Saturday, January 23, 2010


OK, This has been 2 yrs in the making and still not sure if I have it right.
Things that have changed here on the farm in 2 yrs, my gracious where to start.
Sami has moved out and is now on her own.
We have a few more grandchildren since the last update.
We've changed so many animals its hard to say what we had compared to what we have.

Ok update on curent animals, Rob's pride and joys are BOB & MIKE the 2 Belgian draft Horses, they are beautiful animals, weigh about a ton a piece.
We have a big wagon we give rides with. They have had their pictures in the local newspaper during apple harvest time.
Then theres Daisy my pygmey goat, praying she is due this yr with her first kid. Cosmo was her buddy, but think he was in the manger with Jesus, thats how old he was. We had to lay him to rest a couple weeks ago. Seems to be alot of that going around here. My very first cow, i got as a day old calf we had to put down,(of down means freezer camp), she had doen something to her leg and couldnt walk or stand any more. that was rough on me. Casey was going to be 8yrs old and she was my Jersey, my milking cow. But now she provides the family with couple 100#'s of hamburger. After that the last of the pigs went to Freezer Camp also, along with the 2 orginal beef that were suppose to go. Now we do have 3 freezer full, which is a Blessing and a great feeling. We have added a dozen NH red chickens and a few commerical layers, So now people can say White Eggs are local eggs,,not just Brown eggs.

18mos ago I became the local animal control officer for my town and love it. cant understand how people can treat their aniamls the way they do.Thats ok they dont get why I care.

Since last update we have added 2 more grandchildren . We stand at 10..I would love to see this number stand at 10 for a long time.
Faith was born on easter morning 2yrs ago in March and my side kick that most of you that follow me on Face book or the Homesteading site is Mr.Anthony. You have watch him change from a helpless little peanut to a wonderful handsome little guy who will be one next month.

Rob has had several jobs driving truck for different people but really enjoys driving for the man he does now. makes life so much better when he likes his job. LOL can you relate at all?

Let see what else we are remodleing the house, this is the first time in 8yrs i dont have pigs thru the winter. Oh yes back to animals I for about Dot who was Caseys' first calf, we also have Jacob who is dots second calf, and Lucy who was Caseys 3rd so we still have 3 if your keeping track.

And are looking for piglets for spring , they are so hard to find around here, i know i use to be the supplier.
Well its getting dark and i have to dress Mr. Anthony and go pick Rob up. he has put in 12 hrs today and is tired.
So if I have done this right and it works like it is suppose I wont be so long in updating.
Have a Blessed night and stay safe where ever you are