Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Rain Rain Go Away

My Anthony is teething today and just wants grammas totally 100%

Rain Rain Go Away come back during gardening and flowers, hay season when we need you the most. The rain has melted all my snow but has cooled everything else off. Today i had to start the wood stove agin to take the damp chill off the house, especially since Anthony is here. We dont need him getting sick.

My stairs are done. I got to sleep in my bed last night,simple pleasure for a simple farm girl. Rob and our friend Tom got them set last night and Rob did a great job on the treads and getting them on. I wanted the rustic look. I live in my house its not a show place, you dont take your shoes off,you'll end up with dirty socks. I have 4 dogs and 5 cats a rabbit and ferrett that share this place and I just get teh small animals to wipe their paws when they come in. When done the house will have all new insulation an windows ,doors. No more taking 12 cords of wood to heat a 28 x 30 house. we had a inside wood furance installed last week to help witht he pipe freezing int he basement and the amount of moisture that is down there also. My walls are cracked and have been and now the frost and water have damaged them to the point they have to be fixed. Should of been done 7 yrs ago but never had the time always something else took importance. Now we get to fix everything.

I love my new stairs Rob has finally finished the treads and risers. They look great. I am getting my rustic,Little house on the prairie looks. The railings will be white birch small trees for uprights on the railings. Going to put in a large spruce beam tree across the opening between the rooms. Will post pictures once its done. I am sure it wont be til summer. The kitchen sink will hopefully start getting worked on, have to build the whole counter to fit the sink,as I have the ole fashion heavy cast iron sink. One step at a time.

The rain is making it so dreary today. I need to do laundry but clothes line outside says things just wont dry til maybe Thursday. Wondering what to have for supper? I would like a nice corn chowder maybe some corn bread. Have to run it by the boss.

I guess I really should get busy I have put all my chores off long enough.
You all have a great day and I pray your having a dry day
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