Thursday, March 25, 2010

Day has begun

My day has begun. Theres not much I can do out side yet its still dark. Listening to these dogs try to play and growl at each other. The 3 little ones now are trying to play with Stray who is a yellow lab x chow. He thinks he is a lap dog, maybe he is for some one with a bigger lap than mine. He got his name from just that being a stray and me as ACO not having the heart to take him to the pound. Nummer than a pet coon. Doesnt know sickem. But I guess he is a keeper. Right now he is trying to be a under my desk dog,, nope not happening he will tip it over.I guess Rob is headed to work today. Loggers are tired of not being able to work. The road bans need to get lifted here soon. These guys have done all the maintenance they can do. 3 weeks in the shop and their going nuts.
Today i am flying solo as my baby has gone back to his moms. I have alot of work i can do so since it is suppose to be in the 60's i guess me and the chicken coop will be friends. I need to build me some rabbit cages also.
Headed to another farm who is selling out and picking up fence panels and water tubs this morning. After i guess I will clean the rental. awh maybe I need to clean the rental before I clean the chicken coop.
Hows everyones sour dough starter doing. I have re start mine, cat on counter jumping away from the dogs didnt help my bowl out.

Well time for me to get busy,, you all have a great day