Thursday, April 1, 2010

April 1st-- already

Wasnt it just a few short weeks ago it became 2010??? The snow has gone for the most part the weather is warming up nicely. I know, its only April and here in NH we could still get a Blizzard,shhhhh I didnt say that.My doors are all open today what a refreshing day after all the rain. By this weekend we are suppose to be in the low 80's..thats right low 80's.

Picked up 2 bunnies today and will move Blue back to the barn today also, its warm enough now. I have 4 more mini rexs coming and a free one i think. I just need babies on the farm. None of our big animals will have babies this yr. I do need to find a Hereford or belted bull to breed Dot and I will have a baby for next year.

I want to post pictures and every time I do they always go to the top of the page I cant get them to stay between lines. Any help out there?????

Going to take pictures of my Glenwood cook stove and place it on craigs list. I still will get another one, it needs to be smaller as remodeling wont allow the space for the bigger one. Have to do what i need to to make walking easier for Nick also.

I really need to get busy and move the stove and frig into the newly in the process of remodeling kitchen so Rob knows where to hook things up.

Going to my moms tonight for supper as she is leaving to move back to Fla tomorrow morning.
The sunshine is calling my name. So enjoy your day and i am praying you are having good weather also.
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