Saturday, May 29, 2010

Glad for the Weekend

It has been a rough week here at the farm for me. No animals were the problem this week. finally on Monday I got to go to the dentist. Talk about self inflicting your self with pain.
I now have a anew smile and still am in alot of pain. The pain is easing but earlier in the week,didnt know if I could handle it. i have a beautiful black and blue along the whole side of my left jaw. So thankful the dentist didnt slip he would of broke my nose as hard as he had to pull and twist on my good teeth. Went back Tuesday for a check up to see how i was doing.. As the week has gone on the pain has lessen, I have been taken less pain killers, I noticed they didnt kill the pain, just took the edge off. Be glad to be able to eat again. Soup and pudding are my friend. But hey its a great weight lose program. I wish people had of told me how much pain was going to be involved so i could of been a little more prepared. But in the end it will be worth it, so I am told.
We did go get our farm stand last Sunday and have been putting baked goods on it all week. Today i will make up some trail mixes and and bake some more muffins,donuts and fudge,cookies. Its a long weekend and the weather is great so the hikers will be coming by.
We got the livestock trailer home and registered so the horses will be moving to a new pasture today. Now to find a place for my cows. The logging crew is coming in , in a few weeks and clear my pastures so every one needs to find new homes for awhile.

We have to bury Charlie the ferret today. i found him in peaceful sleep this morning. He was a rescue in January so I dont know how old he is or anything. So sad, he was a good friend and playmate for the cats.

I have to hill our potatoes today, my grandson Derek and I planted them in the water tub at the end o the driveway a few weeks back , they are doing great. Will get the rest of garden space done in the next few days I am hoping.

I am hoping you all have a super great weekend, and remember those who have given all so we have our freedom.

Friday, May 21, 2010

Rough ending to an already tough week

I enjoyed my first cup of coffee listening to my farm wake up. The sun was coming up and it was peaceful. Anthony and I walked around the yard saying good morning to every one. As i rounded the tractor trailer truck sitting in my yard, I notice something in the cow yard. To my horror there was a dead calf. A calf we had no idea was on the way, a adorable tiny little bull lay dead, where Dot had given birth to him. I ran back to the house telling Rob there was a dead calf in the cow pen, he thought I was totally out of my tree, Are you sure he said,,HELLO isnt my first time around the cows,, I do know a calf when i see one. YES I AM SURE. The only one that could of bred her was her own brother who in 2 yrs has never shown interest in breeding anything. And he was put in the freezer last November. What really bites is I had 2 vets here for 3 hrs looking at her 2 weeks ago trying to figure out what was wrong with her because she wouldnt get up.And they did every exam you can think of seems so they would of been able to tell she was at least 6 mos along. Nope not one word.This has been how my week has gone all week. My charming little dogs have killed 3 of my new rabbit, almost killed 2 more but i saved them and all 3 liters of new bunnies since my last post have died, the mothers chewed their legs off. Just plain gross. So my farm has been a very hectic place to be this week.
I was suppose to go to the dentist Tuesday and get my new teeth but that had to be cancelled due to court. So pray everything goes well and I get my new smile Monday. Been 15yrs coming, I just want the pain in my mouth to stop. I will probably gain 100 pounds once i can eat again. LOL.
Have I told you about Wilbur our new pot belly pig? i cant remember its been so long since I have taken a minute to catch up. He is so homely but adorable at the same time.
Tonight when Rob gets out of work we have to go pick up a new to us horse-livestock trailer, so tired of always asking to borrow one now we have one when we need it. He is in dire need of a set of stocks for shoeing the horses. Bob the horse just wont be good, Mike you could shoe him any where Bob is just the opposite,jumping and kicking he has broke thew set we have and no one seems to mill out oak any more so we can rebuild them.. We dont have a Mr. Yoder living next door to make us some. Brand new ones cost almost $700.00 down to Meaders in Rochester.The farrier comes next Wednesday, so I dont know what he is going to do. Well its 3:30 pm and I need to get the house picked up,now Anthony has totally destroyed my living room with his toys, wouldnt have it any other way.
Praying you all have a great weekend.

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Damp Thursday

New liter of Bunnies
Good morning from a very damp NH. I seem to have plenty of time to type this morning,my trusty sided kick spent the night at his moms. Do I miss him,,greatly and will be leaving in a few hours to go get him.

I woke this morning to the gentle sound of rain on the window panes. Rob has left for work and the house is quiet for a few more minutes as the boys dont get up til 6.

Sine i posted Tuesday we have had a liter of bunnies and they are all doing well. i need to have some one explain how to post pictures on here where they dont all end up at the top and as i write about something I can insert a picture. So if any readers could tell me how to do this i need to learn.

This after will be busy unless its raining really hard. Deanna my grand daughter has a soft ball game at Newfound at 3 and Robbie has a baseball game at 6. Robbie may just go back home with his mother, because at 6:30 I am suppose to call about picking up a pot belly pig name Wilbur from Beans and Greens in Gilford. He or she is free. It amazes me some times how some one can have a animal for yrs and really not know whether it is a boy or girl, this is the case with Wilbur. I was talking to the lady who has him and she made a comment well it might be a girl because she has nipples, ok, nipples are not gender specific. Males have them just as females, and she did not know this. So I will let you know the gender of Wilbur later. Also have checked in to 3 more goats, they are the same as Daisy, pygmey and angora. Now to have some one tell me how to take care of their hair. Those 3 are in Lempster. @ females and one wether, doing great adding to the flock ,, but not a MALE in sight or should I say in tact male.
Enjoying the sound of the rain. The hay will enjoy it also,gardens will drink it up and sprout nicely. In just 2 days the leaves have come out, everything is green and brightly color, fresh and new.
Well my boys are up and time for me to get busy and do chores now daylight has happened. Will get a bunch of house work done before getting baby back. I hope you all have a great day

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Sun-tabulouse Tuesday

The sun is great and bright, a good day for getting out side and feeding all those black flies that we all of a sudden have. Do these little sucker all come awake at the same time, May 1st and my house is loaded with black flies. April 30th I had none. Poor Anthony is going to have the softest skin going I keep loading him up with Skin so soft, I dont think they can bite him if they wanted to , they just sliiiiiiiiiide off. LOL
Alot to do today, baking this morning while it is cool in the house. Laundry,chores. After baking Anthony and gramma are going to make some garden spaces. Need to get some stuff planted.
We had babies yesterday, 6 new bunnies were born. So that means 3 more females will have them in the next week or so.
Not alot to talk about just checking and saying good morning to everyone.

Monday, May 3, 2010

Marvelous Monday

Marvelous Monday. I actually like Monday's. i hear so many people say awh its Monday, but Mondays to me are the beginning of me being able to do what i need to do with out all the hussle and bussle of every one else being around me. Anthony and I get more gramma and Anthony time. I get to take my time and enjoy my animals more. I get to get caught up on the things I had to put off during the weekend when everyone else was here, needing my attention.
This weekend i got 5 more bunnies I think I have let me see, Blue and Big Momma, Derek's Floppy eared Momma, 3 black ones, one white lion head I named Cotton, One new female lion head, 4 satins and 2 more over in the other barn, so how many is that 14 and counting. Just think couple weeks ago I only had Blue. I need to increase my layers, would love some bantams.

Still no luck with piglets. We are on a waiting list for the end of the month.
Had to have the vet here Thursday night my big cow wasnt doing so well. Not sure what was the problem she is up and eating and drinking now, which is a very good thing.
Still looking for a buck to breed Daisy for this fall and another female for Andy, hes a wether but he still needs a friend. Hopefully the cows and can go to pasture this week or next.

Havent done much with the gardens yet as just last week we got sleet,hail, and snow, Derek, my #2 grandson and I planted potatoes in the water tub at the end of the driveway. i guess i would rather have vegies to eat than pretty flowers right now.

Wednesday is Rob and my 3rd anniversary. As he said 3 days, 3 yrs, 30 yrs its all the same,,LOL guys...
Well I suppose i should really get busy, laundry needs to get hung out since I restrung my old clothes line and have been abusing it all weekend. Today feels like rain but thats ok. They will already be wet when i hang them out.
You all have a great day