Wednesday, March 10, 2010

No Complaints

Ever had one of those days where it was so nice out? Today is beautiful here in New Hampshire. the sun is just prefect for melting the snow. The animals all are basking in the sun shine. The horses are still in the top pasture and eating their hay in the sun by the big tree. Daisy the goat is laying down eating her hay, and the cows are chewing their cud. I dont have Anthony today so I have open all the windows and doors to allow the fresh air to flow through. Still need the stove going slightly because i have to cook on it later, but I have cleaned it out and the wood it just going enough to say so. I have split wood this morning, and am in the process of doing laundry. My drying rack as old as it was finally gave out, so that was my kindling wood to restart the stove.Was going to the rental to clean but believe i will do that tomorrow since i really want to clean here today and pick up outside as the snow melts, things just seem to appear.

Not much else going on, we are having a pork roast for supper with potatoes and sauerkraut, some vegetable not sure what yet.

Looking thru cook books wonder what to post. So many choices. But will figure it out shortly, need to go change laundry over now and get out in the sun, may even ramble by my sewing room while I am down there and talk to my sewing machine I know it misses me.

Have glorious day, and in everything give thanks
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