Thursday, April 29, 2010

Sun shiny Thursday

Well after yesterday any day is going to seem nice. Yesterday we went from rain to snow to hail,sleet freezing rain, which by the way what is the difference between sleet and freezing rain, arent they about the same.Charity and I travel to Lebanon yesterday so i could get my impressions done for my new teeth. Next week we go back for the wax impression,, kind of thought they would of done this all in the same appointment ,, hey what do i know,, I just dont want wood chuck teeth when I am done so a few extra trips work as long as my new teeth look good.
Today the sun is shining hopefully it will warm up a bunch more. Last night my 4 little bunnies decide to burrow their way out of their outside pen and get loose, which in itself isnt bad, until you figure in i have 3 little dogs who think chasing rabbits it the best thing in the world and like to show off their catch,, not a good thing for the rabbit or the dog. i have manage to catch one all ready 3 more to go. i set up a little area for them with lots of treats and the only thing eating the treats are the cats and the goats. Go figure.
So it is building rabbit cages day one day this weekend.

Still havent found any piglets ready to go, everyone will have plenty in a few weeks. But most are still asking 100.00 or more for a piglets, which is way to much.
Not doing any baking today, I guess its going to be errand day and cleaning and laundry, first need to go buy some my clothes line and hooks and add more lines to my sad clothesline i have remodeled several times and added braces and stuff just to keep it up for the amount of weight I put on it.
Still havent done anything with the garden, going to plant my summer garden here i think this coming week if weather permits. I love having things here that i can pick and use during the summer that doesnt interfere with the winter storage.To have a summer garden I better catch them bunnies or they will eat everything in sight. LOL

Going thru the meat bird catalog and going to try my hand at meat birds again this yr, but I will do the chores and care for them,, having a boy who really doesnt care one way or the other to being here ,, doesnt get your animals properly taken care of and if you dont baby sit the chores, you cant loose alot of money and animals real quick by depending on someone else.. So now i do my own chores unless a grand child is here that is really interested in learning, my stepson isnt,, he would rather play video games and do nothing at this point. He will be bored here we have no video games and no tv,, dont understand him some times,, he has tractors and animals, and land to build forts on and bikes to ride and he just isnt interested. Guess he will do alot of riding in the big truck with his father this summer.
I am looking to increase my chicken flock for layers also,, eggs sales are up and my girls cant keep up so time to add more workers to the job.
I do believe turkeys are on the list also, a few people have asked about buying a turkey in the fall so , going for 10 this yr and see how it works, maybe more next yr, if nothing else we will eat well.

Well I need to get busy while Anthony is down for his first nap. I pray you all have a safe and wonderful day
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