Friday, April 2, 2010

Good Friday

What a wonderful day. The sun is shining,we are suppose to be in the high 70's today.
Today is a gorgeous day we have the windows and doors open. Time for some heavy spring cleaning. So many little critters in the house all winter and now fresh air is flowing thru,,Believe me cleaning in detail is in order.
Blue the rabbit got moved back to the barn along with 2 others I picked up yesterday. Now for Charlie the ferret, what to do with him??? Fix the dog kennel door where Stray the metal tooth dog can stretch the links straight and get out of it, I think a small pig panel fence door ought to cure that problem.

Brought home a load of bread from the thrift store yesterday if I dont get a chance to unwrap it today the boys will tonight.
Laundry is in order today, since the sun is beautiful. Need to build a new clothes line,, ya know the 4 post wooden kind that will hold a few loads of laundry. Not the cheapie charlie kind that you put 4 pr of baby socks on and it bends and twist.

Have my beans soaking already for beans for tomorrow nights supper. Need to hunt thru freezer to find a ham for Easter Dinner.

I am really hoping tomorrow to total clean the chicken coop,maybe get them more of an outside pen area to be in since its turning nice until we move the big chicken house up back.

Well my work isnt getting done sittng here and my old bones are telling to get out in the sun.

You all have a super wonderful day
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