Wednesday, March 31, 2010

things are looking up

Anthony posing on the new stairs, of course spike and the cat had to get into the picture. When finished the railing will be white birch logs and not sure what the top hand rail will be, I just know i love them and cant wait for the next project which is the kitchen to get started

Safe Trip Sami

Sami and her gram Sami and Anthony the night before she left for Texas

Today is a sad but happy day. hard to explain, my youngest daughter left this after noon for Texas. The first of my grown children to move away. this momma hasnt cut the apron strings, just added another piece of elastic, so the string stretches just a little bit further. A good friend drove us to the airport, as where standing there her flight is delayed for another, ok delay on this end isnt bad she is still in NH. we finally watch her round the corner to a place a mothers heart sinks,(out of sight) and we leave. She calls me not more than 15 minutes later her flight on the other end is delayed an hr. Ok thats a hr she will be alone in a city she doesnt know. ok calm down,, she wont leave the airport, she is 21, she is responsible, to bad i am her mom its my job to worry. I come home watching the clock, thinking ok if she left at this time and it takes this long,,how come she hasnt called yet????/ the phone rings, its my Sami, mom is was great,, i got to sit next to the window,, I was the water and dolphins,, Mom your right its like looking at a map. Ok child is excited mom is missing her already,,, cheer up sound excited for her.....

I am really proud of her,, dont get me wrong,, i am happy she has chosen to do something with her life she wouldnt get to here. She is getting to see stuff I wont ever see. As I am sitting writing this I am watching the clock,, time change in Texas, what time will she actually land??I wont sleep til i get the call she is safe and sound and in Fawns care....Her dad just called waiting to hear that she has landed safely
reach for the gold Sami, you can achieve anything you set your mind to
Forever loving you
PS,, she has landed safely, now i can breath

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Rain Rain Go Away

My Anthony is teething today and just wants grammas totally 100%

Rain Rain Go Away come back during gardening and flowers, hay season when we need you the most. The rain has melted all my snow but has cooled everything else off. Today i had to start the wood stove agin to take the damp chill off the house, especially since Anthony is here. We dont need him getting sick.

My stairs are done. I got to sleep in my bed last night,simple pleasure for a simple farm girl. Rob and our friend Tom got them set last night and Rob did a great job on the treads and getting them on. I wanted the rustic look. I live in my house its not a show place, you dont take your shoes off,you'll end up with dirty socks. I have 4 dogs and 5 cats a rabbit and ferrett that share this place and I just get teh small animals to wipe their paws when they come in. When done the house will have all new insulation an windows ,doors. No more taking 12 cords of wood to heat a 28 x 30 house. we had a inside wood furance installed last week to help witht he pipe freezing int he basement and the amount of moisture that is down there also. My walls are cracked and have been and now the frost and water have damaged them to the point they have to be fixed. Should of been done 7 yrs ago but never had the time always something else took importance. Now we get to fix everything.

I love my new stairs Rob has finally finished the treads and risers. They look great. I am getting my rustic,Little house on the prairie looks. The railings will be white birch small trees for uprights on the railings. Going to put in a large spruce beam tree across the opening between the rooms. Will post pictures once its done. I am sure it wont be til summer. The kitchen sink will hopefully start getting worked on, have to build the whole counter to fit the sink,as I have the ole fashion heavy cast iron sink. One step at a time.

The rain is making it so dreary today. I need to do laundry but clothes line outside says things just wont dry til maybe Thursday. Wondering what to have for supper? I would like a nice corn chowder maybe some corn bread. Have to run it by the boss.

I guess I really should get busy I have put all my chores off long enough.
You all have a great day and I pray your having a dry day

Friday, March 26, 2010

Finally Friday

Its been a long week here on the mountain. from freezing weather to pure rain and back to 60 degrees yesterday and freezing again this morning. This is great pneumonia weather. You dont know how to dress it could be freezing in the morning and by noon your roasting your p-tooty -off. today is another chilly morning here. Channel 9 weather say 38 today, burr after 60 yesterday, send me back the 60. boys are getting ready for their day. Robbie goes back to his mothers for the next 5 day. (relief for my laundry pile), Nick is going to a friends house this weekend. Anthony is with his mom. I have no children this weekend. We are suppose to finish hooking the thermostat up to the furnace and move the stairs again. This weekend is NH Maple Producers weekend and sugar houses all over the state are open, I think the local one is offering maple flavored cotton candy. That one sound to good to miss. Cotton candy of any flavor is a good thing to me. Like I need more sugar. Been spending time going thru my cook books. All the recipes look and sound good, need to finally pick a few and type them off.

What are you doing this weekend, anything exciting????

Today after chores and cleaning the rental I need to go pick up my bunnies I have bought, 2 of them anyways. 4 more next week or as soon as I get cages. I love rabbits, these have been hand raised which will working to my petting farm I want this summer. Sad my goat didnt take was really hoping for a new baby here. Since this will be the first in 9yrs I dont have baby pigs. This fall will be different once I get my barns all done and situated to where their going to be and stay I will be able to have my rabbits,goats and would love a few sheep. I want to learn to spin so much. Goats for milk and to make soap. looking into buying another jersey cow so i can have milk for the farm and butter. Milk at the store is so expensive. I wouldnt mind paying the price so much if I knew it was going back to the farmer but it isnt. About May we ought to be able to start planting if everything thaws finally.
Setting up sewing room again,have to rearrange everything since I was given a beautiful antique bed and bureau and I put it in there also. Need to get busy on stuff to put in my shop once that also get cleaned out and finished. Alot to do around here once the weather finally breaks and stays warm.
So what are some of the projects you'll be doing this summer? How much bigger is your garden going to be from last yr? What are some new items you plan on planting?

Well I suppose I need to get busy and go do chores. you all have a wonderful day.

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Day has begun

My day has begun. Theres not much I can do out side yet its still dark. Listening to these dogs try to play and growl at each other. The 3 little ones now are trying to play with Stray who is a yellow lab x chow. He thinks he is a lap dog, maybe he is for some one with a bigger lap than mine. He got his name from just that being a stray and me as ACO not having the heart to take him to the pound. Nummer than a pet coon. Doesnt know sickem. But I guess he is a keeper. Right now he is trying to be a under my desk dog,, nope not happening he will tip it over.I guess Rob is headed to work today. Loggers are tired of not being able to work. The road bans need to get lifted here soon. These guys have done all the maintenance they can do. 3 weeks in the shop and their going nuts.
Today i am flying solo as my baby has gone back to his moms. I have alot of work i can do so since it is suppose to be in the 60's i guess me and the chicken coop will be friends. I need to build me some rabbit cages also.
Headed to another farm who is selling out and picking up fence panels and water tubs this morning. After i guess I will clean the rental. awh maybe I need to clean the rental before I clean the chicken coop.
Hows everyones sour dough starter doing. I have re start mine, cat on counter jumping away from the dogs didnt help my bowl out.

Well time for me to get busy,, you all have a great day

Monday, March 22, 2010

Good Monday Morning

I know I have been very lazy in writing lately, SORRY. But you see last week we had most wonderful weather for us here in NH in March. Most of my snow is gone and after this rain we are suppose to get it all should be gone.
I really cant wait to get into dirt, to design my raise beds and play in dirt. Going to figure out today just what I need or want for seeds. About May I ought to be able to plant.

As many of you know and I had so many Happy Birthdays yesterday was my 50th birthday. I am not sure what "50" is suppose to feel like, but I'll take it. I am looking forward to another 50. This time I am in control and I have grand children and grown children to share it with.
I did have a great day got to visit with new friends and received alot of nice stuff.

Today will be busy making donuts right now and will post that recipe later. I have to go to another farm and pick up water tubs for animals and pig panel fencing. Then go to my grand daughters and give her , her birthday gifts. And this all needs to be done before it starts raining.. I have alot of setting up to do in my craft room, I was given a beautiful antique bed and bureau yesterday and lots of collectible stuff. Lady has wonderful taste in old and farm country stuff and she shared alot with me. I was very blessed. Now to go thru it all and find places for it and give away what i cant use and give it forward.

Well its time for me to get busy and as time allows tonight I will share what I did today. What exciting adventures I get into.

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Proud of Samantha

This is my youngest daughter Samantha,, she got her high diploma today after struggling with home schooling courses in English to get enough credits to graduate.
We are very proud of her, she has worked hard at this for a long time and finally got it done.
March 31st she heads to Texas to explore a new lifestyle and many advantages she wouldnt have here. Culture shock for sure as we live in a town of 1200 thats with the summer people. She has also aspired to reach for the stars, and now she is going for her gold ring. reach High Sami and keeps your eyes to heaven and you can do anything you set your mind to.
We all love you dearly and will miss you as much. But we know you need to make a change for your self and we want you to grow to be the best possible person you can be. I am always here for you night or day, 24/7 Just because your grown and moved up and on doesnt mean you are not my Little Samakins
Keep you faith I know thats in side you
Love you forever
As parents we watch our children grow up, some faster some slower than others, We only want the best for them and sometimes it US who have to cut the Apron strings not the kids

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

The Smells and Sounds of Spring

The weather is beautiful here this week, Suppose to be in the 60's, yes thats right the 60's. Cabin fever is kicking my butt, I want to get out side and play in the dirt. To start my gardens, to plant flowers. just to be out side no jacket, no bundles of clothes. To take Anthony for a walk and not have to bundle him like a Eskimo.
Our snow is melting as I watch the rocks appear on the pasture it shows me slowly spring is around the corner. My driveway is muddy but not bad yet. I will take the mud over feets of snow any day.
The horses are in the top pasture they are glad the snow is melting, the first couple days they walked on top the snow it was so hard now as it melts they are going threw.. was checking my goat yesterday I have a feeling she isnt, bred. She is fat but hasnt bagged up at all. And by now she should be bagging and showing signs of being pregnant. So much for having babies any thing this spring. Although I have bought 4 mini rex bunnies and they are being hand raised, well get them at Easter time. I use to have 100's of rabbits, but the dogs ,owls and birds have done a number on them. Now to get some back to go with the petting farm I want this summer.
Children love to pet bunnies. I need 10 so each grandchild can say one is theirs. Looking into getting more chickens also. Would like to have a egg route, like the old fashion milk route.
Any way to make money at the farm is worth the effort to me. Its my job so I have to treat it as such.
Today is a busy day going to visit a friend this morning for awhile. Picking up hay and changing over a crate for a dog for some one special. Tonight is my first planning board meeting so I need to be ready for that before 6pm.

Not sure whats todays recipe will be. I have already post the boil dinner and everyone will already have their corn beef and cabbage. Some thoughts --any one?????
Any one know if you can glue marble? I had a beautiful marble pastry board til the other day when the dogs chased the cat and it broke as it hit the floor. I have had it for years and of course it just wasnt a corner it split in a curve right down the middle. Would love to find a way to fix it,, it s what I do my breads and pies on and was suppose to be part of the counter in the new kitchen. Ok the sun is shining and I have several loads of laundry to hang up, before I get out of here.
You all have a wonderful St Patricks Day

Monday, March 15, 2010

Recipe--Venison Heart


1 Deer Heart
5 strips bacon
2 cups tomato juice
2 cups water
1 bay leaf
1/2 tsp sweet basil
5 cloves
pinch of cinnamon

Place tomato juice,water,and spices in the bottom of a steamer kettle.
Put Heart with bacon strips over it in the top of the steamer .
Cover tightly and steam slowly for 3 hours or until a fork can be inserted in the meat and comes out easily.
Chill the heart thoroughly, then slice thin an serve cold. Strain the broth liquid and use it a as a base for your Venison stew.

We like our Heart hot, I let it set for a few minutes after cooking it and slice in thin pieces and serve it as the meat for the nights meal or make sandwiches out of it

Blustery in the 8.5 acre woods

Mr. Wind is still showing his ugly head around here. The rain has stopped for a minute any ways, but the wind sounds like it is taking the front of my house off. The snow is melting, which is a Blessing. Didnt do alot yesterday went to Tractor Supply to see about some floor mats for my truck. Not paying 30.00 for cheap piece of rubber.
Need to try to split some more of this wood that is in basement. I hurt my back and arm yesterday, sledge hammer kept hitting the ceiling, not enough room for me to swing it. Hoping the weather continues to get nicer, I am out of wood except for about 50 pieces of Ash. It needs to be split so it will give me more pieces. I have cut my usage down to under 15 pieces of wood a day. So every three chunks I split is my days worth of wood. When Anthony isnt here I keep it cooler to make up for days when he is. As the snow goes in top pasture I can go up and get some wood off the pasture and dry it and burn that.
Worked quite a bit on a new afghan yesterday, trying to get some things done for the farmers market when it opens this yr. Have to make money where I can, have bills to pay like everyone else.

My Nick had a rough weekend again, stayed in bed all weekend, just wanted to sit and do nothing. Glad he has a tv in there at least it keeps his mind busy. Not sure whats going on with him, acts depressed lately. Hopefully once the weather gets better I can get him out side and get some sun and move around more.

Not sure what I am doing today, I have plenty of laundry to do. Still to cold to sew down stairs. Probably do some cooking today since the stove has to be going and crochet. Would love to have 5 afghans done to put out at the first farmers market. Still have lap quilts done from this past winter that didnt sell at Christmas. Need to get busy on my homesteading license to be able to sell bake goods. I know alot of people do it with out the license but the fines arent worth trying to do it with out it.

Well sitting here going thru cook books and trying to find ole fashion recipes for you.

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Recipe- Amish Friendship Starter

Ma's Sourdough starter. The Little House series is perhaps the best chronicle of early pioneer food on the prairie. In the By the shores of Silver Lake, which takes place in the Dakota Territory, Laura Ingalls Wilder tells how Ma made her own sour dough starter. Ma would put some flour and water in a jar and let it stand, uncovered, until it captured yeast from the air and it soured. from this, she would make a sponge that would become the basis for the breads and biscuits and pancake. every few days, she would feed the starter with flour and liquid. Before packaged yeast and factory milled fours were available, these sourdough breads made from a sponge starter were the norm. they required a long rising time and had a spongy chewy texture from the hand-milled grain and natural yeast. today such breads are making a come back as artisan breads. After a century or so the time and labor- intensive everyday breads of the great Plains are back in fashion..




Day 1. With a whisk or a wooden spoon mix 2c. flour the luke warm water and yeast thoroughly in a glass or ceramic bowl Let it sit, uncovered, on the kitchen counter: do not refrigerate

Day5. stir the yeast and flour mixture with a wooden spoon. Stir in 1c flour,1 c milk, and 1 c sugar. Stir well. This is called Feeding the starter.
Let mixture sit on counter uncovered. Do not refrigerate

Day 9. Stir mixture and add remaining 1c flour,1 c milk,1 c sugar. Stir Well. Let mixture sit, Uncovered on kitchen counter, Dont refrigerate

Day 12. Ladle 1 cup starter into a container and freeze, freeze for safe keeping( incase you forget to feed your starter and it expires) Ladle the rest of the starter( you should have 7 cups) in a large container with a lid and refrigerate,covered until you wish to use it.

Begin by removing 1 c starter: reserve this cup to use in a recipe or to give to a friend. Add 1/4 c sugar, 1 c flour, 1 c milk to the remaining starter in container. Stir well to blend and return container to refrigerator.(The starter will be ready to use again- as it will reach sourdough point in 4-5 days)


Note: If bacteria takes over the starter and and takes on a pink color and smell offensive ,, throw it out.

Listening to the Wind

Sitting here enjoying my coffee I am listening to the sounds around me. Have you ever just STOPPED and listen to your home? Ok I'll wait while you do. Listen to the noises around you. What do you hear?First right now the fan on my computer kicked on, then the wind is blowing alot, the crackle of the wood stove is a comforting sound. I can sleet bouncing off my window.
The scanner is going with emergency calls, once in awhile the dogs or a cat will run across the floor and i can hear their nails. The battery in the clock is getting low, I can hear the ticking noise. Those are the noises in my home this morning. With all that noise, we dont hear most of it most of the time, it is just there and we pay no attention to it. What about the things or people in your life you just automatically know their there and you pay no attention to? Do you have any of those. I think we all do. Not sure why I am having a mushy day. Just thinking of my family and whats around me I take for granted and shouldnt. There should be nothing in our lives we take for granted. Once you stop appreciating things you dont notice them any more.
Ok enough deep thoughts.

Today will be a inside working day. The sleet and rain out and wind blowing means wont be spending much time outside. Only long enough to do chores.
Good day for some sewing and crocheting my the fire something homey feeling. Started a new afghan the other night tried crocheting last night , I thin I got 2 rows before I was lights out.
This is going to be using just left over yarns up , I have a big bag my momma gave me, I love making scrap afghans with no pattern or suggested colors, I let God decided how it will look.
I probably will move my rocking chair over next to the wood stove and just sit and relax and crochet today, do a little laundry and hang that up over the stove and put on Sunday dinner, roast in the roasting pan and that can cook on the stove also. I am thinking before all this i am going to make some starter. Starter is Amish friendship bread starter i use for alot of things. I will post the recipe as one of todays recipes. I have been trying to sit and figure what I am going to grow this yr in the garden that will yield the most of what we use alot of and ole fashion down home cooking stuff we can gain from it. I know we go thru alot of beans , whether I bake them or in chili which is one of Robbies favorites, so Vt cranberry beans or dried beans will be a big thing, we use alot of corn,and string beans, onions and potatoes. I want to make all our own spaghetti sauce this yr also, tomatoes will be a top ten also. Being able to see my lawn this week has gotten me into the planting mood. Ok I know it will be several more months before I can plant but I am going to start seeds this week.
What does your family use alot of, what do you plant? I know one of my daughters has asked this yr for some ole fashion piccalilli and home made pickles. I have alot of work to do to get gardens built and ready for planting. I want to get berries planted also. We are suppose to bury the basement this yr, one to make it warmer in the house and basement and two it will give me more space to have raised beds for gardens. I want so much to grow what we need. Every yr I get a little closer to the home shopping (pantry) and further away from the store shopping. Looking in to canning more an drying more instead of freezing, to be able to cut out the freezer electric bill. I want to be off the grid in 5 yrs. that is my goal. i am tired of paying the light bill and seeing most of my bill be line charges and strand charges and taxes, and see i use very little but and taxes for just having the line to my house. When over half my bill is a tax of some sort, its time for a change.
Well I guess I have ramble here long enough. I will dig up the friendship starter recipe and post that. You all have the most Blessed day possible, stay warm and safe and Never take life or any one in it for granted.

Missing Anthony and all my grandchildren,today is my grammas Birthday

Good morning my dear friends. I am sorry for neglecting my writings. Life has kept me busy for the past few days. My precious grandson has gone back to his moms so I sit here writing with out the wonderful distraction of trying to help me type, or pull things off my desk, chewing on the wrist pad. Simple things that makes up my mornings. I miss them very much. Funny how something so little impacts your life so much. A little tiny bundle that started out at 4 lbs has grown to a wonderful little boy whom every one who meets him adores him. He adds such life and laughter and joy to my house, when he isnt here it seems very empty. I sit and look around at all the toys and clothes, jumpy swing,his play pen and they are empty also. Yup I miss Anthony this morning. He was gone for 3 days and I only got to have him here for 1 before he went back so I didnt get my gramma fix. I thought I was over the need to have a baby around but Anthony has changed that again, My other grandsons the 2 oldest dont come over alot grammas house isnt fun, we dont have alot of the electronic games and dont live close enough to town to walk to a store or hang out with friends. I miss Damion and Derek alot they may not think so but their gramma worries about them and says a prayer daily for them. My Andrew is a cutie, he goes to school, I am hoping this summer maybe he can come over for a few days so him and gramma can spend some time together, I am proud of Andrew and how far he has come in going to school and growing up to be a really good boy. Those are my grandsons I have 4. My granddaughters, First there is Deanna, my special birthday gift 12 yrs ago. She looks so much like her mom, she is beautiful, she is my sewing buddy. Then Miss Audrey and beautiful little girl who is growing up before my eyes, a perfect image her mom and dad. Sweet little lady, gramma makes her prairie dresses, and she loves crafty things.Miss Hailey is a wonderful big girl I should say, she'll tell ya she can do anything and will try. She talks older than her yrs, for a almost 8yr old you can sit and have a conversation with her and she knows what she is talking about, a beautiful young lady, who like to come with me, I need to spend time with Miss Hailey so we can do baking. Then we have Miss Emma who almost made me a another birthday present, she was born 3 days before my birthday almost 5 yrs ago. Tiny and beautiful, she has the most gorgeous long hair and loves all things girlie, she will come to grammas pretty soon since she doesnt go to school yet she can come up any time, we will do crafty stuff. Then comes my Abby, spit fire and full of energy. A tiny little thing with more energy than 6 kids. She can make you laugh so hard you sides hurt, loves to snuggle, Abby will come to grammas also but Emma has to come with her,Abby says so.,Then we have Our Easter surprise almost 2 yrs ago, Miss Faith decided she wanted to share Easter with us, A tiny little bundle when she was born has grown into quite the little girl, she is just starting to come to gramma now and not be scared, she is learning to talk and be independent, she has a beautiful smile and the cutest hair , her mom puts it in pig tails and they stand up, her smile is adorable ,she also missed my birthday by 2 days, I have 3 grand daughter on each side of my birthday and on one it.
I miss and love all my grand children the same. I guess today has gotten to me because I miss my gramma, today is her birthday and thinking about her made me miss my grand children and I just needed to talk about them all and tell them how much I love each and every one of them.
so Damion,Derek,Deanna,Audrey,Andrew,Hailey,Emma,Abby,Faith and last but not least Mr. Anthony, always remember how much gramma loves you. Never doubt i will always be here to listen if you have problems, help you when you need a hand, hug you when your down and love you unconditionally.

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Recipe of the day--Spinach Casserole

one of my childrens all time favorite --even those who dont like spinach

2 pkgs frozen chopped spinach
1 can cream mushroom soup
1 c. mayonnaise
1 1/2 c. shredded cheddar cheese ( your choice on color) I like white
2 eggs
2 Tbsp. minced onions
1/2 c. bread crumbs ( we like flavored ones)

Heat and drain spinach (WELL). Mix all ingredients together in a casserole dish. Top with bread crumbs, Cover with foil - or cover and bake for 45 minutes at 350. remove cover last 10 minutes to brown crumbs a little

No Complaints

Ever had one of those days where it was so nice out? Today is beautiful here in New Hampshire. the sun is just prefect for melting the snow. The animals all are basking in the sun shine. The horses are still in the top pasture and eating their hay in the sun by the big tree. Daisy the goat is laying down eating her hay, and the cows are chewing their cud. I dont have Anthony today so I have open all the windows and doors to allow the fresh air to flow through. Still need the stove going slightly because i have to cook on it later, but I have cleaned it out and the wood it just going enough to say so. I have split wood this morning, and am in the process of doing laundry. My drying rack as old as it was finally gave out, so that was my kindling wood to restart the stove.Was going to the rental to clean but believe i will do that tomorrow since i really want to clean here today and pick up outside as the snow melts, things just seem to appear.

Not much else going on, we are having a pork roast for supper with potatoes and sauerkraut, some vegetable not sure what yet.

Looking thru cook books wonder what to post. So many choices. But will figure it out shortly, need to go change laundry over now and get out in the sun, may even ramble by my sewing room while I am down there and talk to my sewing machine I know it misses me.

Have glorious day, and in everything give thanks

Monday, March 8, 2010

Glorious Day

The Boys Sunday afternoon in the top pasture enjoying the sun.
Isn't it amazing how sun can change ones attitude towards
everything. With all the Snow and storm we had last month I was
really getting cabin fever which isnt odd for this time of year just
odd for me. But in the past week the weather has warmed
everything up, the sun has just been so wonderful and as I watch
the snow melt I look forward to spring. I am excited about warm
weather. Looking so forward to getting my hand in dirt. No
manicured nails for this kid, down right dirt and callouses from racks and shovel handles and axes oh dont forget my favorite splitting wood.. Getting Anthony outside and watching him play for the first time in the dirt and feel grass and watch the face. Simple pleasures. Have ideas for a split rail fence along my driveway and having sunflowers and wild flowers grow along it Now to convince Rob NOT to plow it over in winter time. I want a hitching post out front, something i have always wanted hitching post and water trough, just like the old days. Of course I dont have many people pull into my driveway on horse but hey ya never know. I cant wait to see my farmers porch on the fronts with morning glories growing up the front, wont that be beautiful as the morning progresses to see the flowers open up and by afternoon the fade away til the next day. Lots of vegetables to plant and berry bush i want to put in. Lots of stuff I have plans for now I just need the snow to GOOOOOOOO BYE BYE.

Not sure what we are having for supper, last night we did have fried chicken and home made french fries, pineapple upside down cake for dessert.
Well today is to nice of a day to sit here so i believe I will take my grandson and go out side and enjoy our animals. You all have a Blessed day and enjoy Life to the fullest and dont forget the simple things in life can bring you the greatest pleasures

Sunday, March 7, 2010

Recipe---Northern fried chicken

This recipe produces a very crisp fried chicken that can be easily reheated.

2 frying chickens , cut up
(4 drumsticks,4 second joints,4 wings,
4 breast pieces,4 back pieces- use a cleaver)
cooking oil
2 eggs beaten
pinch of powdered garlic or tarragon
2 cups flour

Wash and dry chicken pieces. Pour flour into a paper bag. and season with salt and pepper,garlic or tarragon. Beat eggs in a bowl. Shake chicken pieces separately in paper bag, dip in egg mixture and then again in flour mixture. Replenish flour and egg mixture as needed.
Mean while heat 4 inches of oil in a heavy pot or Dutch oven. When oil is hot enough to brown a piece of bread instantly (350-370), put chicken pieces in pot 1 or 2 pieces at a time.
Cook until golden brown on all sides and turning once (8-10) minutes.
line a baking tin with paper towels. Place chicken on paper towel as not to touch each other.When all pieces have been browned bake in oven that is pre heated to (250) for 1-2 hrs or until done.

To reheat place chicken in paper bag and heat through in low heat (200) oven

Myself I dont bake in oven. I par boil my chicken for 15-20 minutes to cook it( til no pink) in a rolling boil, then follow the rest of the directions as stated.

one of our favorites

Saturday, March 6, 2010

The Sun is bright

Here is what we are having for supper plus a pot of bake beans which I couldnt get a picture of yet.

What a glorious day out. The sun is shining so bright. Hoping for a nice warm day. Lots of things planned to do and outside is involved in all of them.

Just put the ham on to simmer all day so the stove really doesnt have to go hot just enough to keep temperature up and house warm enough for baby. Rob is outside running the tractor cant see from here what he is doing since i move the computer out of the window. Amazing the cats and dogs dont have to lay on my key board any more. No sun shining on it for them.. Just put the clothes drying rack on the porch so I am going to hang laundry outside today if I have to string lines from the trees..

This morning was a simple blessing Anthony enjoyed our toast and coffee (well I had coffee) in the peace and quiet of the sun rise while everyone else missed it, because they were sleeping. Nothing better to warm a heart than to hear a baby talk and giggle first thing in the morning. I made our favorite toast cooked right on top of the wood stove, who needs a toaster not us. He sat there saying mmmmmmmmmmmmm. Best thing ever. Going to have me a country boy yet

Deanna says she is my country girl, Hailey says she will be my country girl when she can come over more which was really cute. Hailey is cute she tries so hard to be like her sister and she just needs to be Hailey because we love her just the way she is. maybe this summer I can have the girls over to help plant the garden and take care of animals, I bought 4 bunnies from a friends, their not even 8 weeks yet. They will be for the girls to take care. Deanna asked me last week for a bunny for her birthday which is in 2 weeks. So a friend had 4 so I told her I would take all 4 so Deanna,Hailey and Faith will have the 3 girl bunnies and Anthony will have the little male. I already have Blue who belongs to my other granddaughter Emma. Need to get me a big female and breed Blue with her so I can give Abby and Andrew and Audrey bunnies also. But I am sure they will all stay at grammas house so thats a good thing for the petting farm I want this summer.
Cant wait for spring to get here because then warmer weather is close behind. I plan on starting some seeds this week. i have done good this year and didnt jump the gun so to speak. Usually I get cabin fever and start them in Feb so by now they are to tall and by the time they get in the ground their almost dead, so I waited this year. having Anthony to keep me busy has help with cabin fever and being bored.

The warmer weather will be nice so i can get back down stairs and sew. I have been doing alot of crocheting because its to cold for Anthony in basement in my sewing room.

I have done 5 loads of laundry since last writing, every time I leave this chair Rob take sit so it takes me a while on weekends to finish a posting. I have cleaned my sewing room so its set for baby to come down stairs with me when its warm enough.

The sun is just beautiful and such a refreshing feeling. Needed some sun. touch of spring. Oh yes and mud season which really is NH first season of the yr since Winter actually start in December of the previous yr. LOL

Well I am headed out side to spend some time with my animals and take Anthony outside. You all have a wonderful day and I pray you are having sun shine also.

Thursday, March 4, 2010

Beautiful day

This is Mount Cardigan. This was my view from my mailbox Monday morning. the sky was just so Blue it caught our attention. The mountain was blanketed with a soft white and the ice on the trees sparkled as the sun hit them
I love this time of year. every day we get a few more minutes of daylight. Just a month ago I struggle to see the mail box at the end of the driveway as Robbie waited for the bus. Today at 6am its bright and didnt even need the head lights on. Came home after dropping Rob off at the log truck and did chores first thing. Was such a blessing not to have to wait for it to be light enough to see. The weather is warming up the center ridge of snow in my driveway is actually melting. I am so happy. Anthony is in a great mood today I woke up with him looking at me over the rail of his crib. What a way to wake up to a smiling face. Lots to do today wont get everything done have to go get Robbie at 1pm to go to a dr's appointment for 2 in Plymouth. 2 weeks of vacation and we have apptment during school. Cant figure that out.Need to clean the rental today if I dont finish I can do it tomorrow also. I wish my clothes line was up I would love to hang some clothes out side. The weather is suppose to be in the 40's all weekend. Boy I hope so.

I did post a few recipes since I seem to run out of engery by the time I get to write this at night. So grab the chance this morning.

Would love some input on things you would like to hear about , learn, things you want me to share????? Anything. Sometimes I feel like I am rambling and dont want to bore any one.

Well right now I must get busy and do laundry and clean while I wait for Nick to leave.

I hope you have a great day

Recipe- Chicken Casserole with stuffing topping

My family enjoys this casserole dish.

Chicken Casserole with Stuffing topping

1 c. cooked chicken cut in to chunks
1 can drained french style green beans
2 cans cream of celery soup
1/2 c milk
1 pkg Stove top stuffing or a stuffing of your choice

Heat soup and milk on the stove until they are well blended. Add chicken,and string beans and mix well. Place in a casserole dish. Fix stuffing according to the package or use home made stuffing your choice. Place stuffing on top of the chicken mixture and bake at 350 for 45 minutes


I love making this pizza, my kids growing up always asked if we were having momma pizza when pizza was mentioned for supper.

1c. very warm water
1 pkg. dry yeast
1 tsp. sugar
1 tsp. salt
2 1/2 c. flour
2 Tbsp. oil

In a large bowl, blend water,yeast together. Add sugar and salt. Mix Well. Add oil and flour. Mix about 20 strokes. set aside, let dough rise about 10-12 minutes. Oil hands well Spread dough on to your pizza pan or large cookie sheet


1 c. of your favorite pizza sauce
1/2 lb. sausage -crumbled
1/2. hamburger- crumbled
1 c. mushrooms
1 sm. onion sliced thinly
1/2 c. sliced green pepper
2 c. shredded Mozzarella cheese

Spread sauce over the dough, sprinkle with 1 c of cheese and add your favorite toppings.Finish with 1 c cheese bake at 350 for 20-25 minutes

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Wednesday March 3rd,2010

Today started as any other, knew nothing spectacular was going to happen today. Got up at 4a.m. thats not unusual, came down made sure coffee was going. Made Rob's lunch, he had brought home the truck last night which meant I didnt need to get Anthony up to drive him down to the truck where ever it might be parked. At 5:45a.m. I received a phone call to tell me to come get my hay earlier than 7a.m. which was fine becuz Anthony an I were just sitting around waiting to leave. Went down bought 20 bales of hay which should only last me 4 days, but it was great to get it so close to home. Walking around talking to the gentleman who sold me hay "Mark" he asked me about some stock panel and round pen panels that he had made into a great looking fence for his cows to use as a run in and out in the winter time. He wants to sell them. Of course general conversation, how much what comes with it, by the time I was done i was so happy, getting a complete round pen set up which will be made into a long outside winter pasture for the horses, 2 water and stock tanks all for $300.00 and he will wait til next month for the money. What a total Blessing and total unexpected out come to just going to buy 20 bales of hay. Your a sweetheart Mark. I really needed everything you asked me about. This yr the horses have spent the winter in what was the barn and garage combination and they are so bored they're chewing everything in sight. Next yr they will have a pasture for winter and be able to get out everyday when they want to.

Came home unload the hay, drove Nick to the end of the driveway since his aides cant get in here becuz someone hasnt plowed yet, but its melting which is a help. Took Deanna around today and got her all registered for school she starts Monday she is so excited. came home and cut and split more wood. Brought Anthony outside with me while I split it, he laid in the stroller and watched drinking his bottle. Donne all night chores, have a load of laundry going. Hamburger is thawing for cheese burgers for supper. Suppose to have a Historical meeting tonight but I cant reach Rob on the phone so guess not going Got eggs boiling for his lunch tomorrow and for the potato salad to go with cheese burger. Robbie is here tonight, he has appointment tomorrow at 2 so that means I clean rental in the morning and get that ready for Fridays renters.

I have to get my quilt block done for a quilt contest I enter, needs to be in Ohio by March 15th. There lots of fun never win but have a good time doing them, want to know about what it about check out Its a great family of people there.

So now i am cleaning eggs we got today and picking things up waiting for supper. Need to post todays recipe. Will do that after supper once Anthony lays down. I hope you all had a blessed day and Thank whom every you believe in for it.

God Bless


aka simplefarmgirl

Monday, March 1, 2010

Welcome March in like a lion

The winds of March are showing they have arrived.Watching the snow swirl around my driveway lets me know I am not going out and shovel today I will just have to deal with hauling Nick in and out.

His aide tried this morning and couldnt make it in past the very end. Such is life.

There is still alot of people in NH with out power we have been some of the luckier ones, we still have and didnt loose it.

Rob feels better this morning which a Blessing, he was sick in bed all weekend, Nick didnt feel well either Saturday and rest all day yesterday. Today Anthony is teething so I believe thats the reason for his crankiness. He just laid down for a nap now its time for me to get busy.

Today a turkey is headed to the wood stove to slow cook all day, cant wait for the smell to begin. Theres just something about a turkey cooking that is comforting and relaxing.

Lots of laundry to do but only so much room to hang it up so a few loads at a time.

Rearranging the kitchen and living room again so the state can not saying thing about Anthony being here, he will have enough room to play and grow

Todays recipe is bread, been looking thru all my book and always come back to 2 favorite cook books

1st is Favorite New England Recipes and the 2nd one is Prairie Home Cooking. Do you have a favorite cook book?

I know growing up my mom use to make some real cool stuff, one of my favorite is Brown Bread, steamed in coffee cans.

so todays choice is BROWN BREAD


1 cup rye flour

1 cup yellow corn meal

1 cup graham flour

1 teaspoon salt

1 teaspoon soda

3/4 cup molasses

2 cups sour milk

1 cup raisins

Mix and sift the dry ingredients. Dissolve the soda in a small amount of water and stir in molasses. Combine with the sour milk, then mix into dry ingredients. flour the raisins and add to the batter. Mix thoroughly and pour into two completely greased molds filling 2/3 full -- no more as it rises and you dont want it to over flow . We used coffee cans.

Cover tops of can with tin foil and tie down with string tightly. So bread doesnt force top off as it rises.

Place cans on a rack in a kettle of boiling water which only comes up half way of the can. Cover kettle and steam for 3 hrs adding more boiling water as needed. Use a string to cut bread, serve with butter or your favorite jam.

This isnt the recipe my mom uses but its close, along same idea. Going to make some later in the week to go with beans on Saturday night, right now a turkey has my name on it.

Hope you enjoy the day stay safe and warm