Monday, May 3, 2010

Marvelous Monday

Marvelous Monday. I actually like Monday's. i hear so many people say awh its Monday, but Mondays to me are the beginning of me being able to do what i need to do with out all the hussle and bussle of every one else being around me. Anthony and I get more gramma and Anthony time. I get to take my time and enjoy my animals more. I get to get caught up on the things I had to put off during the weekend when everyone else was here, needing my attention.
This weekend i got 5 more bunnies I think I have let me see, Blue and Big Momma, Derek's Floppy eared Momma, 3 black ones, one white lion head I named Cotton, One new female lion head, 4 satins and 2 more over in the other barn, so how many is that 14 and counting. Just think couple weeks ago I only had Blue. I need to increase my layers, would love some bantams.

Still no luck with piglets. We are on a waiting list for the end of the month.
Had to have the vet here Thursday night my big cow wasnt doing so well. Not sure what was the problem she is up and eating and drinking now, which is a very good thing.
Still looking for a buck to breed Daisy for this fall and another female for Andy, hes a wether but he still needs a friend. Hopefully the cows and can go to pasture this week or next.

Havent done much with the gardens yet as just last week we got sleet,hail, and snow, Derek, my #2 grandson and I planted potatoes in the water tub at the end of the driveway. i guess i would rather have vegies to eat than pretty flowers right now.

Wednesday is Rob and my 3rd anniversary. As he said 3 days, 3 yrs, 30 yrs its all the same,,LOL guys...
Well I suppose i should really get busy, laundry needs to get hung out since I restrung my old clothes line and have been abusing it all weekend. Today feels like rain but thats ok. They will already be wet when i hang them out.
You all have a great day
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