Saturday, April 3, 2010

Chores & children

I have been wondering about chores and children today. My boys today seem to have a problems with chores. I know its beautiful out side,(hint--chores are done outside). No matter what i ask of them today they seem to wander off and hide. Now first let me explain for those of you who dont actually know me, my boys are almost 13 and 30(mentally 10-15). Ok Last night as I left to go do what I needed to do, I explain to them how and showed them what I expected with emptying the bread from the barrels and putting plastic in trash and where and how to put bread. Now i showed them so i was figuring pretty much hands on, in English they should of gotten it. LOL no clue when it came to what to do with empty barrels, how about just move them out of your way. Hello- any one home. boy I was glad to be leaving.
I got back home about 2 hrs later and found out they got tired shortly after I left and came in the house and got something to eat...NO NO NO-- chores then eat. Animal depend on us to feed them.....#1 rule animals eat first. So I explain this morning as they both sat at the breakfast table since they didnt finish their chores from last night there was NO BREAKFAST until it was done.
Strange looks i did get, but both got up and went to the barn and finished what they were suppose to do last night. They took their sweet time for 2 boys that were so hungry.

Rob and I did alot of yard work today and I expected the boys to help do what they were physically able to do. Robbie was given instruction on what he was expected and Nick he was also. By the time I was done both boys were playing with tractor(toy) in the dirt out behind the back porch,, out of sight of mind deals. NO NO NO. Working farm needs working hands, more hands make light work.
Do your children have chores?
Do you pay your children an allowance to do chores?
I dont give these guys an allowance per say because one the dont willing just get up and do stuff and usually it has to be done several times before its done right. And if and when they need something above and beyond they get it.
Just wondering today thats all

Waiting for Daylight

Good Morning. Have ya ever sat around and had to just wait for day light before you could do anything. Miss Purrs-Alot got me up at 4am. Which on a normal day is great,but today and Saturday and I really didnt need to be up at 4 today. See Rob is home today and we are working some more here and baby Anthony is at his mom this weekend and it was my day to sleep in..LOL Joke is on me. This cat is a stray I picked up last week. Friendly oh my gracious you cant convince me this cat doesnt belong here. She is in your face friendly and always wanting attention. So at 4 this morning I finally gave in and got up since she wouldnt leave me alone as I was really trying to stay asleep.
So I have sat here in the dark with just the light from the computer on for 2 hrs waiting for day light. Any extra letters or symbols you might notice that I dont catch is because she is helping me type.LOL not much help she doesnt know how to spell.
Day light now is coming over the mountain and and now I can see outside. We are remodeling my old clothes line this weekend,today to be exact so I can finally get laundry caught up. So many blankets that need to be washed and hung out. We dont have a dryer and in the winter I use to hang them over the stove but now my ceiling is missing not sure what will happen next yr.
but today it is going to be in the 80's here and what wonderful weather for laundry. We I am hoping will get the basement stairs turned around so I can use them again and would like to bring in the new-old kitchen sink to set it up and position it to see where it will actually go.
Lots to do. all the windows and doors will be open shortly ok several hrs from now but if its going to be 80 this house will have a air flow going thru it.
The boys after breakfast will go back to the barn and finish the job they didnt do last night as i have to go back to Tilton today and get another load of bread and need my buckets.
Took pictures of the boys (horses) on the hill yesterday with no snow around them. My monsters. hopefully next month the cows can go back to the pasture of a friend. Rob needs to talk to him and make sure it good for this year, it was a Blessing last yr to have a nice place for them to go and we didnt have to worry about them,plenty of feed and it kept his field down also. Only 3 to go this yr as we put 3 in the freezer. Still looking for another milker. I can milk Dot but right now the calves who will be a yr in July are both nursing and she is letting them. I miss my Jersey cow though. Still have 4 more bunnies to pick up this will make us 8. need to get 2 more but thinking breeding them will give me two more so why buy any more. Dah!!!
I miss not having babies this yr on the farm,first time in 9 yrs. but we had to do what was necessary for the farm and feed wise for the other animals.

So not much going on here other than working on the house this weekend and making the clothes line.
I pray you all have a wonderful day and weekend. And if you celebrate Easter have a wonderful day and remember Easter isnt about the bunnies,eggs, its about the Cross and Jesus.
And for my friends who dont believe just have a great weekend