Saturday, April 10, 2010

Spitting Snow

Yes I know its still April. Yes its very chilly out. But I want spring to summer. We had such a beautiful 2 weeks it s spoiled me,,, I want warm weather back. My bones didnt hurt so much either. Today I feel like I have been put thru the wringer. The wind is still blowing and its chilly in the house 58. Coffee is strong.
I am listening to Anthony wake up and coo and talk , the rooster is crowing letting me know he is up. Rob & Nick are still sleeping. I think its a great morning for some home made muffins or something runt he oven to warm it up in here. Rob will go down and start the furnace when he wakes up. I am tired this morning stay'd up to late watching movies of Little House last night and crocheting all by my self while every one else slept. Those movies are only movies I know but I would of loved to live in that era. I know the work was harder but at the end of the day you felt usually like you accomplished something. There wasnt the electronic stuff to get int he way of the kids learning. Kids actually went outside and played, they drank from the creek and pee'd outside some simple things that kids now a days look at ya and say yar right. Children were taught responsibilities,chores and manners. Kids think they have it hard now if they dont have every new game system the boys are still playing with a Nintendo 64 from how many eons ago.We dont have cable, yes I have my computer it is my only luxury. I can live without it, but i do enjoy it as a way to learn more about homesteading and preparing my families food for winter and different ways to make my farm better and more efficient. As summer comes I will spend less time on here and more time in the dirt and hay fields,practicing what I preach.
But for right now I do believe Blueberry muffins are calling to be made to go with some nice hot coffee. You all have a wonderful day And I will post pictures of my new goat later
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