Monday, March 22, 2010

Good Monday Morning

I know I have been very lazy in writing lately, SORRY. But you see last week we had most wonderful weather for us here in NH in March. Most of my snow is gone and after this rain we are suppose to get it all should be gone.
I really cant wait to get into dirt, to design my raise beds and play in dirt. Going to figure out today just what I need or want for seeds. About May I ought to be able to plant.

As many of you know and I had so many Happy Birthdays yesterday was my 50th birthday. I am not sure what "50" is suppose to feel like, but I'll take it. I am looking forward to another 50. This time I am in control and I have grand children and grown children to share it with.
I did have a great day got to visit with new friends and received alot of nice stuff.

Today will be busy making donuts right now and will post that recipe later. I have to go to another farm and pick up water tubs for animals and pig panel fencing. Then go to my grand daughters and give her , her birthday gifts. And this all needs to be done before it starts raining.. I have alot of setting up to do in my craft room, I was given a beautiful antique bed and bureau yesterday and lots of collectible stuff. Lady has wonderful taste in old and farm country stuff and she shared alot with me. I was very blessed. Now to go thru it all and find places for it and give away what i cant use and give it forward.

Well its time for me to get busy and as time allows tonight I will share what I did today. What exciting adventures I get into.
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