Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Sun-tabulouse Tuesday

The sun is great and bright, a good day for getting out side and feeding all those black flies that we all of a sudden have. Do these little sucker all come awake at the same time, May 1st and my house is loaded with black flies. April 30th I had none. Poor Anthony is going to have the softest skin going I keep loading him up with Skin so soft, I dont think they can bite him if they wanted to , they just sliiiiiiiiiide off. LOL
Alot to do today, baking this morning while it is cool in the house. Laundry,chores. After baking Anthony and gramma are going to make some garden spaces. Need to get some stuff planted.
We had babies yesterday, 6 new bunnies were born. So that means 3 more females will have them in the next week or so.
Not alot to talk about just checking and saying good morning to everyone.
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