Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Been baking up a storm

The last couple days I have been in the mood for baking,deep frying anything. yesterday I worked all day on raised doughnuts, been years and Rob requested a banana creamed filled doughnut. He got what he asked for and 3 dozen as of last night are gone after snacking and ,breakfast and lunches made today. Also i made home made cinnamon rolls, those also are all gone but a few. Creme puffs went just as fast as I could fill them. Today I have made a chocolate mayonnaise cake, still probably not what Rob wants, I have tried over 20 recipes. Some day i will find the ones that matches the Grange ladies chocolate cakes from New Hampton, that his family use to buy as a kid. More doughnuts are rising. Making biscuits today also and more cream puffs. I love to bake and it shows.

We are having rain today which is better than what they are calling for a little further north of us,, their say a foot of heavy wet snow could fall, and imagine Sunday its suppose to be in the 80's. Crazy.
I do have the furnace going, dont want Anthony to catch a chill.
I have been doing alot of crocheting trying to get a head on things for the shop, if and when it ever gets going. I am hoping for this year but its starting to look like I might have to wait for awhile. I can build a farm stand easy enough but need a building to for the fabric and bake goods.
I just read my cousins Blog,, she has 12 new baby piglets, and they are so cute,, makes me sad i didnt get to have babies this year. But I have decided to have at least 2 sows this fall and breed them so I dont go thru the terrible time having to find piglets again. this year is rough.

Well I suppose i should get bust, Anthony is down for a nap and i can do a bunch of stuff while he sleeps ,,so i can play when he wakes up. You all have a wonderful day
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