Sunday, February 14, 2010

Happy Valentines Day

Happy Valentines Day to all of you who celebrate it. Happy Birthday to a few of my friends Ella,Tammy,Anje. Happy Anniversary to all of those who chose today as thier special day. Yup that means you Mark, 17 yrs ago in a blizzard, Glad were still friends. Missing you grammie MaClean you joined Heavens family one yr ago today. And to all you others out there that think today is just another day,and dont think you have anything to celebrate,, hello,, of course you do,,its a new day, its a gift. Dont waste it, Smile at some one you dont know, it might be the one thing that is postive in their whole day. Look in the mirror and smile back it might be the only thing positive in that persons day also. Your worth it. Feb 14th, means to me 6 more weeks til Spring. couple more weeks i can start my plants inside. Sitting here looking out my favorite window I am praying we get no more snow, the amount thats out there will melt nicely and wont take long and make getting the garden area done sooner. I know I am wishing for something that probably wont happen, cuz we usually get dumped on pretty hard in Feb-March. Can tell warmer weather is coming, I can hear the hair clippers going in the bathroom. Rob has had enough of longer hair,ok his longer hair isnt even 1 inch. Things arent moving very fast here on the farm this morning, baby is watching Winne the Pooh and i am only on my first coffee. Nick will be home later today , he spent a weekend away with friends.

It will be a day full of work since yesterday neither Rob or I really wanted to do nothing. What ever the baby has for a cold he is being so nice and sharing with his gramma.

I do know laundry and breakfast will be first 2 on the list. Breakfast would be nice as biscuits and gravy with bites of homegrown sausage and couple eggs on the side.

Well I started this blog this morning but have been side tracked. Rob and I and baby went to Home Depot and he bought me a new washing machine. I know updated new washer. What will I ever do with out all the hauling of water and draining into buckets to drain rinse water. LOL it will make life alot easier especially since i do have the baby and a 12 yr old that still wets the bed when he is mad at me or some one else i just usually am the one paying for his anger. Oh I wont get rid of my wringer ever, there are alot of thing my wringer will wash that a newer washer wont. I feel very Blessed today.

Nick came home and had a really good time with John and Belinda, he got away for the weekend. He had a great time went to ice races and his friend placed 3rd and gave Nick the Trophy. That was really nice of Mike.
He is tired went to bed at 7p.m. he has no day program tomorrow, so we will work and do cleaning in his room.

I have alot of cleaning to do in kitchen tomorrow also, baby is going to drs also, have to go buy more hay, horses are done with theirs, I was hoping it would last tileTuesday but no it didnt.

I guess today is almost over need to remake baby's bed, he has a new mattress today also.

Did stop and see my MOM today before she goes to Fla tomorrow, shes on vacation for 2 weeks. Enjoy MOM..

I hope you all have had a Blessed day whether you celebrated it as Valentines Day or just another day, c you all tomorrow