Sunday, February 28, 2010

OUR HOUSE Feb-2010 snow storm

This is what our house an yard looks like right after 5 days of snow. I am about tired of winter an praying for spring.Hey at this point mud season looks good. Of course the loggers dont want mud season they still want frozen ground sorry guys. They ought to be posted the weight limit signs shortly on the roads, then Rob wont be able to bring the big truck home unless he is empty.
Really starting to get cabin fever, wanting to play in dirt, pull weeds, be scared of snakes right now evens sounds good. Cant wait to go haying and feel the hot sun on my skin. Praying this hay season goes better than last yrs. I cant afford 100.00 a week just for hay next yr. Theres alot to do around here, still working on inside of the house, had to tear out walls and insulate, there wasnt a whole lot any where. i guess we did it in time for the roof because it was starting to rot pretty well. It cost alot of money to insulate but still cheaper than an new roof plus insulation. We put in new doors and window in the front. Dont get to use my front door yet, no steps, first one is a doozie. Praying everything goes right this summer and i will finally get my farmers porch off the front and my inside done at least the main floor, I get some counters and cup boards back.
Theres alot to do in the pasture and for the animals. The cow barn after a spell will be turned in a shop for me. the cows will have a new pole barn up on top lot. Hoping the water get fixed for that not hauling garden hoses 200 -300 feet at a time. Horse wont be in the big building any more either they will have their own run and pasture for winter, their tearing my big building apart being so bored. Chickens are getting the big closed in porch off the back of the house its being moved up on top lot also, so no animals will be down here this coming yr, they will all be in one area. oops dont for get my goats, they'll have a little barn also. Pigs are only going to be raised in the spring and summer slaughtered in fall right now, until feed prices come down cant afford to feed a bunch all winter also. Hoping the cows get to go out to the same pasture we used last yr, they did wonderful, need to talk to the gentleman about it. It work great for us. And it was a few months of not worrying about feed for them.
Today is Sunday and things are still pretty quiet int he house right now, of course that wasnt the case all night I had 2 people sick and throwing up. Rob and Derek both were sick, not sure why, Nick was the night before. Baby and I got sick Friday night but I thought it was from bad ice cream if that possible. So today is going to be a heavy clean and scrub down day around here. Everything is getting washed and scrubbed.
They all will have a light breakfast, I am thinking maybe toast and eggs, nothing heavy.
Derek is my grandson who just turned 13 , 10 days ago. I dotn get to see him very often, my grandson are at the age, its boring to come to grammas, not alot of electronics and gagdets to play with. pretty much farmy stuff. Lots of crafts and stuff also. So the girls have a good time.
Yesterdays recipe was for a New England Boil Dinner one of my all time favorite meals, doesnt even have to be corn beef alot of time I use ham. So today will be for Red Flannel Hash.
Mix the leftover meat and vegetables from you New England Boil Dinner, chop coarsely, and moisten with a little cream. Bake in a iron skillet in melted butter for 40 minutes in a 350 oven or until nicely browned.
Turn out on to a hot platter and serve.
myself I usually chop coarsely and mix well, heat and iron skillet and fry in butter until golden brown and keeping turning over so it doesnt stick but has a little bit of crisp to it.
Hope you enjoy,,, now I am hungry
Have a great day, its time for me to put more wood on the fire and get the stove hot to cook poached eggs on toast.
God Bless and have a Blessed Sunday