Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Warm Wednesday

Its suppose to be 83 here today. Lets hope it is.
We had a very loud and house shaking thunder storm last night, I thought it was going to take my house right off its foundation. Needless to say I didnt sleep well after that. The day has begun with my hip and right knee aching so I know the weather is changing.

I have a busy day ahead, a meeting for Nicholas and his day program for another yrs service agreement, then off to pick up my side kick Mr. Anthony. He has been with his mom since Friday and its time for gramma to have him again. I need my baby fix.

I did alot of work outside yesterday. I made a small but nevertheless chicken pen for them to get outside, 1 so I can clean out their pen and they wont run to the door and 2, some of them were babies last fall and have never been outside.
The new chicken house is going up on my second lot along with the cow barn and pig pen(which is already there) so the chickens will have a bigger pen and more area to get out side and play and peck around. Did more raking up and cleaning up yesterday knowing baby was going to be here and I love to just spend time playing with him so I work really hard when he isnt here to allow that to happen.

Need to see the man who allowed us to put our cows in his pastured area last year. To make sure it is still ok for this year.

Rob & his boss are going to be doing some logging up the street and when their done their coming down here to finish logging here and making my pasture for the horses and cows. It will be nice when its all done (finally).
Need to pick up seeds this weekend, so I can get some things started and figure just what and how big of a garden we are going to need. Going to have one with a friend and they have a big family so this will help them also.

Well time is a wasting and I have to finish chores and get ready for Nicks meeting at 8 . So you all have a great day and I pray you have sun shine.
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