Monday, April 5, 2010

Wonderful Monday

Weekend has ended and this week will be full of work and clean up as our beautiful weather continues. Alot got done. Rob fixed the water line to the horses and gave them a new watering tub with a valve float so now their water stays fresh. I restrung the old clothes line and have done loads and loads of laundry all weekend. There has to be a floor under all this some where. We got 2 loads of bread from the bread store and the boys unwrapped it all and put it in barrels for me.
Rob & I clean the outside cow pen. Its amazing how much it built up over the winter. Lots of good fertilizer. Now I have to clean their barn out this week. Poor chickens are only partially done. They are top of the list this week also.
Today i have to clean the rental,tried last night but the last renters were still there. Do some ACO work and make rabbit cages. Go to Marks and wind up electric fence wire he gave me.

Happy we finally got the gas a stove moved over to the new kitchen, no more cooking on a hot plate. We havent had to burn the wood stove in almost a week so I cant cook on it if its not going. Funny how that works.
But for right now I am drinking my first cup of coffee and figuring what i am going to give my husband for lunch, its almost time for him to get up

I pray you have a wonderful day
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