Monday, March 15, 2010

Recipe--Venison Heart


1 Deer Heart
5 strips bacon
2 cups tomato juice
2 cups water
1 bay leaf
1/2 tsp sweet basil
5 cloves
pinch of cinnamon

Place tomato juice,water,and spices in the bottom of a steamer kettle.
Put Heart with bacon strips over it in the top of the steamer .
Cover tightly and steam slowly for 3 hours or until a fork can be inserted in the meat and comes out easily.
Chill the heart thoroughly, then slice thin an serve cold. Strain the broth liquid and use it a as a base for your Venison stew.

We like our Heart hot, I let it set for a few minutes after cooking it and slice in thin pieces and serve it as the meat for the nights meal or make sandwiches out of it

Blustery in the 8.5 acre woods

Mr. Wind is still showing his ugly head around here. The rain has stopped for a minute any ways, but the wind sounds like it is taking the front of my house off. The snow is melting, which is a Blessing. Didnt do alot yesterday went to Tractor Supply to see about some floor mats for my truck. Not paying 30.00 for cheap piece of rubber.
Need to try to split some more of this wood that is in basement. I hurt my back and arm yesterday, sledge hammer kept hitting the ceiling, not enough room for me to swing it. Hoping the weather continues to get nicer, I am out of wood except for about 50 pieces of Ash. It needs to be split so it will give me more pieces. I have cut my usage down to under 15 pieces of wood a day. So every three chunks I split is my days worth of wood. When Anthony isnt here I keep it cooler to make up for days when he is. As the snow goes in top pasture I can go up and get some wood off the pasture and dry it and burn that.
Worked quite a bit on a new afghan yesterday, trying to get some things done for the farmers market when it opens this yr. Have to make money where I can, have bills to pay like everyone else.

My Nick had a rough weekend again, stayed in bed all weekend, just wanted to sit and do nothing. Glad he has a tv in there at least it keeps his mind busy. Not sure whats going on with him, acts depressed lately. Hopefully once the weather gets better I can get him out side and get some sun and move around more.

Not sure what I am doing today, I have plenty of laundry to do. Still to cold to sew down stairs. Probably do some cooking today since the stove has to be going and crochet. Would love to have 5 afghans done to put out at the first farmers market. Still have lap quilts done from this past winter that didnt sell at Christmas. Need to get busy on my homesteading license to be able to sell bake goods. I know alot of people do it with out the license but the fines arent worth trying to do it with out it.

Well sitting here going thru cook books and trying to find ole fashion recipes for you.