Friday, March 26, 2010

Finally Friday

Its been a long week here on the mountain. from freezing weather to pure rain and back to 60 degrees yesterday and freezing again this morning. This is great pneumonia weather. You dont know how to dress it could be freezing in the morning and by noon your roasting your p-tooty -off. today is another chilly morning here. Channel 9 weather say 38 today, burr after 60 yesterday, send me back the 60. boys are getting ready for their day. Robbie goes back to his mothers for the next 5 day. (relief for my laundry pile), Nick is going to a friends house this weekend. Anthony is with his mom. I have no children this weekend. We are suppose to finish hooking the thermostat up to the furnace and move the stairs again. This weekend is NH Maple Producers weekend and sugar houses all over the state are open, I think the local one is offering maple flavored cotton candy. That one sound to good to miss. Cotton candy of any flavor is a good thing to me. Like I need more sugar. Been spending time going thru my cook books. All the recipes look and sound good, need to finally pick a few and type them off.

What are you doing this weekend, anything exciting????

Today after chores and cleaning the rental I need to go pick up my bunnies I have bought, 2 of them anyways. 4 more next week or as soon as I get cages. I love rabbits, these have been hand raised which will working to my petting farm I want this summer. Sad my goat didnt take was really hoping for a new baby here. Since this will be the first in 9yrs I dont have baby pigs. This fall will be different once I get my barns all done and situated to where their going to be and stay I will be able to have my rabbits,goats and would love a few sheep. I want to learn to spin so much. Goats for milk and to make soap. looking into buying another jersey cow so i can have milk for the farm and butter. Milk at the store is so expensive. I wouldnt mind paying the price so much if I knew it was going back to the farmer but it isnt. About May we ought to be able to start planting if everything thaws finally.
Setting up sewing room again,have to rearrange everything since I was given a beautiful antique bed and bureau and I put it in there also. Need to get busy on stuff to put in my shop once that also get cleaned out and finished. Alot to do around here once the weather finally breaks and stays warm.
So what are some of the projects you'll be doing this summer? How much bigger is your garden going to be from last yr? What are some new items you plan on planting?

Well I suppose I need to get busy and go do chores. you all have a wonderful day.
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