Wednesday, March 17, 2010

The Smells and Sounds of Spring

The weather is beautiful here this week, Suppose to be in the 60's, yes thats right the 60's. Cabin fever is kicking my butt, I want to get out side and play in the dirt. To start my gardens, to plant flowers. just to be out side no jacket, no bundles of clothes. To take Anthony for a walk and not have to bundle him like a Eskimo.
Our snow is melting as I watch the rocks appear on the pasture it shows me slowly spring is around the corner. My driveway is muddy but not bad yet. I will take the mud over feets of snow any day.
The horses are in the top pasture they are glad the snow is melting, the first couple days they walked on top the snow it was so hard now as it melts they are going threw.. was checking my goat yesterday I have a feeling she isnt, bred. She is fat but hasnt bagged up at all. And by now she should be bagging and showing signs of being pregnant. So much for having babies any thing this spring. Although I have bought 4 mini rex bunnies and they are being hand raised, well get them at Easter time. I use to have 100's of rabbits, but the dogs ,owls and birds have done a number on them. Now to get some back to go with the petting farm I want this summer.
Children love to pet bunnies. I need 10 so each grandchild can say one is theirs. Looking into getting more chickens also. Would like to have a egg route, like the old fashion milk route.
Any way to make money at the farm is worth the effort to me. Its my job so I have to treat it as such.
Today is a busy day going to visit a friend this morning for awhile. Picking up hay and changing over a crate for a dog for some one special. Tonight is my first planning board meeting so I need to be ready for that before 6pm.

Not sure whats todays recipe will be. I have already post the boil dinner and everyone will already have their corn beef and cabbage. Some thoughts --any one?????
Any one know if you can glue marble? I had a beautiful marble pastry board til the other day when the dogs chased the cat and it broke as it hit the floor. I have had it for years and of course it just wasnt a corner it split in a curve right down the middle. Would love to find a way to fix it,, it s what I do my breads and pies on and was suppose to be part of the counter in the new kitchen. Ok the sun is shining and I have several loads of laundry to hang up, before I get out of here.
You all have a wonderful St Patricks Day
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