Sunday, March 14, 2010

Listening to the Wind

Sitting here enjoying my coffee I am listening to the sounds around me. Have you ever just STOPPED and listen to your home? Ok I'll wait while you do. Listen to the noises around you. What do you hear?First right now the fan on my computer kicked on, then the wind is blowing alot, the crackle of the wood stove is a comforting sound. I can sleet bouncing off my window.
The scanner is going with emergency calls, once in awhile the dogs or a cat will run across the floor and i can hear their nails. The battery in the clock is getting low, I can hear the ticking noise. Those are the noises in my home this morning. With all that noise, we dont hear most of it most of the time, it is just there and we pay no attention to it. What about the things or people in your life you just automatically know their there and you pay no attention to? Do you have any of those. I think we all do. Not sure why I am having a mushy day. Just thinking of my family and whats around me I take for granted and shouldnt. There should be nothing in our lives we take for granted. Once you stop appreciating things you dont notice them any more.
Ok enough deep thoughts.

Today will be a inside working day. The sleet and rain out and wind blowing means wont be spending much time outside. Only long enough to do chores.
Good day for some sewing and crocheting my the fire something homey feeling. Started a new afghan the other night tried crocheting last night , I thin I got 2 rows before I was lights out.
This is going to be using just left over yarns up , I have a big bag my momma gave me, I love making scrap afghans with no pattern or suggested colors, I let God decided how it will look.
I probably will move my rocking chair over next to the wood stove and just sit and relax and crochet today, do a little laundry and hang that up over the stove and put on Sunday dinner, roast in the roasting pan and that can cook on the stove also. I am thinking before all this i am going to make some starter. Starter is Amish friendship bread starter i use for alot of things. I will post the recipe as one of todays recipes. I have been trying to sit and figure what I am going to grow this yr in the garden that will yield the most of what we use alot of and ole fashion down home cooking stuff we can gain from it. I know we go thru alot of beans , whether I bake them or in chili which is one of Robbies favorites, so Vt cranberry beans or dried beans will be a big thing, we use alot of corn,and string beans, onions and potatoes. I want to make all our own spaghetti sauce this yr also, tomatoes will be a top ten also. Being able to see my lawn this week has gotten me into the planting mood. Ok I know it will be several more months before I can plant but I am going to start seeds this week.
What does your family use alot of, what do you plant? I know one of my daughters has asked this yr for some ole fashion piccalilli and home made pickles. I have alot of work to do to get gardens built and ready for planting. I want to get berries planted also. We are suppose to bury the basement this yr, one to make it warmer in the house and basement and two it will give me more space to have raised beds for gardens. I want so much to grow what we need. Every yr I get a little closer to the home shopping (pantry) and further away from the store shopping. Looking in to canning more an drying more instead of freezing, to be able to cut out the freezer electric bill. I want to be off the grid in 5 yrs. that is my goal. i am tired of paying the light bill and seeing most of my bill be line charges and strand charges and taxes, and see i use very little but and taxes for just having the line to my house. When over half my bill is a tax of some sort, its time for a change.
Well I guess I have ramble here long enough. I will dig up the friendship starter recipe and post that. You all have the most Blessed day possible, stay warm and safe and Never take life or any one in it for granted.
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