Thursday, April 22, 2010


PIGGIES oh piggies, where might you be hiding this yr. I cant find you anywhere. I cant afford to mortgage the farm to get you either if I can find you.
Why is it when I was raising pigs, no one was looking for them. I take a yr off and no one has pigs. If you can find them people are asking such a high price for them its stupid.

I just want to feed my family not send some one on vacation by buying his piglets. I am on a quest to find 6 piglets. And after that on another to find 2 sows. I am headed back to the pigs business i guess, People cant afford the food,rent,mortgage and medicine now. How can people in their right minds charge so much when normal people are only trying to struggle and get by to put good food on the table for their families.

If any of my friends out there has piglets for sale and you dont want un-Godly prices for them let me know. Remember I am a farmer not a doctor,lawyer or any other high paying job. My farm doesnt offer insurance or health care, we are simple people doing a hard days work to provide quality food for our families.

On a brighter note, I go pick Anthony back up today, he spent the night at his mothers. I have Derek and Deanna here also. I guess Derek is headed back home this morning but Deanna is staying til tomorrow.
The sun is shining this morning I am praying it doesnt rain,, I have way to much laundry to hang out, need to add more lines to the clothes line to start with today.
I need to go pick up a load of bread also when I pick up Anthony. Tonight we have Old Home Day meeting I am in charge of the tractor show and petting farm,, need more animals to pet.

Well my day is wasting away sitting here so I need to get the lead out and get busy. You all have a super wonderful day
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