Saturday, May 29, 2010

Glad for the Weekend

It has been a rough week here at the farm for me. No animals were the problem this week. finally on Monday I got to go to the dentist. Talk about self inflicting your self with pain.
I now have a anew smile and still am in alot of pain. The pain is easing but earlier in the week,didnt know if I could handle it. i have a beautiful black and blue along the whole side of my left jaw. So thankful the dentist didnt slip he would of broke my nose as hard as he had to pull and twist on my good teeth. Went back Tuesday for a check up to see how i was doing.. As the week has gone on the pain has lessen, I have been taken less pain killers, I noticed they didnt kill the pain, just took the edge off. Be glad to be able to eat again. Soup and pudding are my friend. But hey its a great weight lose program. I wish people had of told me how much pain was going to be involved so i could of been a little more prepared. But in the end it will be worth it, so I am told.
We did go get our farm stand last Sunday and have been putting baked goods on it all week. Today i will make up some trail mixes and and bake some more muffins,donuts and fudge,cookies. Its a long weekend and the weather is great so the hikers will be coming by.
We got the livestock trailer home and registered so the horses will be moving to a new pasture today. Now to find a place for my cows. The logging crew is coming in , in a few weeks and clear my pastures so every one needs to find new homes for awhile.

We have to bury Charlie the ferret today. i found him in peaceful sleep this morning. He was a rescue in January so I dont know how old he is or anything. So sad, he was a good friend and playmate for the cats.

I have to hill our potatoes today, my grandson Derek and I planted them in the water tub at the end o the driveway a few weeks back , they are doing great. Will get the rest of garden space done in the next few days I am hoping.

I am hoping you all have a super great weekend, and remember those who have given all so we have our freedom.
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