Thursday, April 8, 2010

Horses,Goat & Rabbits & Chickens are enjoying the warm weather also.
Daisy the goat is starting to look pretty shabby. I need to find out from goat experts do I comb her out, does she get sheared. She has beautiful kinky curly hair.She use to be just black and white now her black on her back has turn light brown tanish. So if any one knows what i am suppose to do with her let me know.
Chickens are enjoying being out in the pen even if it is small it got them out side. They will have a bigger pen when they get moved to the new house.
Not sure what I am doing today. It is overcast here hate to get busy out side and have it rain,since I have Anthony. I should go clean the rental so it is done for the next renters when ever they might be in.
Need to do more laundry here and get it hung out so it can air dry. Laundry on the clothesline always smell so much better than dryers.
Have to go out and do chores shortly also, tired this morning,I was wide awake at midnight. Now I am tired and woke up with a headache.
Tomorrow morning is all set I get to go teach 3 little kids how to knit. I am excited and nervous. They are home schooled and they do some really neat stuff and they want to knit.
Thinking about a pork roast today and with the oven going i could do more baking i have a bunch of bananas screaming to be made in to bread. Maybe that will be todays recipe.
I guess i have put off working long enough. You all have a splendid day and enjoy what ever you are doing.

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