Monday, April 5, 2010

What a wonderful day

Today started out early like usual. I had lots of energy, for I got 8 hrs sleep. Which by the way never happens. I got alot done, I cleaned the rental house, did all their laundry. Came home,did some ACO work. Went to Jenness Farm an wound up at least a 1000feet of electric fencing wire times 3 strands . Its free as long as I did the work. I did. I have the scratches and cuts to prove it. That took along time. But I found the coolest thing to wind wire up on,, I got it at the hardware store, its for electric cords, ya know the big thick extension cord. It worked slick.

Came home did more of my own laundry and cleaning here. made sure everyone had enough feed and water for the day. left and did shopping and dropped off a secert gift( thats should be surprise gift) receiver knew something was coming just not what.

Came home and did more cleaning around here and then left again on another ACO call. These ACO calls keep coming in I might actually earn a pay check. LOL

Now its supper time, I have had craving for shaken bake chicken and stuffing, rice, spinach casserole..yum yum making pumpkin pie also. Been a long time since I had this oven going,,going to make up for it tonight.
Headed to make me a big glass of ice water with lemon and do some cooking.

you all have a great night. See ya in the morning
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