Saturday, March 6, 2010

The Sun is bright

Here is what we are having for supper plus a pot of bake beans which I couldnt get a picture of yet.

What a glorious day out. The sun is shining so bright. Hoping for a nice warm day. Lots of things planned to do and outside is involved in all of them.

Just put the ham on to simmer all day so the stove really doesnt have to go hot just enough to keep temperature up and house warm enough for baby. Rob is outside running the tractor cant see from here what he is doing since i move the computer out of the window. Amazing the cats and dogs dont have to lay on my key board any more. No sun shining on it for them.. Just put the clothes drying rack on the porch so I am going to hang laundry outside today if I have to string lines from the trees..

This morning was a simple blessing Anthony enjoyed our toast and coffee (well I had coffee) in the peace and quiet of the sun rise while everyone else missed it, because they were sleeping. Nothing better to warm a heart than to hear a baby talk and giggle first thing in the morning. I made our favorite toast cooked right on top of the wood stove, who needs a toaster not us. He sat there saying mmmmmmmmmmmmm. Best thing ever. Going to have me a country boy yet

Deanna says she is my country girl, Hailey says she will be my country girl when she can come over more which was really cute. Hailey is cute she tries so hard to be like her sister and she just needs to be Hailey because we love her just the way she is. maybe this summer I can have the girls over to help plant the garden and take care of animals, I bought 4 bunnies from a friends, their not even 8 weeks yet. They will be for the girls to take care. Deanna asked me last week for a bunny for her birthday which is in 2 weeks. So a friend had 4 so I told her I would take all 4 so Deanna,Hailey and Faith will have the 3 girl bunnies and Anthony will have the little male. I already have Blue who belongs to my other granddaughter Emma. Need to get me a big female and breed Blue with her so I can give Abby and Andrew and Audrey bunnies also. But I am sure they will all stay at grammas house so thats a good thing for the petting farm I want this summer.
Cant wait for spring to get here because then warmer weather is close behind. I plan on starting some seeds this week. i have done good this year and didnt jump the gun so to speak. Usually I get cabin fever and start them in Feb so by now they are to tall and by the time they get in the ground their almost dead, so I waited this year. having Anthony to keep me busy has help with cabin fever and being bored.

The warmer weather will be nice so i can get back down stairs and sew. I have been doing alot of crocheting because its to cold for Anthony in basement in my sewing room.

I have done 5 loads of laundry since last writing, every time I leave this chair Rob take sit so it takes me a while on weekends to finish a posting. I have cleaned my sewing room so its set for baby to come down stairs with me when its warm enough.

The sun is just beautiful and such a refreshing feeling. Needed some sun. touch of spring. Oh yes and mud season which really is NH first season of the yr since Winter actually start in December of the previous yr. LOL

Well I am headed out side to spend some time with my animals and take Anthony outside. You all have a wonderful day and I pray you are having sun shine also.
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