Thursday, May 6, 2010

Damp Thursday

New liter of Bunnies
Good morning from a very damp NH. I seem to have plenty of time to type this morning,my trusty sided kick spent the night at his moms. Do I miss him,,greatly and will be leaving in a few hours to go get him.

I woke this morning to the gentle sound of rain on the window panes. Rob has left for work and the house is quiet for a few more minutes as the boys dont get up til 6.

Sine i posted Tuesday we have had a liter of bunnies and they are all doing well. i need to have some one explain how to post pictures on here where they dont all end up at the top and as i write about something I can insert a picture. So if any readers could tell me how to do this i need to learn.

This after will be busy unless its raining really hard. Deanna my grand daughter has a soft ball game at Newfound at 3 and Robbie has a baseball game at 6. Robbie may just go back home with his mother, because at 6:30 I am suppose to call about picking up a pot belly pig name Wilbur from Beans and Greens in Gilford. He or she is free. It amazes me some times how some one can have a animal for yrs and really not know whether it is a boy or girl, this is the case with Wilbur. I was talking to the lady who has him and she made a comment well it might be a girl because she has nipples, ok, nipples are not gender specific. Males have them just as females, and she did not know this. So I will let you know the gender of Wilbur later. Also have checked in to 3 more goats, they are the same as Daisy, pygmey and angora. Now to have some one tell me how to take care of their hair. Those 3 are in Lempster. @ females and one wether, doing great adding to the flock ,, but not a MALE in sight or should I say in tact male.
Enjoying the sound of the rain. The hay will enjoy it also,gardens will drink it up and sprout nicely. In just 2 days the leaves have come out, everything is green and brightly color, fresh and new.
Well my boys are up and time for me to get busy and do chores now daylight has happened. Will get a bunch of house work done before getting baby back. I hope you all have a great day