hands on, in English they should of gotten it. LOL no clue when it came to what to do with empty barrels, how about just move them out of your way. Hello- any one home. boy I was glad to be leaving.
I got back home about 2 hrs later and found out they got tired shortly after I left and came in the house and got something to eat...NO NO NO-- chores then eat. Animal depend on us to feed them.....#1 rule animals eat first. So I explain this morning as they both sat at the breakfast table since they didnt finish their chores from last night there was NO BREAKFAST until it was done.
Strange looks i did get, but both got up and went to the barn and finished what they were suppose to do last night. They took their sweet time for 2 boys that were so hungry.

Rob and I did alot of yard work today and I expected the boys to help do what they were physically able to do. Robbie was given instruction on what he was expected and Nick he was also. By the time I was done both boys were playing with tractor(toy) in the dirt out behind the back porch,, out of sight of mind deals. NO NO NO. Working farm needs working hands, more hands make light work.
Do your children have chores?
Do you pay your children an allowance to do chores?
I dont give these guys an allowance per say because one the dont willing just get up and do stuff and usually it has to be done several times before its done right. And if and when they need something above and beyond they get it.
Just wondering today thats all

Waiting for Daylight

Good Morning. Have ya ever sat around and had to just wait for day light before you could do anything. Miss Purrs-Alot got me up at 4am. Which on a normal day is great,but today and Saturday and I really didnt need to be up at 4 today. See Rob is home today and we are working some more here and baby Anthony is at his mom this weekend and it was my day to sleep in..LOL Joke is on me. This cat is a stray I picked up last week. Friendly oh my gracious you cant convince me this cat doesnt belong here. She is in your face friendly and always wanting attention. So at 4 this morning I finally gave in and got up since she wouldnt leave me alone as I was really trying to stay asleep.
So I have sat here in the dark with just the light from the computer on for 2 hrs waiting for day light. Any extra letters or symbols you might notice that I dont catch is because she is helping me type.LOL not much help she doesnt know how to spell.
Day light now is coming over the mountain and and now I can see outside. We are remodeling my old clothes line this weekend,today to be exact so I can finally get laundry caught up. So many blankets that need to be washed and hung out. We dont have a dryer and in the winter I use to hang them over the stove but now my ceiling is missing not sure what will happen next yr.
but today it is going to be in the 80's here and what wonderful weather for laundry. We I am hoping will get the basement stairs turned around so I can use them again and would like to bring in the new-old kitchen sink to set it up and position it to see where it will actually go.
Lots to do. all the windows and doors will be open shortly ok several hrs from now but if its going to be 80 this house will have a air flow going thru it.
The boys after breakfast will go back to the barn and finish the job they didnt do last night as i have to go back to Tilton today and get another load of bread and need my buckets.
Took pictures of the boys (horses) on the hill yesterday with no snow around them. My monsters. hopefully next month the cows can go back to the pasture of a friend. Rob needs to talk to him and make sure it good for this year, it was a Blessing last yr to have a nice place for them to go and we didnt have to worry about them,plenty of feed and it kept his field down also. Only 3 to go this yr as we put 3 in the freezer. Still looking for another milker. I can milk Dot but right now the calves who will be a yr in July are both nursing and she is letting them. I miss my Jersey cow though. Still have 4 more bunnies to pick up this will make us 8. need to get 2 more but thinking breeding them will give me two more so why buy any more. Dah!!!
I miss not having babies this yr on the farm,first time in 9 yrs. but we had to do what was necessary for the farm and feed wise for the other animals.

So not much going on here other than working on the house this weekend and making the clothes line.
I pray you all have a wonderful day and weekend. And if you celebrate Easter have a wonderful day and remember Easter isnt about the bunnies,eggs, its about the Cross and Jesus.
And for my friends who dont believe just have a great weekend

Friday, April 2, 2010

Good Friday

What a wonderful day. The sun is shining,we are suppose to be in the high 70's today.
Today is a gorgeous day we have the windows and doors open. Time for some heavy spring cleaning. So many little critters in the house all winter and now fresh air is flowing thru,,Believe me cleaning in detail is in order.
Blue the rabbit got moved back to the barn along with 2 others I picked up yesterday. Now for Charlie the ferret, what to do with him??? Fix the dog kennel door where Stray the metal tooth dog can stretch the links straight and get out of it, I think a small pig panel fence door ought to cure that problem.

Brought home a load of bread from the thrift store yesterday if I dont get a chance to unwrap it today the boys will tonight.
Laundry is in order today, since the sun is beautiful. Need to build a new clothes line,, ya know the 4 post wooden kind that will hold a few loads of laundry. Not the cheapie charlie kind that you put 4 pr of baby socks on and it bends and twist.

Have my beans soaking already for beans for tomorrow nights supper. Need to hunt thru freezer to find a ham for Easter Dinner.

I am really hoping tomorrow to total clean the chicken coop,maybe get them more of an outside pen area to be in since its turning nice until we move the big chicken house up back.

Well my work isnt getting done sittng here and my old bones are telling to get out in the sun.

You all have a super wonderful day

Thursday, April 1, 2010

April 1st-- already

Wasnt it just a few short weeks ago it became 2010??? The snow has gone for the most part the weather is warming up nicely. I know, its only April and here in NH we could still get a Blizzard,shhhhh I didnt say that.My doors are all open today what a refreshing day after all the rain. By this weekend we are suppose to be in the low 80's..thats right low 80's.

Picked up 2 bunnies today and will move Blue back to the barn today also, its warm enough now. I have 4 more mini rexs coming and a free one i think. I just need babies on the farm. None of our big animals will have babies this yr. I do need to find a Hereford or belted bull to breed Dot and I will have a baby for next year.

I want to post pictures and every time I do they always go to the top of the page I cant get them to stay between lines. Any help out there?????

Going to take pictures of my Glenwood cook stove and place it on craigs list. I still will get another one, it needs to be smaller as remodeling wont allow the space for the bigger one. Have to do what i need to to make walking easier for Nick also.

I really need to get busy and move the stove and frig into the newly in the process of remodeling kitchen so Rob knows where to hook things up.

Going to my moms tonight for supper as she is leaving to move back to Fla tomorrow morning.
The sunshine is calling my name. So enjoy your day and i am praying you are having good weather also.