Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Wonderful Wednesday

Its going to be a great day! Its better to start your day off with a positive thought and than a negative one. Rob has left already for work as he needs to be home again by 10 for the farrier.I have to pick a the new goat (finally) at 10 in Holderness. Hoping to work on rabbit cages this weekend if the weather permits as i have 2 females bred. we seem to be having a tough time finding piglets this yr. Of course I didnt breed any so they are hard to find. I have a over abundance of food now and its going to be a steady supply and need at least 2 to 4 pigs. Working on increasing my chicken flock also my egg demands have increased so the flock needs to. Isnt it wonderful to hear how people love the fresh eggs, the yolks are so yellow and they taste just so good. The joys of farm life, i wouldnt live any other way again, the old saying been there done that is true and this is the life I choose.

Anthony didnt sleep well last night , little guy is teething so much sucking on his bottle hurts his mouth so we rocked and rocked til he finally went to sleep. Ora-gel really isnt helping much so he much be cutting a bunch this time all at once. He was very much grammas boy yesterday just wanted to be held all day. Which really is ok,, they are only babies once.

Wonderful phone call yesterday from Hailey, Anthony's sister, she was home at her dads and she just wanted to say hi. She will be 8 in July and such a good girl. More grown up than her years.
The children up here have school vacation next week and she would like to come over for a day. Need to talk to her mom and see if that possible.

Anthony named one of the newest bunnies, there are 4 from the same liter i bought and one is a darker grey markings on white,, he stuck his finger in the cage and bunny came right up to him and he says ought oh,, and that same bunny comes to him everytime, so we have 1 named "Ought-OH" I have to sex them to see which one is the male they are only 8 weeks. It would be cool if it was that one, then Ought-Oh would be a good name.

I made donuts yesterday 2 batches and delivered some to town office, and ladies group, plus some for here. I need to find a container to keep them soft in. All my cookies jars arent air tight so they get hard quick, even when I put a piece of bread in them. Robbie broke my air tight one by getting caught with his hand in the cookie jar. I am trying to cut plastics usage out of my house, didnt know if a glass jar would do the same like the big gallon pickle jars for example.

I need to look into insurance also this afternoon on the horses. We are giving wagon rides this summer and need insurance and cant seem to find any one in NH who will take on more clients.
So if any one has insurance for their horses and do rides,Please let me know,I am having a terrible time finding coverage.

Ok I am off to get this day going since Anthony is still sleeping right now. You all have a wonderful day.
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