Monday, March 1, 2010

Welcome March in like a lion

The winds of March are showing they have arrived.Watching the snow swirl around my driveway lets me know I am not going out and shovel today I will just have to deal with hauling Nick in and out.

His aide tried this morning and couldnt make it in past the very end. Such is life.

There is still alot of people in NH with out power we have been some of the luckier ones, we still have and didnt loose it.

Rob feels better this morning which a Blessing, he was sick in bed all weekend, Nick didnt feel well either Saturday and rest all day yesterday. Today Anthony is teething so I believe thats the reason for his crankiness. He just laid down for a nap now its time for me to get busy.

Today a turkey is headed to the wood stove to slow cook all day, cant wait for the smell to begin. Theres just something about a turkey cooking that is comforting and relaxing.

Lots of laundry to do but only so much room to hang it up so a few loads at a time.

Rearranging the kitchen and living room again so the state can not saying thing about Anthony being here, he will have enough room to play and grow

Todays recipe is bread, been looking thru all my book and always come back to 2 favorite cook books

1st is Favorite New England Recipes and the 2nd one is Prairie Home Cooking. Do you have a favorite cook book?

I know growing up my mom use to make some real cool stuff, one of my favorite is Brown Bread, steamed in coffee cans.

so todays choice is BROWN BREAD


1 cup rye flour

1 cup yellow corn meal

1 cup graham flour

1 teaspoon salt

1 teaspoon soda

3/4 cup molasses

2 cups sour milk

1 cup raisins

Mix and sift the dry ingredients. Dissolve the soda in a small amount of water and stir in molasses. Combine with the sour milk, then mix into dry ingredients. flour the raisins and add to the batter. Mix thoroughly and pour into two completely greased molds filling 2/3 full -- no more as it rises and you dont want it to over flow . We used coffee cans.

Cover tops of can with tin foil and tie down with string tightly. So bread doesnt force top off as it rises.

Place cans on a rack in a kettle of boiling water which only comes up half way of the can. Cover kettle and steam for 3 hrs adding more boiling water as needed. Use a string to cut bread, serve with butter or your favorite jam.

This isnt the recipe my mom uses but its close, along same idea. Going to make some later in the week to go with beans on Saturday night, right now a turkey has my name on it.

Hope you enjoy the day stay safe and warm
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