Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Wednesday March 3rd,2010

Today started as any other, knew nothing spectacular was going to happen today. Got up at 4a.m. thats not unusual, came down made sure coffee was going. Made Rob's lunch, he had brought home the truck last night which meant I didnt need to get Anthony up to drive him down to the truck where ever it might be parked. At 5:45a.m. I received a phone call to tell me to come get my hay earlier than 7a.m. which was fine becuz Anthony an I were just sitting around waiting to leave. Went down bought 20 bales of hay which should only last me 4 days, but it was great to get it so close to home. Walking around talking to the gentleman who sold me hay "Mark" he asked me about some stock panel and round pen panels that he had made into a great looking fence for his cows to use as a run in and out in the winter time. He wants to sell them. Of course general conversation, how much what comes with it, by the time I was done i was so happy, getting a complete round pen set up which will be made into a long outside winter pasture for the horses, 2 water and stock tanks all for $300.00 and he will wait til next month for the money. What a total Blessing and total unexpected out come to just going to buy 20 bales of hay. Your a sweetheart Mark. I really needed everything you asked me about. This yr the horses have spent the winter in what was the barn and garage combination and they are so bored they're chewing everything in sight. Next yr they will have a pasture for winter and be able to get out everyday when they want to.

Came home unload the hay, drove Nick to the end of the driveway since his aides cant get in here becuz someone hasnt plowed yet, but its melting which is a help. Took Deanna around today and got her all registered for school she starts Monday she is so excited. came home and cut and split more wood. Brought Anthony outside with me while I split it, he laid in the stroller and watched drinking his bottle. Donne all night chores, have a load of laundry going. Hamburger is thawing for cheese burgers for supper. Suppose to have a Historical meeting tonight but I cant reach Rob on the phone so guess not going Got eggs boiling for his lunch tomorrow and for the potato salad to go with cheese burger. Robbie is here tonight, he has appointment tomorrow at 2 so that means I clean rental in the morning and get that ready for Fridays renters.

I have to get my quilt block done for a quilt contest I enter, needs to be in Ohio by March 15th. There lots of fun never win but have a good time doing them, want to know about what it about check out Its a great family of people there.

So now i am cleaning eggs we got today and picking things up waiting for supper. Need to post todays recipe. Will do that after supper once Anthony lays down. I hope you all had a blessed day and Thank whom every you believe in for it.

God Bless


aka simplefarmgirl

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